Odd Feeling With Moldavite

by Jenn

About 3 days ago I received a package in the mail with a moldavite ring in it. I cleansed it before just in case any negative energy was captured and I programmed it to its best ability.

When I grabbed it and held it in my hand for a couple minutes every now and then my hand would throb.

Today I started to speculate it was a fake moldavite due to the fact that I never really felt a strong connection even when I rubbed it. Tonight as I was meditating with a Tibetan tektite stone and the ring on I really focused on letting anything come to me such as messages.

My head started to throb intensely and my eyes felt as though they were going back and forth when they weren't, I even lost my balance. My head was taking in so many sensations and I'm curious as to why? Did I somehow activate the moldavite's energy with mine? The sensation in my head felt like waves of vibration and even in my eyes. Please help! :)

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