Reaction To Black Tourmaline

by Liz

I am sorry so many people have had such a very bad reaction to this beautiful crystal. I have had the opposite. I work in a sometimes toxic environment and am on the phones all day trying to collect money from insurance companies. Sometimes I can feel myself ready to explode with anger or people around me are very very negative. I hold this stone for less then 5 minutes and I immediately start to feel a calm come over me, (this does not happen with other stones). All the negativity that I was feeling is gone and it has also deflected any negativity from others.

I cleanse my stone with filtered water and sit in the sun to recharge. I have let several other people use this crystal when they are having a bad time and it works for them also. But I always cleanse before and after anyone else touches it!

Most crystals or stones do have some sort of energy we can feel if attuned, if you get a bad reaction from a crystal or stone it may be too strong for you and needs to be touched, used, worn in small doses. If you can't just admire from afar, there are numerous ones that can be an alternative to your needs. (There is nothing wrong with any of you.)

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