My Review of the book, Thank You, Yes Please

by Ann Thomas
(Ontario, Canada)

The book "Thank You, Yes Please" changed my life. It is part-journal and part Law of Attraction book. It is simple, yet it makes a sometimes esoteric subject measurable.

Basically, this little book allows one to be grateful for 30 days, also attracting (and measuring) the good things that are manifested. This is an absolute must-read and a necessary experiment that will not disappoint.

From Liz ... Site Owner & Writer: Thanks for your review Ann. I agree that understanding the power of how gratitude can work in your life, to manifest those things you desire is really valuable.

This book certainly does look interesting. This is the link to the book on Amazon if anyone would like to learn more about it...

Thank You, Yes Please: Do-It-Yourself 30-Day Gratitude and Manifestation Experiment

With much appreciation, all the best Liz

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