DeStress To Success

by Claire
(Sydney NSW Australia)

My best self help book is called DeStress To Success and is subtitled, Solving Stress and Winning Big in Relationships, Wealth and Life Itself.

Like everyone else, I deal with stress in my life. Sometimes it's just little things and then at other times they can be pretty big issues. Sometimes I would look back and think to myself, why did that even get stressed about that.

In DeStress to Success, the author Leo Willcocks lays it all out in a easy to understand way. One of the things that I really like is that Willcocks starts off being honest and NOT promising that you will have a stress free life and that stress is an important part of life. Simply put, a stress free life is an illusion.

Willcocks them moves forward showing how you can minimize the bad effects of stress in your life and and build on how stress in your life has and continues to help you to become a better person.

With every point Leo makes he shows how his clients or he himself used the techniques he teaches, so you can understand how it applies in real life. Also, the ideas he teaches are actually easy to do and didn't take long to do.

I will keep referring back to this book, because I think I will get even more out of it next time through. I have also noticed that I do feel better about myself and my situation after reading it.

I hope this helps others as well.

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