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Strong Shamanic Energy, Enhance Group Activities

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Septaria are sometimes called Dragonstones, as these stones resonate with strong earth energy, and will connect you to the Devic kingdom. 

Their energy is quite shamanic, and having their vibration present during group activities, will enhance the groups response.

In particular these stones are known to strengthen the vibration of drumming and chanting circles, creating a more close-knit group of people.

They will enhance the closeness of the group energetically, helping to create a stronger focus on the activity being performed.

Why Would You Use It?

These unique stones create a harmonious blend of the energies of the heart chakra, with the throat chakra and the third eye chakra and are lovely stones to have present at a meditation group.

By meditating with these stones, their vibration will aid you to obtain answers. Their energy is calming and centering, and the vibration of these unusual stones helps to stimulate a diverse mixture of different aspects within your life and the life of all who are present.

These stones are helpful to use as they may assist you in many ways. This is a stone that has strong advantages for being kept close when you are working with the public.

Both you and everyone else who are located in the general area will benefit from the increased spiritual zeal created by this stones resonance within the activity you are carrying out.

At the same time they encompass within them a strong grounding energy, which will be helpful to everyone in the group.

How To Use It... Wearing Septarian Stone

Septarian Stone CabachonSeptarian Stone Cabachon

You may choose to wear jewelry made from this stone, particularly if you were born under the Taurus sign as they are a birthstone for Taurus.

If you cannot get jewelry, simply keep a stone on you somewhere, so that its energy is available to help you when you require its assistance.

They are excellent stones generally for healers to obtain deeper insights into their work, as they may aid you to see the causes of disease.

If you are a healer, they are excellent stones to use on those occasions that you are unsure how to get proceed with treatment.

They are excellent stones that may help you to avoid psychic attack, as they are one of the stones for psychic protection

 You may learn what is the next step to take to get the best result in your clients healing. The unique energy of these unusual stones may also enhance your psychic powers, as well as helping clairvoyants to see the truth, spiritually.

Who Should Use It?


Septaria are strong healing stones, and are particularly helpful for self-healing.

Their energy will strengthen and enlighten the spirit, as they enhance your ability to first recognize, then connect to higher truths.

The concretions are an analogy for their work in the body, as they are excellent to strengthen the teeth, bones and muscles, and may be helpful to aid the healing of broken bones.

Although it may be possible to obtain jewelry made from one of these stones, if not it is highly beneficial to simply keep one in your pocket.

These stones will aid the body to be more flexible, and this flexibility also flows through to the mental plane.

Within the third eye chakra and the crown chakra, they bring flexibility mentally, and aid you to be more tolerant. This way its energy will resonate within your aura, and benefit your life on a continuous basis.

"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless." Mother Teresa.

Septarian EggSeptarian Egg
SeptariaGolden Yellow Septarian Heart

Combining It With Other Stones

Because they encompass within them an energy that aids almost all of the chakras in the body, it is possible to use them in combination with a wide range of different stones.

In particular use them with throat chakra stones such as Dumortierite, Blue Kyanite, Shattuckite or Blue Aragonite.

As Septaria enhance your psychic abilities, crystal that are also strong stones to use for communicating psychically may be complimented by being used with this stone.

If you are a public speaker, use them to boost the qualities of other strong communication stones.

Use them with other communication strong stones, such as Turquoise Crystals, Larimar, Thulite, Ajoite in Quartz, Amazonite or Aquamarine Crystals.

When you buy a new stone or crystal, it is advantageous to use it on its own first. Once you are fully aware of its energy, you may choose to combine it with other stones.

Combine stones for short periods to begin with, as individuals may react differently. Knowing how you can combine various stones may be helpful, as this allows you to get the most from your crystals, and may help you to solve specific problems in your life.

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