Which Crystals And Stones Shouldn't Be Used Together?

by Kayla Hrutka
(Regina,Sask, Canada)

Hello, I am needing a little advice. New to using crystals and stones but finding them already helping I first got a black tourmaline and within a few days of wearing it I felt grounded and confidant.

So I went today and got some stones and crystals that I thought would suit me best for balancing my chakras.

Now as I sit and read articles, I am wondering if the stones I got should be used together?

I will write my list if someone could comment for me would be very helpful.

The stones I got were black tourmaline, garnet, citrine, rhodonite, angelite, chrysocolla, moss agate, danburite and clear quartz.

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by: Lon

Hi Kayla...I think you did achieve one thing - balance. Danburite probably has the highest vibration of the lot but not as imposing as some other high energy crystals.

The Danburite and Angelite should help you make strong spiritual connections. I always like to have a strong manifestation or abundance crystal... which Citrine will suffice nicely. Of course Black Tourmaline is a great grounding stone as well as an excellent protector.

The remainder of your lot are all very useful. May I suggest you purchase those stones and crystals that 'feel right' to you. Take care....Lon

Combining Crystals
by: Liz Oakes

Hi Kayla, You are worrying unnecessarily about problems with combining crystals. You have chosen a good group of crystals and it looks to me like you have chosen a stone for each chakra? Was that your plan?

You could use your crystals in a body layout and place individual crystals on the relevant chakra. If you do not know about how this is done there is in-depth information in many crystal books, including in The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall.

As Lon said you have achieved a nice balance amongst the stones you chose. The Danburite is high vibration and a lovely energy that combines well with Angelite for contacting the angelic realm. Having at least one high crystal energy stone is helpful.

The Clear Quartz works at the soul star and crown chakra, and at all other chakras and is the most well known of the quartz crystals. All quartz, including the Citrine, works well to program. Check out how this works in my article on crystal meditation.

As Lon said you have Citrine for manifesting abundance and its a great solar plexus stone that aids personal power. Using it, and any of the others...especially the higher vibration stones with Black Tourmaline is crucial to prevent you getting ungrounded, so this is another good choice.

You have a good selection so try using them in a body layout as I feel that this would help you a lot and is one way you can use them all at once!

Many blessings ~ Liz

I thank you
by: Kayla

I thank you for all the great feed back. I am very drawn to the stones and crystals I have chosen especially the Quartz. I am sure they will help balance my chakras and guide me through this new journey in my life and I am sure I will find more great crystals along the way.

Thanks again Kayla

Perfect Choice for You
by: Angelstar

The crystal combination you chose is perfect. I believe that it is not only you who chooses the crystal but the crystal itself also chooses you as it draws you to its energy vibration to work with you.

Crystal Contact On Skin
by: Sharon

Also to be aware that some crystals such as tourmaline, danburite, pearl, bloodstone and there are more, should for best results be directly worn touching the skin. I personally... even though sounds strange, put them in my bra.
Blessings xx

by: Jennifer

I put them in my bra too! Especially Rose Quartz. But anytime I get a new stone, I will keep it in my bra for about the first month, just to get acquainted with it. I don't always have pockets! =)

Bigger bra
by: Jennifer

Yes but I find that I get stone fever ... Pretty sure if I stuck them all in my bra I'd have 75 percent boob and 25 percent stones lol

Can you wear too many stones : )
by: Tracie

I love reading all the comments here I was wondering the same thing being new as well... What does not work well together?

I wear a necklace with blue kyanite, banded amethyst,moon stone, aquamarine, quartz and rose quartz, all on necklaces, and sand citra and black tourmaline with quartz grown into it.

The tourmaline piece was my first pocket stone. I too keep stones in my bra too Citrine and rose quartz usually.

My bracelette I have made are black obsidian with tiger eye, and the chips of practically every stone there is. I am going to start wearing an
Apache tear tomorrow. I love making jewelry.

There have been times I have made jewelry and taken it off or apart bc I did not feel rite. Today I went to Waldo flea market to the buy my first pair of Boji stones male and female. I will use my elestialite crystals with these as he does, and said the energy is amazing.

Thanks for all the great reading.

Please help...
by: Anonymous

I really don't know what to do with it... I'h got bag with moon stone, Averturine, amethyst , turquoise and black stone what looks like onyx. I'm wearing diamond ring, amber ring and turquoise ring. Could any one please help me ?

Using Jasper instead of tourmaline?
by: Norah

First, this is a super helpful conversation, thanks!
Could I substitute tourmaline with Jasper?

Crystals I chose
by: Dawn

Hi There! I have 2 questions:

1. I bought a 1/2 lb of each of these crystals: Rose quartz, malachite, lapis lazuli, blue howlite, moss agate quartz, florite, red tiger eye. Is it Ok to use of these all together?

2. I'd like to mix them up and put them in glass bowls at home and at work. Does that work? Or do you have to actually wear or hold them?

