Crystal grid movement

by Susy Zerby
(Longmont, Colorado )

Over the past two weeks I have been having numerous dreams about crystals and their power to transmutate. Upon awakening the messages are forgotten. I did however remember and search out my Brandenburg amethyst. Apparently I was told this crystal was important. I also went to look at two of my crystal grids on the dining room table. That's when I noticed that my crystals on the NE side of the grid moved and huddled together.

One of the dalmatian jasper had moved and was now touching the rutilated quartz stone. The garnet moved 1/2 from its original position. I have the stones placed on a specific spot on a geometric grid and the changes were astonishing. Only on the NE corner and toward the center stone. I was amazed to find others have experienced same anomalies. Thank you for letting me share. I know the dreams I have been having are important. Wanted to get others feedback.

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Similar dreams
by: Anonymous

I have been dreaming of being in a crystal shop with several "advisors" teaching me about the properties and uses of the stones as well as important stones specifically for me lately. When I wake I can not remember the specifics. I was moved to place citrine, tangerine quartz,sodalite, phenite and rose quartz in a bag in my pillow. I have been sleeping like a rock no pun intended but my memory has not improved.

I am going to start meditating with my fluorite before going to bed with the intention of remembering my dreams. We have also had many instances of "fairies" moving things as well as "borrowing" them and then returning them later in another spot.

Not sure any of this will help but know that you are not alone. Many blessing

Any advice please
by: Ashley

Hi, I'm Ashley and I'm 36 years old living in Arkansas, USA. I've always loved crystals, all the colors in the rainbow. I'm a Pisces and love my Aquamarine birthstone the best.

I'm needing any advice on if there's a crystal that can be used to help with the healing of a wound? A beloved friend has third degree burns and has a particular wound on her body that is persistent and refuses to heal. I'm new to using crystals for healing and would love any help, please.

Thank you so much. xx

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