My Life With Crystals

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I am a 51 years old white male born into the western culture of the United States. Growing up, we were taught that our reality is what we see in front of us. We were not a religious or spiritual family. As a child I was very sick, on several occasions I almost lost my life before I was 12 years old.

To make a very long story short, I eventually began walking a very, very dark path of drugs, violence and negativity. I experienced near death experiences 5 times, only to return to life thru some miracle, telling me there was something more for me.

In & out of prison, I was released the last time on December 26, 1999, never to return. I had started to change my life around this time, stopping the use of drugs and breaking friendships with some of the more negative people I knew. I eventually was introduced to metaphysics and the use of crystals in this practice.

I experimented with meditation & crystals getting nothing from it at first. But my interest in crystals continued with me as time passed, and I collected several hundred crystals, all different kinds & styles. My life really began to change quickly as I collected the Crystals, with success and prosperity becoming my reality. I began to realize my spiritual self, eventually awakening to my calling to become a Shaman, practicing the Medicine Way, Munay-Ki Rites of the Andes.

Today I help others less fortunate, who may be on a path of self destruction, but recognizing that there is a better way. I never charge to help people, and often I give the gift of a Crystal. Crystals are very powerful stones that do emit energy, that when properly used, can assist one in many ways. I do not give the credit of my "change" just to crystals, but they did play a part in my life then, as they still do today.

Today I better understand the energies of the different crystals and use them often in ceremonys, extractions and personal meditations. We are Beings of Energy having a Human Experience, so we all have the ability to channel our energy, and manifest any thing we choose. I believe that Crystals are tools given to us by the Cosmos, or Creator, to be used in our quest for Spiritual Development or Awakening. Just as I am not the person I was 13 years ago, I will not be the person I am today, 13 years from now. But crystals will be a part of my life.

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Thanks For Your Article
by: tamara

God Bless your soul for all you have been through and where you are now! It is a beautiful thing you are experiencing and your story gave me a reason to keep going on my path.

I as you began collecting and admiring crystals a few months back, and have also been trying meditation, but as of now have not received the benefits or feelings I know I can experience through them.

But reading your story has given me hope that if I continue on my path and journey and collecting these beautiful creatures, I too will feel their gifts one day!!! Blessed Be~

That's what I love to hear!
by: EFT4MeDebi

Blessed Be my friend. It was truly heartwarming to hear your story. That you are still here to tell it is amazing. Many of us have turned down the wrong path in life but eventually found our way back.

Now that you have gone even further with your enlightenment journey I'm sure there are many good things to come your way. I have found that when I focus on the positive, it leaves less room for the negatives to rear their ugly heads. May You find Peace & Abundance in 2013! Namaste~ Debi

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