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This Stone Originates In The Mountains Of Wales

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It is interesting that Preseli Bluestone does not originate in the area around Stonehenge.

Although there is no way of knowing exactly how these enormous stones got to where they are now, it is known that this crystal originates in the mountains of Wales.

These are powerful stones that will take you on a journey to learn more about your past lives as well as learning more about yourself.

They stimulate courage and may strengthen your willpower if you use them at the solar plexus. They have an easily felt vibration within the throat chakra and the soma chakras.

If you wish to develop gifts such as dowsing or geomancy or are interested in healing the earth, their energy will assist you. Use them to connect to the energy of sacred sites and reconnect to the earth herself.

How Will It Help You?

The energy of these stones may enhance your affinity with the heart of nature, and assist you to make contact with the goddess Asherah.

Other excellent attributes include their action to assist you to discover individuals who are soul friends, sometimes from past lives, and in other cases newly met soul friends.

These stones may help you to overcome problems, as they assist you to face difficulties and challenges with courage and serenity, or at least some degree of composure.

Preseli Bluestone may also assist you to connect with the energy of crystals and become more aware of what they will do to assist you.

These are excellent stones to use boost your psychic gifts. These gifts may be boosted by the vibration of this crystal, and you may begin to receive clearer messages from spirit.

In particular spiritual and psychic abilities such as clairvoyance which is also known as psychic visions and clairsentience, the gift of clear feeling.

How To Use It... Daily Meditation

These are powerful crystals to use in your daily meditation. For best results, sit facing towards the east, and start by holding one in each hand.

Visualize the energy moving down via the base chakra to the earth star chakra, you will find that they create an excellent connection to the earth.

Preseli BluestonePreseli Bluestone

If you can acquire more than one piece of crystal, it is very powerful to use two pieces of the crystal together.

The energy moves between the two pieces, which is powerful to make a stronger experience.

Using them at the solar plexus or power chakra is powerful for anyone who lacks self esteem or confidence.

They may boost your will power and help you to feel more self assured. These stones have an excellent energy to balance the meridians and this can help you to feel energized.

They can restore your ability to know what direction you need to take your life in, as they encourage clarity of thought. They have an energy that will both calm you and energize you and this will depend on your needs at the time.

As a healing stone they are helpful to heal the immune system, and they may assist health issues associated with the throat area. They are also known to be helpful to aid the healing of small broken bones.

They are known to be a supportive stone for kinesiologists to use, but ensure that the location where the stone is placed is facing east.

Creates An Earth Connection...

This is a quite different grounding experience, as they don't just ground you but create a strong connection to Mother Gaia's energy and the heartbeat of the planet.

They carry an electromagnetic vibration that aligns you with the earths core energy, and with the energy of the Galactic center. They may connect you with sacred sites and powerful energetic vortexes nearby.

Preseli BluestonePreseli Bluestone

Once you are aware of that feeling of connection to the earth, just ask the energy to travel back up through your body.

I find at that point, that by placing one crystal at the sacral or navel chakra and one on the solar plexus chakra, that the energy moves quite quickly up the body, like it is being pulled up from the earth.

Once you feel the energy resonating at your third eye chakra, at that point you may like to move your stone from the sacral up to your throat chakra area.

Having your piece of Preseli Bluestone at the throat chakra is quite powerful.

The energy moves into the areas nearby, including out to the base of the skull and flows out into the thymus or higher heart and to the heart chakra.

I have read that placing a piece either on your soma chakra or at the base of the skull, on your alta major, is helpful to aid the movement of energy up through the body.

It is said that if you place one at the base of the skull that it will harmonize the brain stem and activate the hippo campus. The hippo campus is the part of the brain which is your inner compass, that serves to orient you in the physical world.

The vibration of this stone in that area is easily felt, so it is probably working in this way. Regardless of where you situate the stones, you will most likely experience energy resonating within the soma chakra quite quickly.

This chakra is located between the crown chakra and third eye chakras, and their energy will resonate there even when you have your piece placed lower on the body.

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." Confucius.

Combining It With Other Stones

These stones have a strong Merlin energy, that may be emphasized by combining it with Shungite or with Merlinite. You may also like to use it with Jet or any color of Mookaite Jasper, or the deep orange Vanadinite, which are strong stones to make a connection with earth energy.

Strong truth stones to use with it, to boost its energy as a truth telling stone, include Sunstones, which are a well known truth detector, Arfvedsonite, Euclase, Blue Sapphires, Shattuckite or Goshenite also called White Beryl.

Its action to aid your willpower may be helped by combining it with Pyrite stone, Dumortierite, Libyan Desert Glass, Malachite, Orange Carnelian, Sardonyx, Hematite or Pietersite, and by using it at the solar plexus chakra.

Use it combined with specific throat chakra stones, which is the area governing communication, as this may be beneficial for the truth aspect too.

In particular using it with blue stones such as Lapis Lazuli Stone, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Amazonite or Turquoise may benefit you, and help you to recognize when others are being genuine in their communication with you.

To stimulate greater courage, you may like to combine them with Hematite Crystals, Sardonyx, Rhodochrosite, Tigers Eye, Variscite, Moss Agate, Orange Carnelian, Bloodstones or Tiger Iron.

When you buy a new stone or crystal, it is advantageous to use it on its own first. Once you are fully aware of its energy, you may choose to combine it with other stones.

Combine stones for short periods to begin with, as individuals may react differently. Knowing how you can combine various stones may be helpful, as this allows you to get the most from your crystals, and may help you to solve specific problems in your life.

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