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My 3 year old daughter suffers night terrors and often cries, screams etc whilst asleep, is there a crystal I can put in her room that will help?

Reply From Liz: When children wake in the night screaming it is very stressful, for both them and for their parents. Take a look at my article ways to relieve stress, as there is a list of many different crystals and stones that will aid stress. I suggest that you check it out and see if you already have any of these stones.

I feel that both Scolecite and Lilac Lepidolite are especially helpful to aid sleep. As Lepidolite contains Lithium, it is very calming and may be very helpful both for you and her. You may also be a bit stressed... as being woken in the night by a scream brings you awake with quite a jolt!

Charis from facebook suggested you might also like to try Dalmation Jasper. I agree as it has excellent attributes that encourage joy and positive emotions.

Can I also suggest you look into seeing if there is anything in her room that has a strong smell, as I remember a variety of crayon used to make my daughter scream, and her sleep improved dramatically when we took it out of the bedroom. I suggest you might also like to look at an article on my health site... which gives you a number of sleeping tips that may help her to sleep better.

All the best. Come back and let us know how you get on.

Blessings Liz

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Sweet Dreams
by: Anonymous

I personally have suffered from night terrors, ever since I was a child. But I can't recall having any since I put a cluster of Amethyst and a cluster of Celestite near my bed. My dreams have been terror free for two years now.

blood sugar
by: Anonymous

I have had night terrors most of my life until circa 2005. I was diagnosed with severe low blood sugar and borderline pre-diabetes. I don't know how but somehow they stopped. Actually, I no longer have any dream recall, so that must be why, LOL. Around the same time, I started paying attention to my blood sugar levels.

For years I went to the doctor and got tested, I always was told my blood sugar was normal. As it turns out, their guidelines for normal range are wrong. So my recommendation to you would be to take your child to a good natural medicine doctor. Someone who can actually read lab work beyond grossly standard miscalculations by MDs. For years I was told that nothing was wrong with me when it turns out I have several life-threatening illnesses overlapping. Good luck & crystal guidance to you.

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