Unlimited Power, by Anthony Robbins

by Angela
(Sydney, Australia)

My favourite self help book is Unlimited Power.
Anthony Robbins has a deep understanding of how we, humans, behave and act, of how the brain runs and of the strong link between body and mind.

His work was influenced by the study of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and the book is a powerful explanation of this scientific concept and a demonstration in laymen's terms of how we can use it to improve our well being and create success in our lives.

Robbins states that the difference between the people who succeed and those who fail does not consist in the assets that are available to them but in their decision of how to see and use those resources or how to go about the lack of such resources. It all boils down to perception: whenever you have a problem you can see all that is bad about it and make it a bigger problem or you can choose to see it as an opportunity and challenge yourself to find a solution.

The author demonstrates that one of the most powerful tools that people can use to better their life is modeling. He says that there is no need to spend a tremendous amount of time to learn how to be successful, just choose a successful person, study them, understand what it is they do to achieve excellence, model their behaviour and actions and... get similar results.

The book is not just a general description of the concepts of performance and success. It actually provides clear strategies and step by step instructions of how to achieve them.

An excellent reading for all who want to improve and develop.

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Apr 08, 2013
Unlimited Power Tony Robbins
by: Jeremy

Hey Angela,

I read your post about Unlimited Power. I purchased the audio version of the book about two months ago and I listen to it every day in my vehicle. I feel like I get something new from it everyday. I believe that the principles are sound and get relate to many other aspects of a persons life outside of business. I wrote a review on my site as well.


Dec 31, 2010
Liz's Comment On Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins
by: Liz

Hi Angela

I remember hearing about the Tony Robbins books over ten years ago. A friend of mine was into his books and shared how they have a lot of in-depth information in them. I had a look at one of his books, probably 'Unlimited Power' back then.

Each of us have certain types of books that appeal to us, and the one of his that I read did not appeal to me. I found it very heavy going to read. Very in-depth stuff that required a lot of attention and deep thought, but that was over ten years ago in the late 1990's.

I might have another look at it now that you have mentioned it. It does sound interesting. Thanks for letting everyone know about it!

Blessings Liz

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