Review of ALL-THAT-IS by Raphael Zernoff

by Raphael Zernoff
(London, UK)

Summary Of The Story:
Tnesdog, a young Londoner, has been looking for meaning in his jaded life. One day while going for a walk outside the town, he experiences a moment of connection to his higher self.

From this moment forward he becomes more aware about the magic of life that he had previously found difficult to perceive.

A year later, he is contacted by a powerful woman who belongs to an ancient family with a secret. Lady Anaid is from the forgotten islands of Mu and Atlantis.

She identifies Tnesdog as the one who can learn the power of the knowledge contained in three crystals scattered around the world. Meanwhile in the Vatican, a young cardinal leads some scientific research to decipher one of the crystals, which came into possession of their archives. Two men are finally brought together by Anaid who gives them precise instructions about how to access the secret records contained in the crystals.

Social/Historical context:
The story is mainly set in London in the time leading to the so called threshold passing of 2012. December 21st is believed to be a symbolic marker of a new era, in which humanity becomes slightly more positive than negative on the collective level of awareness. The author points out the phenomenon of heightened polarities. The millennia of humanity's expression of self-imposed limitation and lack of self knowledge are coming to an end. Hence, remaining ideas of fear are coming to the surface manifesting themselves in conflict and violence.

The author who spent years living in various monasteries advocates an awakening of true spirituality where diversity is celebrated as an expression of the cosmic all-that-is. At the same time everyone is encouraged to be more expressive following one's highest excitement.

Writing Style:
The book has been written in a form of a novel. However, it maintains strong characteristics of a self-help book, which is loaded with practical information that can be applied in daily life by anyone who prefers to become more aware to the time of change. The dialogue is simple and mostly leads to a gradual revelation of the powerful secret of Ra. Many historical events as well as remarkable places are well described giving the reader an opportunity to connect to the feeling of the remote past.

My Thoughts:
I believe that the poetic story of a young man can reflect many individual's spiritual journey of defining and understanding who one is. The book encourages the reader, at all times, not to blindly accept any teaching that does not resonate with the identified preferences.

The main purpose of 'the secret's' revelation to humanity is to remind and to encourage remembrance of what we already know on various levels of consciousness. The book ALL-THAT-IS is very relevant in the context of the society of today, which realises more and more that the old systems and ways of thinking may not be adequate in the contemporary world.

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Oct 20, 2012
Very Relevant
by: Eamon

I just finished reading the book. I enjoyed the positive approach to the idea of transformation that is happening. There is a lot of negativity in the world but the book presents the idea of polarities as equal choices... E.

Oct 11, 2012
Poetic and inspirational
by: Adele

I've read the Kindle version and the story resonated with me. There are some chapters with the teaching from the crystals that seemed to be written in an inspired moment. Good stuff.

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