"Beyond The Magic Pill" - Simple answers on "how" to Love unconditionally!

by Vicki

Have you ever wondered HOW to Love yourself and others "unconditionally"? I have, for a very long time!

Many people talk about this but I have not met many who can explain how to actually LIVE this in simple, straightforward terms. Well, I finally found someone, Odille Rault, who has written a book that does just this.

"Beyond The Magic Pill" explains how to change those destructive, negative thoughts and feelings we all have about ourselves, into Loving, positive thoughts and feelings. She teaches, in easily comprehensible ways, how to Love ourselves "unconditionally", which in turn helps us to Love others unconditionally, too.

As I read this book, I felt as if she was writing about "my" life! I laughed, I cried, and I learned that I could change my perception of myself and others into a much more Loving and productive thought process. Unconditional Love!

How many times have I heard or read that this was how we are meant to LIVE? Too many to count! But never before have I found the pathway leading to this way of Life, until now! :O)

Odille has blessed us with her profound wisdom, and if you want to change the way you feel about yourself and others, her book will help you. If you are willing to do the work she details in her exercises, you will be able to change your entire life.

You will learn to Love yourself unconditionally and you will be able to Love others this way, too, no matter what the circumstances are around you. You will be able to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY, NO MATTER WHAT! Peace and Love amongst the chaos! Yes, it is possible!

Read this book... Beyond The Magic Pill and learn how!

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Oct 05, 2012
Apparent Contradiction Explained... :)
by: O. Rault

Both are right! ;) It sounds like a contradiction, but it's really not. I've explained it under the comments section in the Amazon reviews, but in brief: The book shares simple methods (with out-of-the-box thinking) of how to love yourself and others unconditionally.

And the "getting your ex back" bit is explained. It all makes sense, I promise ;) If you read my comment in the Amazon reviews, you'll see how and why it makes sense - and I give excerpts from the book to demonstrate it. :)
A big thanks to Vicki for a fabulous review! :)

Oct 04, 2012
My review vs. Amazon's
by: Vicki

Hi Mahdrek!

Well, first off, I think what the person on Amazon was referring to, when they said you don't have to Love yourself, is that we already DO Love ourselves! We just have to look around and see how "much" we already do. If you get to the point where you see yourself focusing more and more on positive things, and on the beauty that surrounds you each day, you will come to realize that these are "gifts" that you give to yourself.

The more you focus on the Love in this world, the more you understand that you Love yourself unconditionally by allowing yourself to perceive the world as a whole, in a much more Loving way. These are the gifts of Love that you give to your Self! I hope this makes sense to you. Once you read this book, you will understand. :O)

Changing others is not exactly what Odille talks about. What she talks about is changing "your perception" of another person, and when you do that, you change how you see them, which in a sense, changes who they are to "you"! Does this make sense? You can only change YOU, you can't change anyone else. Changing how you see that person is how they "change" in your mind.

Trust me, read the book. Odille explains it a WHOLE LOT simpler and easier than I can. LOL! It's definitely worth the read and the work it takes to get there. It's amazing how it will change your whole life once you "see" how much Love you have for yourself and others. :O)

Oct 02, 2012
loved review here, but amazon differs :(
by: Mahdrek

1st of all want to say I Love this site :) just started working on myself and my spiritual side and this site made me Love crystals :) Thank You

Ok on Amazon is said :

"Written in a warm, conversational style, this book answers a lot of those tricky, controversial questions about the Law of Attraction and free will - from why you don't have to love yourself, to how to change other people"

I have issues with the part about why u dont have to love yourself.....as that's what drew me into the review on this site in 1st place...which message does the book give ?

And how to change other people didnt sound right to me, meaning didnt sound like in helping people with their issues. And below part sounds wrong too
This book discusses topics such attracting an ex back etc.


please clearify which review is right, am I reading something wrong ?

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