Guide To Self-Awareness (Understanding The Law Of Attraction)

by Liz

Rolley Hurley

Rolley Hurley

The Guide to Self-Awareness (Understanding the Law of Attraction) is a book written by Rolley Hurley. He sent me a copy of his book to review as he wanted as many people as possible to be able to read about this important law.

"The Guide to Self-Awareness" is an ebook... and it is quite easy to understand. If you haven't previously understood what the "Law of Attraction" is about you may like to take a look at it. The author gives you good examples of what the law is about and how it relates to your everyday life.

Rolley explains how this law works, and also discusses how it can be used as part of everyday life. He gives you some background on where the law of attraction originated... and it may surprise you that this law is related to the teaching of some of the great masters.

Masters such as Gandhi, Buddha and Jesus are mentioned... and he also makes reference to the work of many of the well known law of attraction teachers. Their teachings allow us to be aware that this important law is not new but has been around for a very long time.

This is a book written by an average man, and does not use highbrow language that may be difficult to understand, but is a quite down to earth easily read book. If you haven't ever read anything on the Law Of Attraction previously, this is a short introduction to the subject, that may help you to decide if you are interested in discovering more about this fascinating subject.

The Guide to Self-Awareness (Understanding The Law of Attraction) is available through Amazon, and can be downloaded to your computer very easily.

The author is a down to earth person that is interested in helping others, by spreading the information about how the LOA works and how you can use it in your life. As Rolley wrote to me, "I love to share about the shift in consciousness that I believe humanity is experiencing today! Blessings to everyone who follows their heart and who wish to find the peace within themselves!"

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