Healing Crystal Uses

Choosing Crystals For A Specific Need

➤ By Liz Oakes

The healing crystal uses relate to choosing the crystals you are using by intention, meaning what your purpose or aim is and your individual healing need.

As well as articles to help when you have a particular need, you can read articles about many individual healing crystals and how they can help you.

Reading about a specific crystal can help you if you have bought a new crystal. Every crystal variety is unique, and this relates to its mineral makeup.

Healing Crystal UsesHealing Crystal Uses

Working with healing crystals and finding the right crystal for you, relates to how to choose the right crystal for your intentions.

When you read about individual crystals or stones you may be surprised to see the many ways that healing crystals for you can benefit you.

This includes boosting Spiritual growth and healing as well as enhancing other important aspects of your life.

BTW: If you are wondering about the name of the gorgeous magenta pink stone above, this lovely stone is Magenta Fluorite, a powerful heart based crystal.

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This page will help you if you just need to solve a problem, or wish to find out something specific.

So if you have a particular intention for being here check out the section below that may help you to solve your need.

Healing Crystal Uses: Choosing Crystals By Intention

Each crystal has an energy with special distinct properties that can benefit you and if you have already bought it, it is valuable to know how it can help you. 

But sometimes you simply want a crystal or stone to help you in a specific way and this is called your intention.

This is why there are articles about crystals for a particular purpose or intention.

These articles are about the specific healing crystal uses and in these articles stones are grouped together because they can all help you in that way.

Within each of these articles, where possible, they have links to the in-depth pages about the stones mentioned that will aid your purpose.

If you need help with a specific health problem or would like to enhance ideals such as creativity or imagination and much more, there are pages that may help you.

Healing Crystal Uses: Choose For Your Need

So lets check out each of the articles which are grouped by their intention and how they may assist you. They are loosely grouped but hopefully you will find what you are looking for fairly easily. 

See the groups below covering Crystals For Physical Health Issues, Protection and Grounding, Crystals To Improve Your Well Being, Crystals For Personal Growth and Caring For Your Crystals.

Checkout the page on Psychic Gifts and Spirituality, if you are looking for articles about crystals to use to boost any of these gifts.

Use the following links if you wish to learn about the Chakra Meanings and Crystal Colors and learn about how the colors relate to individual chakras. 

If you are interested in the various crystals related to when you were born there are two pages that might interest you.

The first is birthstone list by month which lists each of stones for every month on the calendar.

The second is the zodiac birthstone page which has a list of the dates related to each sign, and contains links to each of the articles about birthstones for individual zodiac signs.

Healing Crystal Uses For Physical Health Issues

This section is at the top, and this is because for many of you, it is important for you to find a solution to a specific physical health issue.

If you have a particular health need these articles may help you to solve it, so check out the individual pages shown below.

On each page you can see a list of the best healing crystals for you to use to help a particular need including crystals for inflammation.

If you are suffering with a long term, painful health problem you may be interested in finding out about crystals for pain. You can place these in the area where you spend time to assist your pain.

Many of you probably suffer from an occasional headache, but if your headaches are bad enough that they cause you severe distress, adding in some crystals may be advantageous.

Crystal healing is becoming more well known and using crystals to help problems is not only for healers but is helpful for everyone. It is easy and can be quite effective.

Some years ago I fell down the stairs and broke my wrist, so I made it my mission to discover which crystals would help to heal my bones more quickly.

You can keep these crystals in the area where you are spending time or get jewelry made from any of the listed stones, so the energy is within your energy field all day.

I have been using violet flame healing for many years so I also utilize it to aid myself whenever I have a health issue that needs extra help.

It is beneficial to assist many health problems and violet flame healing is very easy to learn, so check it out.

Do You Know How To Use A Pendulum?

If you are trying to decide on which healing method is the best, which remedy to use or which crystals to use, using a pendulum is an excellent method to help you.

There are easy instructions in the article that will help you get the most out of your pendulum.

  • See the article below about the types of wands made from crystals.
  • Also see the best ways to use a crystal wand for healing including wands made from selenite.
  • Also check out the in-depth page just about using Selenite for healing.

Healing Crystal Uses For The Emotions

The articles on emotional healing may be beneficial to use when your emotion based problems are making life difficult.

Crystals for emotional healing bring an increase of peace and harmony when negativity is making it hard for you to cope.

For anyone who has been experiencing trauma that is related to situations that make you feel fearful there is a solution.

You might find it useful to use the crystals for conquering fear. Note if you are in need of extra help, using them with crystals for stress may be beneficial.

See the link below to learn about crystals for stress and tension.

When you find that repetitive thinking is filling your mind, and its is making you brood about some part of your life that is worrying you, this can be difficult.

This might be when you could find that using Crystals For Overthinking could help you to release that the mental chatter that continuously fills your head.

Many of you may find at times that you would like to feel better about yourself.

If you don't like who you are, and need to boost self respect, pride in yourself and self assurance, using Crystals For Self Love may be helpful.

Do you experience stress or tension? Most of us do get stressed at times, and when this happens you may find that using crystals for stress can help to soothe you and ease your tension.

