Review Of The Book 'Winning'!

by Steve
(Whitehaven, UK)

Winning! Front Cover

Winning! Front Cover

Written by Noelle C. Nelson Ph.D, the front cover of this self-help book captures the essence of the text perfectly:

"Using Lawyers' Courtroom Techniques To Get Your Way In Everyday Situations"

Although this book is aimed at lawyers, to help them to improve court room performance... the techniques discussed also apply to business people and, you could argue, everyday life too.

The books theme is based on how to make a positive impression and then maintain it. It tells you how to get the mindset of a lawyer to 'win' whatever situation you are in.

It examines how lawyers exaggerate human emotion to influence jurors and explains how to apply the same techniques to influence outcomes in the boardroom or with family, friends and acquaintances.

It also looks at developing human relationships as a lawyer, how to deal with difficult people, for example. I enjoyed the sections which show you how to read human body language such as whether to tell if someone is lying to you e.g. initial reactions to questioning, head and eye movement etc.

Unfortunately these techniques could be used to ruthlessly trample over people to get to the top. You need to have a little humility and conscious thought no matter how good (you think!) you are in applying these techniques.

The most helpful insights from this book is where it outlines ways to have confidence in situations of conflict. There are techniques to handle such situations, if you can keep a level head... and it's helped me is various instances in my life.

Winning! is a book to consider, if you are eager to build self-esteem and confidence in the workplace, "To Get Your Way In Everyday Situations". Thank you for taking the time to read my book review.


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