Question About Moldavite

by Kevin

Hello everyone,

Recently I have been feeling more down than normal. To help, I purchased a Moldavite crystal, with the intention of warding off bad spirits that may be the cause of my recent negative energy.

However, rather than feeling better, I actually feel worse. Any advice?

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Just a bit...
by: J.N.

Interesting. Moldavite doesn't necessarily help you feel better. It does influentially orchestrate changes over time. If you were to buy Mugglestone, also called Tiger's Iron, or some others that specifically make/help you feel better, then you'd feel better.

Carnelian, red jasper (I think), Aqua Aura quartz, quartz, and many others can improve your mood...

by: Mohit

Moldavite brings change through CHAOS... Use a Grounding Crystal like Black Tourmaline or better use Moss Agate with it.

And Please Request Moldavite to bring "Changes NOT through CHAOS"...

Best Regards,

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