The New Crystal Bible by Cassandra Eason

by Liz

Cover ~ The New Crystal Bible by Cassandra Eason

Cover ~ The New Crystal Bible by Cassandra Eason

The New Crystal Bible is written by Cassandra Eason and although it was published by Carlton Books in 2010, my crystal shop has never had this book on its shelves before.

Every time I see a new crystal book I like to take a look at what it offers, as you never know what you will discover.

The way Cassandra Eason sets out the book is quite different to many of the other crystal books that are currently available, and how she describes the individual crystals and stones is easy to understand and absorb.

The sub-title on the front says... '500 crystals to heal your mind body and spirit', and if so, that makes this a book that covers more than normal. The description and attributes are quite succinct, but there are quite a lot of stones in the book that you won't find in most other crystal books.

Quite a few of the stones that she covers are different colors of the same crystal... and this is helpful as often it is hard for the reader to know if the specific colors of a stone will be much different to each other when you use them for healing.

Although it covers the normal metaphysical attributes that are featured in other crystal books, the New Crystal Bible has a unique addition in it. For each crystal covered there is a table... with attributes that relates to the individual stone, such as candle colors and fragrances to use with each stone and magical significance as well as other aspects.

It is also set out differently, as the arrangement is by color, and this may be helpful if you are using the stones for healing and want to use a stone for a specific chakra, as you can more easily find what you are looking for.

When you turn the book on its edge, you can easily see the colors... as she has a small colored banner on the side of each page, and this makes it even easier to find the colors of the crystal or stone you are looking for.

I feel that it is a book worth owning and can recommend The New Crystal Bible to anyone looking to buy a new book about crystals.

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