The article about healing the inner child are helpful at times when old emotional issues are concerning you, including childhood issues that are causing you grief.

Healing Crystal Uses: Protection and Grounding

Did you know that some health issues can be caused by being ungrounded?

The way we live our lives these days, without much direct connection to the earth can cause you to get ungrounded, and you may not even know you are.

There is a list of symptoms of being ungrounded in the article about Spiritual grounding, so if don't know about these it is worth checking them out.

Another thing you may not know is that EMF's from electronic devices such as mobile phones can cause many of the same symptoms, so check out the article below if you don't know about this.

If you are ungrounded you may benefit from doing a grounding meditation. It is easy to do, and can be done anytime you feel you need to ground yourself.

In addition you may benefit from using some of the powerful grounding stones that connect you to earth. 

On this page, there is an in-depth article that has an extensive list of the best and strongest grounding stones.

There are also other helpful article links below about other aspects of protection such as crystals for preventing psychic attack and psychic protection stones. 

The article that lists the best crystals for home protection includes quite a few well known crystals.

Most of you may have concerns about the security of your home, and especially the entrances. So my ideas for front door protection and of course other doors may interest you.

Healing Crystal Uses To Improve Your Well Being

The following articles relate to other healing crystal uses and outline ways you can use crystals to improve your wellbeing in various ways. 

Weight loss is commonly of interest as losing weight can be difficult. So check out the crystals listed here, as various stones work to help you in different ways.

Clear thinking can be difficult at times, so knowing about which crystals or stones that you can use to boost your mental clarity may be of assistance.

There are different aspects to the ability to sleep well. In a general sense many of you might find that you just can't get to sleep at night and lie awake for ages.

There are some excellent crystals that can assist you if insomnia is your problem.

Another problem that many of you or your children can face is nightmares. When you have nightmares or bad dreams it makes it hard to want to go back to sleep afterwards.

The various stones for this purpose may help to prevent bad dreams.

Crystals for memory are useful for all of you to use, although many people think its only an aging issue.

But everyone can be affected at times and especially those who are studying might find that having a good memory can be helpful at finals.

Happiness in life is something that all of use feel is highly beneficial. There are quite a few crystals that encourage the growth of happiness and joyful feelings.

Having one of the crystals for happiness in your environment can definitely be rewarding if you wish to have a life filled with good energy!

Crystals For HappinessCrystals For Happiness

Healing Crystal Uses For Personal Growth & Manifestation

If you are working on your personal growth there are many healing crystal uses in the following articles.

Boosting your creativity is helpful in every part of life and there are other related areas that can also be helpful to learn about too. 

Creativity is linked to your imagination and having a good imagination can help your life in a number of ways.

Did you know that being inspired can make your creativity stronger?

Did you know that the crystals for inspiration can spark new ideas, assisting you to find solutions to problems you are encountering.

When you need to solve a problem and find it difficult you might find it beneficial to use Crystals For Problem Solving as they can aid you to make a better decisions.

Combining them with other related stones might also be helpful as crystals for inspiration, imagination and decision making all will help you to solve problems.

There are many times in life when each of us have a need to make a decision about something important.

Did you know that there are crystals that have an energy that might help you to make the right choice for you, when it is needed. 

If you have a more organized way of thinking this can be helpful for many aspects of life. Using crystals to declutter and organize your thinking and your surrounding can help you to feel peaceful going forward.

Patience can be difficult when you are waiting for something valuable to unfold in your life.

Did you know there are crystals for patience that can help you to feel more relaxed while waiting for an important event to unfold.

The energy of truth, honesty and authenticity are embodied in specific crystals. So why would you wish to learn about crystals for truth?

How might the energy of truth help your life? Would it be advantageous to know when the person you are talking to is telling you the truth? 

Manifesting a better life is valuable and having sufficient money is part of this.

The articles below cover various issues that can assist you when you are working on manifesting an improved life, including knowing the best crystals for money.

For anyone who reads the tarot, this article may be helpful. Check out the various crystals for this purpose and find out various ways that they can benefit your work.

Healing Crystal Uses: Caring For Your Crystals

Whatever stage you are at with healing crystal uses, it is always of value to know the best ways to both cleanse your crystals as well as how to charge them. 

So see my top tips to help you to both cleanse and charge your crystals.

Once you have cleansed your crystals also charging them can be very helpful. So make sure that this is part of your crystal cleansing routine.

A Complete Guide To Find Information On A Specific Stone

Looking for information about a specific stone? On the A-Z page shown below, you can simply go to the starting letter of the crystal you are looking for information about.

The A-Z of Crystals Minerals and Stones page gives you navigation links to each of the individual alphabetic pages.

On these pages you will see pictures of many stones, with short explanations on how they may benefit you.

If there is an in-depth page already written about a stone, you'll see a link under the image to take you to that article.

So check this page out if you are just looking to learn about a particular crystal or stone.

There are many crystal books selling that will also assist you to find out more.

My Final Thoughts

As I write my pages about crystals for various purposes I will continue to add them here. 

I trust you will find the crystal healing uses helpful, as these pages are an easy way to learn what the best stones are for a particular intention you may have.

Love and light Liz

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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