Your Magnetic Mind

Your Magnetic Mind

Your Magnetic Mind

Your Magnetic Mind is a book that explains the Law of Attraction in the simplest way possible. If you ever wondered what the Law of Attraction is or how it really works, Your Magnetic Mind will answer a lot of your questions.

The book talks about the power of our magnetic mind and even addresses questions regarding the Law of Attraction.

I think the delivery of the message in the book was very well constructed, and reading this book made me develop a huge awareness and appreciation for my mind.

Aan Frazier is a teacher and does a very good job of laying it all out on the table and in clear sight for the reader to understand and enjoy. The book itself is only 138 pages but it is packed with inspiration and intrigue.

I kept on wanting to read more until I found myself done with the book. I felt very inspired when I finished. I also felt a desire to share this book with others.

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