My Magical Crystal Healing

by Emily
(Hemel, Herts UK)

I was very poorly year before last after the 2nd flu shot I'd had.

I felt somehow drawn to a very wonderful Angel shop where they have beautiful chime type ornamental dangling pieces & many crystals & so forth.

I explained how terrible I felt & it seemed then I couldn't shake it off. I asked for a healing crystal recommendation to help me to feel like me again.

There were a few varied, I chose a 1st, 2nd & third of the same type not sure why chose 3. I truly started to feel gradually better it was very kind of magical as from this crystal connection, I was mending back to my much better well healthy Emily.

I have looked at the various crystals on your very lovely informative website, though I am unable to see a match. If you kindly would look at the picture of one of the crystals my most favourite, I'd be very pleased to know its properties as I truly felt healed from these beautiful crystals.

Thank you


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