How To Get Up, Stay Up And Excel

I have recently read H Aitoro's book on success titled How to Get Up,Stay Up, Excel Success Guide which was recommended by a friend. I was pleasantly surprised having read most of the classic books on self improvement from Tony Robbins to Napoleon Hill.

This book is not your typical book on self help. It is very down to earth, frank and dry humoured. I really enjoyed it. The ideas are very simple and easy to practice. I loved the section of overcoming fear and habits just those two chapters alone have inspired me to become more proactive.

The book How to Get Up, Stay Up, Excel Success Guide is about being proactive. It invites the reader to take proactive view of life from relationships and family to creating a business. Its the miracle cure but if you follow what it says I have no doubt that you can improve different aspects of your life. It's worth the read and for the amount of information he offers it is exceedingly cheap and can be bought as a Kindle download.

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