Rough Moldavite Necklace

by Coco

I've never own a Moldavite before, but was curious about it, so wanted to have a small piece to try. As at the moment I'm living in a place that doesn't have access to crystal shops, so I took a risk and looked online.

I felt in love with a BIG Moldavite necklace, which has 8 pieces of rough/ raw Moldavite on it.

I've been wearing it for 3 days, but I could not feel much, until I started to rub it. I felt so dizzy and feel bit scary. I took it off now and placing it next to the window as its full moon tonight.

Do you think I have triggered something by rubbing it? Is there any thing that I can do to stop the dizzyness?

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What A Gorgeous Piece Of Moldavite Jewelry
by: Liz Oakes

Hi Coco, That is an amazing Moldavite pendant, and I am actually surprised that you went for three days before you reacted to it. With that much of the stone close to you, it would be quite normal for it to impact you in that way.

Clearly you didn't connect with it until you began rubbing it, and now you have! I find that when I wear my pendant for days and days at a time, which I often do, that it can be too much and it can make you dizzy. That dizziness is it impacting your energy field and this is common with Moldavite.

What I do is also wear other stones with it. You can either wear calming stones that are pendants, on a longer chain so they can be worn under your clothes, or put a stone of one or more of them in your pocket. I often wear my Larimar with it as it works well to calm the energy of Moldavite.

Check out the stones in the article on ways to relieve stress as the crystals that reduce stress may help to calm the reaction from the very high vibration of Moldavite.

Lilac Lepidolite is also quite calming. I also like to use Chrysanthemum Stone, Scolecite or Kunzite Crystal.

It has connected with you, and possibly it may not matter if you have it on or not, as it may be working on healing some issue in your auric field, and the dizziness may not stop until this work is completed at this time.

I guess you realize that this is a spiritual journey you have embarked upon? I had a similar reaction when I first used Moldavite, but it will stop. Perhaps wear it less, until you adapt to it.

All the best with it. Blessings Liz

Rough Moldavite Necklace
by: Carey

Coco, that is such a beautiful necklace piece!

My own personal story with Moldavite started about a month or so ago. I was actually really hesitant at first to purchase a piece as I had read many odd stories from people when I was looking into Moldavite.

I took a chance and bought a Rough Moldavite Pendant that had an amazingly strong but good vibration when holding it. When I got home, I put it on and right away noticed the physical feelings and changes within me. It made me feel very nervous and dizzy, I even had an odd headache that would not go away until I took it off. I knew this was a possible side effect after reading all the stories and had to push through it. I only took it off at night when I slept because it is on a long chain.

Thankfully, those feelings subsided, only lasting for about 2 or 3 days. I did a lot more research into Moldavite since then and came to the conclusion that my own energy was trying to accept such an intensely high vibration near me 24/7 and attune it to my auric field. I am glad I pushed through the odd sensations as it is now a part of me, so much so that I also went back and bought a beautifully cut Moldavite ring. I have many Crystals and have found that Moldavite is the only one that has affected me in such an intense way.

I have been going through a Spiritual Awakening these past few months and love researching Crystals. Thank you Liz for sharing your love and knowledge of Crystals with us! Love and light to you all <3

by: george

Hi Coco I don't have any experience with Moldavite - although after reading your blog I think I'll have to try a piece! - but what I have found is that the effect I get from crystals is much stronger when they are actually touching my skin. I don't know if this is the same for other people, I can only say how it is for me; but perhaps that's why you reacted to rubbing it.

I'd love to hear from you, and others, as to what tangible benefits you have felt from wearing Moldavite - aside from feeling dizzy! Like you, I can only get crystals online, but I'm going to the South of England in a few weeks and there's a good few crystal shops there that I might be able to get to.

I see there are also meteorite pieces in these shops; does anyone know anything about them?
Loving this site! George.

Sleepless Night
by: Coco

Hi there, thank you so much for the respones and Liz your website is brilliant!

I don't have Larimar here, will try to get it if I find a right one but I have a Dark Rubellite Tourmaline/white Albite rough stone and a very small Snowflake Obsidian tumblestone and a Smokey Quartz beads braclet, so I put them all on my right hand side, but the dizzyness and nervous feeling did not go.

In fact, I couldn't sleep for first few hours last night, everything was spinning and I don't remember very well of my dreams, but there were certainly some interesting fragments.

I was always quite connected with myself and life until I gave birth to my daughter two years ago, suddenly, I felt I somehow disconnected, and feel very lost, very cold with my partner and my memorability worst than ever (I keep forgetting things).

I have so much work have to catch up and recently, my work/ company is expanding, but it makes me even more worry that I might not be able to cope with this opportunity.

I put it back on
by: Coco

I put it back on today, but did not rub it this time and I'm feeling ok.

Only some very light headache and bit nervous attack, these are when I sat in front of my computer(searching for a different design faceted Moldavite), don't know if its related?

But doesn't bother me too much as they are very mild and short waves. But would be really interesting to find out what do these feelings mean, does it mean that I'm doing something wrong? or because the vibration from the computer?

I will try to rub it again tonight and see if the dizziness and strange feeling will come back, just to understand bit more.

just a thought
by: george

Coco, you have an interesting story. Have you considered that the physical trauma of giving birth may have caused a shock to your lower chakras, resulting in you becoming ungrounded and disconnected since then?

Speaking as someone who is inclined to be not very grounded myself, I recognise some of the symptoms. Black Tourmaline I find to be the best I've come across so far for grounding. I got a cheap €3-99 chip bracelet online from a place here in Ireland and it works just fine.
It was just a thought...

Skin Reaction To Moldavite
by: JSN

Hi there, Something strange to report/ask about.

I purchased a beautiful rough Moldavite pendant that I love! I had not felt its' true energy until wearing it to a meditation circle that used Selenite as well. (amazing evening!)

