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February 2022 #102

Written By Liz Oakes

Greetings crystal lovers! Welcome to my ezine newsletter for February 2022. 

If you have subscribed to the newsletter you are probably a crystal lover like me. 

So I have endeavored to share pages that will help you to learn about ways to use the crystals you own.

In addition I have shared new articles from the previous period, as well as any pages that I feel will interest you, especially those that have been recently updated in some way.

February 2022 NewsletterFebruary 2022 Newsletter

I intend to share new pages that have been added or changed since my last newsletter.

 Of course, if you are an avid reader of my site you may have already discovered some of them.

In addition I may share some less well known pages from my site about crystals or stones that I think may interest you.

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What's In February 2022 Issue #102

  • Crystals For Change & Transformation: So much change has happened in the world. Could crystals that aid change help you?
  • Learn about Garnierite: Discover more on this recent site page, to learn more about how these green crystals can assist you. 
  • My page on Quartz Formations relates to the shapes that Quartz Crystals come in, and the advantages of using the specific configurations.
  • Have you heard about Prophecy Stone? Why would you use this strange looking stone? Learn the benefits.
  • Crystals For Money was added to my site recently, so check it out if you wish to boost your ability to manifest.

Top 13 Crystals For Change & Transformation

The last few years have been challenging for many people as so many changes have been sweeping the world.

2022 is said by numerologists to be a strong year for change. Hopefully the change that the year brings is positive, as the last few years have been difficult for many people.

Are you are planning change or dealing with the changes that have been happening? You may find that my article Crystals For Change & Transformation may benefit you.


Garnierite is an unusual green crystal that is a recent addition to my site. Many people haven't heard of it, as good amounts of this stone have only started to be available fairly recently.

It is a quite beneficial heart based crystal that also aids prosperity and is supportive during change, so it fits in with the other pages shared here.

Click on the image to read the article about Garnierite and learn more.

Quartz Formations

My page on Quartz Formations relates to the shape in which quartz crystals naturally form.

Did you know that the various shapes and configurations change the properties of individual crystals?

Fenster Quartz CrystalFenster Quartz Crystal

The specific quartz varieties, such as Amethyst or Citrine for example and many more, have properties that relate to the minerals they contain.

But the meaning of the formation or shape applies regardless of the quartz type or variety.

See the meaning of Quartz Formations and their benefits here.

What Is Prophecy Stone?

Prophecy Stone is actually a quite rare stone but has recently got the attention of a lot of people. Its energy is very powerful and is known to help you to receive prophetic dreams.

These unusual crystals have a quite powerful high vibration with a potent and easily felt energy. They have a large number of other powerful attributes, so click on the image to learn more!

Top 48 Crystals For Money and Prosperity

Crystals For Money & Prosperity helps you to discover specific crystals that have an energy that helps to manifest money.

You may already know about some of them and may already be using some of the powerful prosperity crystals.

This article explains more about manifesting and outlines the top crystals that can help you.

It also gives you a short summary of how each of them work. Like other site pages, this article features a number of crystals and stones

In this case there are 48 crystals featured in the article, and many of them have their own in-depth page. Simply look for the link under the images to go to the page to learn more.

Read the article on Crystals For Money to find out how they might benefit you.

Grow.Me Widget

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There have been many changes happening in the world over the last couple of years so I thought it was time for me to reach out to you and let you know I am a real person!

Through this newsletter I hope to share pages that might interest you and enthuse you with ways to use the crystals you own, in your daily life.

LizThats me!

That's it for now. I hope you enjoyed reading my February newsletter, and hopefully I'll see you next time.

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Love and light

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