Using Crystals For Inspiration

To Spark Inspired Thinking

➤ By Liz Oakes

Crystals for inspiration can be used to help you to rise above the limits of what you believe you can achieve, in order to attain a higher aim. 

Inspiration is the spark that leads to transformation and innovative new ideas!

When you are working to find a solution to a situation, and when you find that the answer just isn't arriving, you might decide you need to some help to achieve your purpose. 

Blue CalciteBlue Calcite Stone

Yes I know that crystals aren't a magic charm that can do anything! But when using them helps you to accomplish your goal, this is a powerful asset!  

Both imagination and creativity are stimulated by inspired thinking which can be boosted by specific crystals.

Inspiration may be simply the arrival of those answers you have been desperately seeking in order to achieve an important objective in your life.

It is commonly a quite unplanned occurrence that may bring an amazing series of mental images that arrive in one's mind spontaneously. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Inspired Thinking: This concept is one that many of us search for and sometimes it can be quite elusive and hard to pin down, but it's needed in every walk of life!

This type of thinking can incite images of the grand vision but it may also be a mental picture that is a simple answer to an extremely important question you have been asking.

Crystals For Inspiration: What Is Inspiration?

What is Inspiration? Inspiration relates to when you experience a sudden influx of exciting ideas flowing rapidly into your mind without warning.

When this flow of innovative and uplifting thoughts fill your mind it can often be quite unexpected and spontaneous, coming from out of the blue.

A course of action to follow may then come to you that can seem inspired, especially when compelling thoughts deliver the answer to questions you may have been thinking about.

Tinaksite StonesTinaksite Stones

These inspired ideas may arouse passion and intense interest in the subject to which they are related and often will be very exciting when you think about them.

Often when we think about people who have given us amazing examples of what we desire, we might say that the person "inspired" us to do better.

It is common for Spiritual or religious ideas to be said to be "inspired by God" as often these writings are quite unique and may not have been previously talked about.

Why Would You Use Crystals For Inspiration?

This energy is powerful to benefit you as is can evoke conditions and ways of thinking that help you to manifest amazing situations in your life.

Inspiration is commonly connected with experiences that are beyond the normal and that come from a higher level, including from beings in the higher realms.

It is an energy that is associated with going beyond normal limits, rising above the physical and embracing information received from the mental and spiritual realms.

If using specific crystals for inspiration helps this to occur, can you see why you might choose to use these stones to see if they can assist the flow of this energy?

Inspiration comes from the same area that imagination is birthed and may also be linked to qualities such as intuitive thinkinginnovation and creativity.

It primarily works on the mental plane but it can also have a strong energy of transcendence that takes you beyond physical needs and your day to day life.

It can deliver answers when you are stuck, and there is commonly a powerful Divine influence at work in the way it delivers solutions at just the right time. 

Black Spinel PendantBlack Spinel Pendant

It can help you to remember past experiences, with these old memories and images bringing innovative ideas to your conscious mind.

This may create a response that could encourage you to be motivated to take some sort of action that could enable you to achieve a specific purpose. 

List Of Best Stones and Crystals For Inspiration

This is the list of the most effective crystals that may help to boost inspired thinking and you will find some information about each of the stones that are on this list.

All of the crystals and stones talked about below have a specific page that discusses all of their other metaphysical properties. You can go there to learn more about how they may benefit you.

To read the in-depth page on any crystal, click on the name of the stone located below the image in the section below.

Black Spinel

Black Spinel has a strong energy that helps to spark inspired thinking and this can happen instantaneously without the need for struggle or pressure.

Inspiration may be thought to be similar to imagination but it does not take any exertion on your behalf and inspired thinking can simply happen.

These stones are strong crystals for inspiration and for innovation that are highly effective to keep nearby to help you to regularly receive encouraging and unexpected ideas. 

They are known to be excellent stones for meditation, and used this way may attract new concepts of a spiritual nature, and may help to bring through original thoughts related to other areas of your life.

They are good crystals for grief, sadness or loss that may help you to let go of old emotions. This can be helpful if you have lost a family member and there are unresolved situations involved.

They have good healing properties that assist you when you are feeling fatigued, extremely tired or lethargic.

To aid the arrival of inspired ideas keep one nearby, or if possible wear a piece on your body. Black Spinel is one of the top grounding stones.

So this aspect means that it is beneficial to prevent you from becoming spacey during meditation as it keeps you connected to the earth as well.

Citrine Crystals

Citrine is one of the most well known crystals and is popular as it is known for its action as one of the top crystals for money, as it may assist you to manifest abundance and prosperity.

This bright yellow variety of quartz is not as well known for its action within the higher chakras where they are highly stimulating. 

These yellow crystals have a strong action to help to bring the golden healing light of Spirit down via the crown chakra into the body, where they enhance Spiritual healing and growth.

They are excellent crystals for inspiration that encourage the assistance of the Divine to trigger an increase of inspired thinking.

In addition they have a strong action to help you to develop intuitive ability as well as imaginative and innovative thinking.

They can trigger the mind to produce a flow of new ideas and visionary concepts that can enable you to see new ways to achieve the goals that you are working on.

All types of quartz have a strong ability to amplify the energy of any other crystals they are combined with and quartz can be programmed to help strengthen any attribute they embody.

They are good crystals for emotional healing that help to soothe fear and aid anger by calming negative feelings.

Citrine crystals have very strong action to assist you to manifest an increase of money and general prosperity.

They are excellent stones for people running a business, so much so that they are sometimes called 'The Merchants Stone".

In addition they are crystals for creativity with a strong solar plexus chakra vibration that heightens personal power and self esteem.