Mixed consequences
by: Hugh

A friend was telling me yesterday to be careful that if I mix my crystals / stones that it can have mixed connections.

I have a clear crystal & an Amethyst that another friend gave me plus a rose quartz and a moon stone in my pocket.

I'm new to the Powers of Crystals and Stones.

Trying for 2nd ivf
by: Tota

Hi. We are trying for our 2nd ivf cycle. The first one was unsuccessful and I felt a lot of negative energy around me especially from people "very close to me"
I wanted to wear healing stones can I use Agate, Amazonite, Carnelian, Aventurine, Amethyst, Jade and Moonstone together?

Stones for conception and labor
by: Israel

Unakite is one of the best stones to facilitate conception. It also helps with a healthy pregnancy. Moonstone is also helpful for conception, but unakite is the preferred option.

Agate has associations with fertility, as does African Jade.

For labor pain, aquamarine and garnet make a beautiful combination to have in the birthing room. Also, a small, palm-sized amethyst cluster can be held in the palm and squeezed when the labor pains become intense.


Wearing Black Tourmaline with Citrine
by: Sarfaraz Ahmed

My star sign is LIBRA. I want to wear Black Tourmaline together with the yellow Citrine stone, due to anxiety phobias, negative thoughts, and because I have problems with self confidence. Can I wear both stones together?

Crystal collecting
by: Brenda

Most of my crystals are lager raw stones I display in a large curio cabinet. They are not something I can wear. Can I benefit from their energy just as much as wearing them?

Mix n match
by: Contessa

Hi. I'd be very thankful if someone can tell me if I can mix the following:
1. lapus lazuli, clear quartz and snowflake obsidian
2. Assorted Tourmaline colors, and cherry quartz
3. Howlite and Obsidian
4. Plain pink agate and cherry quartz
5. Lapis lazuli and blue agate
6. Tiger's eye and Black agate
7. Green Jade and moonstone
8. Green agate and green jade
Thank you so much in advance for all your responses.

Carrying crystals
by: Stephanie

WOW! I put crystals in my bra also, so do my two daughters and niece. It puts the crystal right at your heart, left side bra! :)

Crystals keep breaking
by: Tota

Hi we are trying for I feel and my moonstone crystals keep breaking on me. (I keep dropping them ) I am starting to feel it will never work for me. Should I try other crystals. Maybe in a bracelet so they won't be loose . Please help and advice.

For Anonymous
by: Starfeather

Decide... what are your intentions or what are you wanting to achieve with your stones?

Next research each stone and see if the description meets your intention.

As you read about each stone, hold it in your left hand and notice where you feel it in your body.

Hope this helps.

Garnet and Aquamarine
by: Cat

I was thinking of combining Garnet and Aquamarine in a bracelet for a friend who has recently lost her mum, mainly because her mum's birthstone is Garnet and hers is Aquamarine.

I thought this might be a nice reminder of her mum when she looks at it. What do you think?

Crystals for positive thinking and IVF
by: Tota

During my first failed I've cycle I felt a lot of negative energy around me. We are going to try for a second one.

I tried moonstone but they keep breaking on me. I am scared what should I use for positive thinking and IVF. Please help.

I never take off ..
by: tiny moonstone

I recently started wearing a necklace with black tourmaline and citrine.
I always wear it even in my sleep, I only take off the black tourmaline to clean it.

I also never take off a carnelian and tigereye ankle hemp bracelet (I wear on my left ankle)

I made it while listening to 432Hz on youtube and thinking about all the things I am thankful for.

I also never take off the amazonite and hematite bracelets I made and wear on my left wrist.

I am no expert but I do believe I have good intuition which has guide me to pick the crystals that work well with my being.

Aquamarine and Tourmaline?
by: crystalkid

I'm wondering if Aquamarine and Tourmaline (any color) are beneficial to their individual energies? I want to order a custom pendant and am partial to the two.

Aquamarine is my birthstone and it is one of my personal favorites. I know Moldavite is a good stone to pair it with (also a personal favorite). So I guess my real question is, are the three beneficial or would they cause interference for one another?

And if so what types are better (ie, greenish aqua, pale?) and any tourmaline variation? I'm super sensitive to energy being scrambled so I don't want to be counter productive in this endeavor. Ive had profound experiences combining crystals but never these.

If anyone can help please let me know, I've never wrapped before so I want it to complement me, thanks in advance!!!!

Green Aventurine and Citrine
by: roel rebosa

Good day. Is it okay to put together Green Aventurine and Citrine together and put it in the south-east of my room to attract wealth?

I am fascinated with crystals and stones but don't have much knowledge about it.

I have 5 more stones that I bought in Brazil but don't know the names of it, where can I attach it to get help and what to do with it? Thanks a lot.

Seek advice for crystal, quartz combination
by: utpal

Is it okay to wear a bracelet made with amethyst, tiger eye stone, green onyx, rose quartz, clear crystal , garnet and red spinel?

I want to wear this combination to help in removing negativity and aid in meditation.