Shortly after that I slept in it, and when I awoke, I had what appeared to be a burn on my neck that lasted a few days (now have a scar) I gave it 2 weeks or so and put it back on for just a couple of hours.

After taking it off - there is a burning red mark on my chest? Has anyone else ever experienced such a reaction? Any thoughts? (it is not a reaction to the silver - I wear it all of the time)

I am intrigued by it, but a little disappointed - I love my pendant and want to wear it! Namaste. JSN

by: JSN

That sound interesting, I heard that some similar stories, but I've never experience that myself. I hope that you're okay.

Do you have any other feeling beside skin burn?
Strange enough, all my dizziness and headache are gone after I started to wear a Tourmaline bracelet. I'm now even wearing it to sleep (I've two pieces of Moldavite jewelry, so I swop between) with no even strange dreams.

Your story made me think that maybe the Selenite could give it a boost!?

My Reaction
by: Bryce

I got my first piece yesterday. I didn't cleanse it right away; just did about 5 hours ago. When I got it, along with other crystals, I held each one in my right hand and laid back on the bed.

I waited and felt "the Moldavite flush" just in hand. I could feel the energy about to go into my body. I stopped it. A little bit later I could feel it in my heart center. I just noticed a few hours ago, I have some red bumps on my elbow.

Got out of the shower, walking downstairs I looked at my palm. It has red spots.. I slept with all my crystals on my nightstand. I have bumps that look like bug bites or eczema. I came to think it might be the Moldavite and I found this. So, some advice, wear your crystals on the left side of the body. Left side is receiving while the right side gives.

Coco Good Luck
by: Anonymous

I had a ring made of Moldavite and I was also wearing Black Tourmaline. I got the dizziness for a little while but I noticed that my crown chakra was being manipulated. I decided to get a Herkimer and made a ring and that has also added a different dimension to meditation and chakra manipulation. I suggest that Coco try meditating with the Moldavite.

My Moldavite Experience
by: Cole

Thank you. It has been really interesting reading about your story and your experience with Moldavite. Unfortunately I have not had any experiences at all and I am just a little bit jealous. I have worn a beautiful raw Moldavite pendant around my neck daily for about 3 months now (and also sometimes while I sleep) and I also have a stunning raw jelly green piece which is not set.

Sadly I am yet to feel the 'flush' or have anything happen while I meditate. I have purchased both of these pieces from a certified Moldavite dealer so I am certain that they are both the real deal (they certainly look so).

Funnily enough, I have quite a lot of minerals, gems and crystals both in raw and tumbled form and although on occasion I also wear or carry them I have never had an experience with them either.

Regardless, I still love Moldavite and natures gems and hope that when the time is right then maybe I too will have a life changing experience. Blessed Be!

by: Eve

I received my moldavite about 3 wks ago the first time I wore it I was putting my makeup on and felt the flush and dizziness I thought my sugar had dropped till I read it online as an effect of the moldavite. But since then have not felt anything else.

I been psychic since young and my dreams are pretty vivid, but now I've noticed I'm not dreaming as I used to or recalling my dreams can the moldavite cause this? I wear it to sleep every night on a pendant with a black tourmaline both at the same time.

by: Anonymous

Your necklace is a common fake sold on eBay, also fakes often have radiation added to them to produce a reaction go to innervision crystals and read about how to spot fakes if you have any doubts.

Mobile phones....
by: Marian

Hi. I bought my moldavite pendant a few months ago and a few days after wearing it I slept the sleep of a baby for about 17 hours. Luckily I am retired so no problem there.

I feel very connected to it and wear it all until I go to bed. I do get the occasional flush and wooziness but this is fine. However, today I had a very strange experience and wondered if anyone else has had this experience.

I have been having trouble losing the signal on my mobile phone. I have changed network, tried three companies - orange, virgin and the last vodaphone. They changed SIM cards did tests and said they could find no problem. I went out to some shopping whilst this was going on.

When I returned and picked it up to go the signal disappeared and I was left with the red X again. Dumbfounded they asked me to pass it back and the signal returned in full. Out came all the other staff and they watched as I managed to get rid of the signal as by magic.

I then said "could this the reason" and showed the pendant. The manager passed the stone over his phone and things started moving, again, as if by magic. I put the stone in my pocket and went home. The stone is now in the bedroom and I have a signal.....

Noticing some changes
by: Diane

I am also new to the amazing world of Moldavite. I've had my little rough piece for nearly a month and the changes started happening right away. The moment I picked it up I felt the flush and the heat shoot up my arm and warm my heart chakra, the most intense reaction I've ever experienced from a crystal. I felt lifted and light and ready for the experience, it was exhilarating.

Over the next few days I kept it close but not on me. I cleansed it and meditated with it daily. As the days went on though things started to stack up around me. First the big news that my husbands company had decided to relocate us to the other end of the state (not a welcome situation), job opportunities stated to materialize our world was shaking.

Then my phone started to malfunction and our internet connection became very unreliable (which was making my study commitments difficult). The status quo was being challenged! A couple of nights ago a decided to sleep with the Moldavite and a piece of Preseli Bluestone under my pillow.

Big mistake, worst night sleep ever! I woke in the morning in a dense mental fog, tired, anxious, irritated, verging on a headache, just horrible. I reached for a piece of Tourmaline and Shungite and instantly felt a wash of relief spread through my body.

The changes continue and I'm taking the lesson to mean that I should step up and make life changing decisions myself or they'll be made for me. I've found Moldavite to be a rather 'pushy' stone and being a Taurus I can tend to get a little 'comfortable'. I've had to adjust and I'm trying to ease myself into the higher frequency. In all I've learned not to be complacent with Moldavite. Good luck on your journey, it's quite the ride!

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