Strange Changes In My Clear Quartz

by Lacy

My daughter and I received a group of stones from my mom to cleanse my house with and just enjoy.

A week ago, I took out my clear quartz and held it for a while to see if it would help me. I took it out again to put it under the moon to recharge last night, and it had changed dramatically!

There is a small "dimple" on the outside of the stone now, and almost the entire inside looks like it is filled with curly hairs of some sort... almost like steel wool. It has a dark brown/ almost black tint to it. It is not smoky though.

I can see clearly through one side of the crystal and look into the middle of it to see the "hairs" or "worms". I am trying to rule out any and all natural causes for this, but have been searching for hours with NO answers. We have however ruled out any type of parasite or anything like that. It is currently in a bowl of salt. Help please!!!!

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Cleaned stone
by: Anonymous

I would say your crystal has transformed. There was clearly a lot of energy in the crystal to be neutalized to such a dramatic effect. How does it feel when you hold it compared to when you did not?

A strange feeling for sure
by: Lacy

It was a strange feeling for sure... Not necessarily bad, but ugly?

Same here
by: Monika

I recently purchased a quartz crystal and agate stone. When I brought them home I meditated with them immediately... The next morning I had an indentation on my agate and my quartz crystal is exactly how you described it!!! It feels fine, almost as if the energy was fitting to my vibration... It was making adjustments "so to speak."

thank you!
by: Lacy

I'm so happy to hear that it has happened to someone else's rocks... You are the first sine I posted, here and on another site. I figured this was just a fluke or unexplainable since nobody else has seemed to have even heard of it. I can't wait to get a new bag of quartz, I've missed its comfort but am nervous to see if it continues to react like that again.

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