Super duper newbe
by: Anonymous Ken

I want to make some jewelry for my grandchildren. I am looking at mixing white howlite, dark purple jade, hematite and blue aventurine.

Very new to this any input would be appreciated

Can these 3 stones be worn together ?
by: Anonymous

Was just wondering if it's good to wear Emerald, clear Quartz, and rose quartz together? Currently I'm just wearing Emerald and clear quartz but I wanted to start wearing my rose quartz with them. Thanks!

Is this an okay combo to have that won't harm my stones
by: Triston

I was just wondering if using blue kyanite, emerald and amethyst all around my neck is an okay combo to have and if these stones act well together thanks for the help in advance!

by: Anonymous

I really appreciate this site being here, kinda hard to navigate I don't recall how I stumbled upon the first reply to my question re: mixing stones but can't find second one.

Where do you place it inside the bra?
by: Anonymous

Sorry for my confusion, but the other day I was very tired but had to go out and tried to place a small carnelian crystal for energy in my bra and right away that did not feel right.

I was afraid not only to lose it but also to get poked. Do you place it on top or below, because below, there is no room for me and on top of it felt like I could lose it. I should say that I was wearing a thick sweater bra. Does one's size or bra type matter? Do you use any crystals or flat only?

I have always heard of ladies stuffing cash in there, and I always wonder how one can go comfortably through their day with anything poking and scratching in there.

Using crystals together
by: Anonymous

I was wondering if you can use tigers eye, clear quartz, garnet and ruby together. Thanks

can you wear
by: Anonymous

I've made some bracelets. I wear black obsidian with tigers eye, black tourmaline with hematite (on my ankle), peridot with labradorite and I'm thinking of making a Amber with citrine. I also wear a kyanite pendant, n rose quartz heart. Would appreciate your views on them? Thank you.

by: Anonymous

Hi Can I wear an emerald in my bra for results, as my husband dislikes me wearing gem stones as rings and pendants. Will it still have any effect on things?

Wearing together
by: Denise

Hi I wear my amethyst daily its my pendulum. I just received the 7 chakra pendulum. I put it on with my amethyst, I love them both. Is it ok to wear together?

Amethyst and Amber?
by: Anonymous

My dad was recently admitted (and released after 2 months) from the hospital for pneumonia and I decided I wanted to get some crystals for him for Father's Day to help him with his healing process. According to Judy Hall's Crystal Bible (Vol. 1) Amethyst and Amber are really good for cleansing the energies inside the body, as well as the environment. Also it says that both stones are really good for muscle and lung healing.

What I want to know is, would it be dangerous to use both of these together? I don't want to cause more harm than good.

Help Please
by: Sophie

I have started wearing a black tourmaline pendant and was wondering if i can add a jade to the same necklace, and what benefits will I get. Or would you add to a bracelet instead. I also wear oynx to a finger

Crystal Combinations
by: Tessa

Can I use Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Tiger Eye together to bring me luck in finding a job and searching for an soulmate

What can I put together
by: dove's angel

I had a vision and had purple amethyst, green jade and amber together. Was wondering if I could use these together with no negative effects?

Combining and wearing stones?
by: Dimitri

Hello, I love stones and I have purchased a few jewelry and I was wondering if you think that there might me a problem wearing them all together at the same time.

I have an obsidian necklace, a tigers iron necklace, a black tourmaline bracelet and two small with beads that have carnelian and onyx. Are these ok to wear them everyday?

Thank you very much! Dimitri

Wearing stones trumps carrying them in bags
by: Sunshine


There are some crystals which have a radioactive content in them - they should not be used at all! You can get their names by running a simple search on google. Other than that all seem fine to me- the more the better.

Though all crystals work at a higher level than the gross body ; they work at the astral level, hence technically just keeping them near you should suffice... but then I think wearing a stone such that it touches the skin ( using a ring, a pendant, a bracelet , a necklace et al) seems more appealing , at least to me.

One simple way to combine lots and lots of stones and crystals together is to wear them around your waist ! Yes, even if you are slim the circumference around the waist can accommodate far more than what you could do with even a necklace. So a couple of rounds of primary string around your waist can be the platform. And individual stones can just be strung to this circumference of primary string with smaller secondary strings that run through the pendants and attach to the waist enveloping super string.

I am no astrophysicist , but this is my version of "string" theory.

Best of Luck and May the Force be with you for all Good Deeds that you attempt henceforth!

Apache Tear (Black Obsidian) and Onyx
by: Taylor

I brought two crystals today, Apache Tear and Onyx, and I was wondering if they would be a good combination? Would really like some help on this.


Grouping crystals
by: Anonymous

Moonstone, Sunstone, Hematite, Labradorite, Garnet and Obsidian. Can these work well together?

What to use with Malachite
by: Lorie

What are the best crystals to use with malachite, lapis lazuli and rose quartz. I am making pendants out of each of these and I would like to ask add crystals to my strand on my necklace but I'm trying to decide what are the best crystals to use with each one of these stones. Thank you for your insight.

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