Why Use A Healing Stone To Deflect Negative Energy & To Send It Back To The Sender.

by Jamie
(Nottingham. United Kingdom.)

Hello There, Everyone. I have a really big question that i would like you or someone to answer on. I have had a gang of dark negative energies (one called Gang Leader & the other one called Gang Member - just two in all) for 10 years now that i have been told by my local spiritualist church people that were sent to me from someone in hell to hurt me as they want to hurt my father by hurting me which after a lot of positive learning & going through a lot of pain from them they cannot do it much anymore & after going through so many different types of healing stones to find out which ones would help me out the most against them (to many to mention but i just love healing stone now)

I'm finding out that carnelian stone is the best & while reading some of your stories about healing stones I feel that you can help me the most to answer my really big question on healing stones & why some of them might be bad to use.

The question is, why use healing stones that repeal negative energy from us & to send it back to the sender in whether to a person human or not or to the place maybe that it came from too either it was from hell or from a place that i myself & us people don't know about plus if we sent back the negative energy back to them.

Can they use that negative energy again on someone else if they could do or does it hurt them in the way that they in wanted it to hurt us with which if that is true that it does hurt them in making them in telling badly wouldn't it just cause them to then just create a lot more negative energy in & from themselves to hurt someone or everyone else who accidentally picks it up which is stupid to do as it could be an everlasting bad effect of creating negative energy which in making those negative energy repelling stones just useless to wear & to use & please tell me does that repelled negative energy if it did come from someone who are not on this earthly planet but from somewhere else say hell or from a different place that we don't know about

What does that negative energy that goes back to them actually do to them or even maybe for them to use again which wouldn't it be best if we all just wore healing stones that transmutes (i hope that i have spelt transmutes right, sorry if i haven't) negative energy into positive energy for ourselves, for the planet & for everyone else too who needs it which for me is the best kind of stones for all of us to wear so why is their a need for healing stones that repels negative energy as they would be of no use to us at all so why are their negative energy repelling healing stones at all.

Thank Too Anyone Who Answers This Really Big Healing Stone Questing That I Need For Someone To Hopefully & Too Perfectly Answer On For Me. Love. Jamie. Nottingham UK.

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