Asbestos and Energy

by BJ
(Sterling VA US)

For years I have felt "odd" around things containing asbestos. After 50 years as a healer I have come to understand a few things about asbestos.

Asbestos is known to be an inclusion in Infinite, Tiger's Eye, Actinolite and Anthophyllite. In all cases it is thought to remove negative energies.

It appears to absorb negative energies, not heal/eliminate them. Now that absorptive tendency is great as long as it is used carefully in a healing session.

Stones can be cleared and rebalanced. Think of asbestos as a spiritual vacuum cleaner. Because asbestos seems to have the ability to suck in dark energies, the dust and dirt of our spiritual floors, it is important to empty the vacuum cleaner frequently!

Dealing with asbestos in crystals is one thing: dealing with asbestos in other applications is another. The fact that asbestos in our bodies can eventually cause cancers is not surprising. Those negative energy absorbers can certainly be responsible for the overwhelming mutation of cells. In our homes, we can see a whole different level of cancer.

Popcorn ceilings in older homes are made of vermiculite and asbestos. Older homes have by definition housed people for many years. During all this time, a LOT of negative enrages are absorbed by the asbestos. Imaging all the fights, arguments, negative energies that 'cover' us in the ceilings of such homes?

My children's father lives in such a house. People dislike the energy of the house. Anyone who goes there seems to be transformed into a negative, argumentative being. It took a while for me to understand what was happening. At first I had to rule out my personal emotions. Then I tried cleaning the house for the benefit of visiting children.

There was one spirit that was sent away, yet it was confined to a certain area (now better) but had no affect on the rest of the house. As there are no remaining stuck entities, the negativity had to come from something else. Further prayer and smudging did not work. Year by year the energy became progressively worse.

Once I realized the ceilings were asbestos, it took several years for me to convince the kids' father to have the popcorn ceilings removed. Starting with three upstairs rooms, the removal of the asbestos ceilings began making a huge difference in the energy of the place. Kids mentioned it independently. I certainly could feel it as well. Three more rooms remain for the house to be asbestos free, and the difference is evident in moving from one area to another in the house.

The bottom line is that negative energies seem to be drawn to and absorbed by asbestos. Once there, in the huge quantities of asbestos found in popcorn ceilings, it is too much to clear by traditional means. The offending mineral must be thoroughly abated! Should one choose to DIY, use full protective gear to prevent contact with the asbestos as the dust and fibre are tiny particles and once in your body cannot be expelled! Even though it is expensive, it is preferable to pay the $5-7/sq ft to have it professionally removed and cleared from your property.

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Aha moment
by: Stephani

I really appreciate this explanation! It makes so much sense at multiple levels.

Thanks for your insight, experience, solutions and explanation!

Interesting Idea About Asbestos
by: Liz, Site Owner & Writer

That explanation about the energy of asbestos really makes a lot of sense, and I will keep it in mind when buying future houses. I love the energy of the house where I am living right now, and it has a quite harmonious vibration generally.

I am currently renting this house, and the walls are either wood or gyprock, except for the laundry which was an add-on. I must admit I don't like that area's energy, so it could be the asbestos! Fortunately I don't spend much time there.

Thank you for taking the time to put together that interesting information!

I'm so happy to find this!
by: Azera

Wow, is all I can say, I've been in may places with that kind of ceiling over the years, grateful now that I live in a solid wood house...I have passed this on to so many friends so they will know too! Very important information...Thank You, You are an Angel! <3

popcorn ceiling
by: Anonymous

I currently sleep in a room with popcorn ceiling. I'm definitely moving into another room asap, thank you for your information .

Doubts about diopside
by: Cecilia

Now I'm beginning to doubt diopside. It's considered a precursor to chrysotile, which is where most asbestos comes from. In fact, the Russians discovered and named the crystal while looking for raw material for the cold-war nuclear program. In mining, it's considered a "precursor".

Supposedly, in the presence of a certain compound, it reacts and forms asbestos.

On the other hand, in the presence of another compound, it reacts and forms kimberlite (as in diamonds, anyone?)

by: Anonymous

I've just learned all this about crystals containing asbestos. I've tried sleeping with a tremolite stone by my bed, and had awful nightmares.

I was given an amphibole stone with intriguing inclusions that I have since learned are asbestos, and that particular crystal has always made me feel uneasy. There is definitely something in this!

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