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Rainbow MayaniteRainbow Mayanite

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There are many quartz crystals among the wonderful new healing stones that are still being discovered.

Included in these new finds are some quite amazing varieties, such as the stunning Rainbow Mayanite shown in the picture on the right.

This is a fairly new stone that has been added to the site recently. It is a golden healer with stunning rainbows across the stone.

Another beautiful quartz that was also discovered quite recently is Green Ridge Quartz, and this is also a powerful healing stone.

These stones have powerful metaphysical qualities and strong healing attributes, and the energy embodied within the stones may be used for self healing in your own home.

Some More Common Quartz Crystals

Quartz crystals make lovely jewelry as many of them are quite beautiful stones. Some of my favorite pieces are made from bright yellow Citrine Crystals. They are well-known as prosperity stones so they are very popular.

Another beautiful stone is the lovely Ametrine gemstone, which is often used in jewelry.  A mixture of Amethyst and Citrine, it is a favorite of jewelry buyers as these crystals are very attractive.

So many of the most common crystals are quartz. The favorite quartz for many people is Amethyst, which most often occurs in a shade of purple, lavender or pinkish mauve.

Yet Amethyst Crystals may also be green, and this stone is known as Prasiolite. A beautiful and less common stone is a rare mixture of the two colors of Amethyst. 

This mixture occurs in a completely different stone called Amegreen. This is where Purple Amethyst and Prasiolite also known as Green Amethyst, occur together with a band of white quartz between.

Rose Quartz is beautiful. These pink quartz crystals are well known, and they are very popular.

They resonate with the vibration of love and are helpful to help relationships.

As some of the commonest stones found in the average crystal shop are made from quartz, many of you probably have some in your collection.

You might even find pieces of natural quartz in the soil near where you live, and when walking on many beaches you may see small quartz stones washed in with the tide.

These come in a variety of colors, and can be found all over the world.

Whatever type of quartz you own, remember that it is valuable to regularly cleanse your crystals.

Cleaning crystals made from quartz is easier and safer than cleansing crystals of other types.

So to keep them at their best ensure that you do it often, to keep their vibration clear.

You should also cleanse your crystal jewelry, especially if you wear it every day.

You can use their vibration by simply keeping a piece nearby, as it will resonate out and you will benefit by its energy. They come in a range of attractive colors and make beautiful jewelry which you can wear to aid your ongoing healing in many different ways.

Crystal Skulls

Ancient quartz crystal skulls are now coming to light in this century, and many of these have been carved in ancient times, and have been used in a variety of ways by ancient people.

Although we do not know for certain why they were created, there have been many books written on the subject, as it is clear that they have a powerful vibration.

These skulls have been carved from a variety of different types of crystal, and they have been dated to determine their age, so it known that many of these are ancient in origin.

All Quartz crystals have superior amplification properties, and as the stone is easy to carve you can find it in a variety of shapes.

It is clear to anyone who owns a crystal skull, that by cutting the stone into this shape they seem to attract specific spiritual energy that is available when you use these amazing pieces for spiritual growth.

"Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light." Norman B Rice.

List Of Quartz Crystals...

Actinolite In Quartz
Ajoite in Quartz
Angel Aura
Angel Phantom Quartz
aka Amphibole Quartz
Aqua Aura Quartz
Arkimer Diamonds
Auralite 23
Aurora Quartz
aka Rainbow Quartz
Beta Quartz
Blue Phantom Quartz
Cacoxenite In Quartz
Candle Quartz aka
Celestial Quartz
Chevron Amethyst
Chlorite Phantom Quartz
Clear Quartz
Dream Quartz aka
Epidote In Quartz
Elestial Quartz
Faden Quartz
Fairy Wand Quartz
Ganesha Quartz
Gilalite in Quartz
aka Medusa or Paraiba Quartz
Girasol Quartz aka
Foggy or Moon Quartz
Glacial Etched Quartz
Golden Healer
Green Ridge Quartz
Harlequin Quartz aka
Agnitite or Fire Quartz
Hematite Quartz
Herkimer Diamonds
Himalayan Gold Quartz
Himalayan Quartz
aka Alpine Quartz
Kundalini Quartz
Lavender Quartz
Lemon Quartz
Lemurian Quartz
Lepidocrocite In Amethyst
Lepidolite Quartz
Lithium Quartz
Nirvana Quartz
Pecos Diamond
Phantom Quartz
aka Green Amethyst
Rainbows In Quartz
Rainbow Mayanite
Rose Quartz
Rutilated Quartz
Satyaloka Quartz
Self Healed Quartz
Seriphos Green Quartz
aka Prasem Quartz
Sichuan Quartz
Singing Quartz
Smokey Quartz
Smokey Lemon Quartz
aka Smokey Citrine
Snow Quartz, Spirit Quartz
Star Hollandite Quartz
Strawberry Quartz
Tabular Quartz
Tangerine Quartz
Tanzan Aura Quartz
Tibetan Black Quartz
Tourmilated Quartz
Tubed Quartz

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