Chrysocolla are well known for the way they enhance truthful communication and improve the manner in which you speak to other people.

They are beneficial to assist heartfelt communication, motivating you to choose the right words to support those you are speaking to.

They are strong crystals for inspiration that bring through uplifting and inspiring words to encourage people who need your support.

They have a lovely spiritual energy that aligns your way of thinking with the Divine, and this can encourage the growth of inner knowing and inner strength. 

Using them for meditation may be advantageous as this creates a deeper spiritual connection that may also help you to develop stronger intuition.

They are helpful crystals for stress and tension that also help to calm anger and inspire empathy towards others.

They help to enhance your patience when things are not happening as fast as you want and help you to remain peaceful when events in your life change.  

They help to release excess energy down through the base chakra for release into the earth, and they have a good grounding and energizing action. 

They are good stones to use when your relationship is having problems as they inspire you to speak the right words to create understanding of what needs to change.

Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite have a large number of properties and so many of them are highly beneficial, including helping with pain relief.

They are strong crystals for inspiration that help to stimulate clairvoyance and intuition both of which seem to be related to inspired thinking.

The type of message you receive may be visionary in nature due to them both boosting visions and helping to clear blockages preventing clarity in your visions.

Blue Calcite are strong crystals for communication, and this could be why you can receive fast information or idea when you have been using them.

They resonate within both the throat chakra and the third eye, both of which can enhance communication.

They are highly beneficial crystals for writers block, and after using them you may find the flow of inspired ideas comes through more easily.

They seem to have so many helpful aspects that make them a powerful crystals to use, and the good thing is that they are usually fairly inexpensive to buy.

One last thing is their action as crystals for home protection, that can be used to grid your home or your business as they are said to prevent theft.

If you place them where you spend the most time they will also be available to inspire your thinking, a win-win.

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz is commonly clear quartz that contains inclusions of rutile, most often chunks or threads of golden rutile.

Golden Rutilated Quartz crystals are the most beautiful and the most well known of the types of these stones.

These crystals have a trong energy to make a quite fast connection with the Divine mind and this can also assist you to received Divine inspiration in the moment!

These beautiful stones are excellent crystals for inspiration and are powerful transformation crystals that are quite powerful when combined with power of intention.

Your intentions can be programmed into these crystals and this is using the embodied energy of the combination of quartz and rutile.

Any variety of quartz is quite easy to program and there are simple to follow instructions in my article about How To Program Crystals.

Intention generally relates to when you have a specific purpose or aim that it is very important to you and that you are concentrating on.

While you can program them with an aim or goal, these crystals often simply aid the flow of ideas into your mind without you needing to program them.

They are known as strong abundance crystals and this is where many people use the innate energy of these crystals and boost it with a program.

They also help to boost mental clarity and this can aid you to get a clearer mental picture of the inspired messages that you may receive.


Ilvaite stones have some quite powerful properties, including assisting you to keep going during tough times.

They help to both ground and center you and are particularly helpful at times when you are emotionally distressed.

Like most black stones they resonate within the base or root chakra, but what is fairly unusual about these crystals is that they are strong crown chakra stones.

Inspiration often has a Spiritual aspect to it, and stones that stimulate the higher spiritual chakras may be advantageous to enhance transformation as well as inspired thinking.

Using them in meditation commonly assists you to make a connection with Spirt guides or teachers and you may receive messages at this time.

They are excellent crystals for inspiration that can stimulate inspired thinking and this may relate to the sudden arrival of ideas or quite visionary concepts that may benefit you.

They are also strong crystals for imagination as well as for creativity that can be utilized by quietly sitting with them.

You can use them in meditation or simply and allow your mind to be filled with images of the thing you are working on while holding them.

This combination of inspiration, imagination and creative thinking makes these powerful to use when you need help to achieve some specific aim in your life.


Albite is highly stimulating to the brain as it resonates within the crown chakra where it can enhance clear, logical and orderly ways of thinking.

They are also worthwhile third eye chakra stones that have a good energy to trigger the birth of new psychic gifts.

The combination of their action to stimulate these two higher chakras makes them have a strong influence to create inspired thinking.

They are powerful crystals for inspiration that strengthen your intuition, and have an energy that can help to trigger inspired thinking.

Their vibration may spark a flow of unexpected scenes or impressions that may help to give you answers to problems you have been thinking about.

Through its action to connect with the Divine mind it can help you to discover your future path forward.


Eudialyte stones have an unusual energy that increases both beta and alpha brain waves, and this can help you to develop creative gifts.

Alpha waves are excellent to calm you and this is helpful if you are using them in meditation.

Eudialyte crystals stimulate the gift of clairaudience or psychic hearing, and this can help you to receive messages using the section of your brain related to hearing.

Their action as crystals for inspiration helps by bringing through new ideas that are beneficial to assist you to take action to make changes in your life.

The energy of this stone is also advantageous as it can boost the playing out of synchronistic events that can be helpful to also provide insights to where you should be going in life.

Combining these two energies means that you may coincidentally receive messages and these can relate to the synchronistic situations that are happening.

They are good crystals for emotional healing, that help you if you have been feeling jealousy, guilt or anger than is stopping you from being happy.

They are also crystals for self love and are strong heart chakra stones that bring loving energy into play, assisting you to totally love and accept yourself.


Kakortokite is an interesting stone that embodies the minerals Eudialyte (shown above) and black Arfvedsonite combined in a white matrix, possibly Syenite. 

These crystals for inspiration aren't common but they have a strong spiritual energy that connects you up to the higher realms.

This may partly be related to the action of the mineral Arfvedsonite which has a very strong action to make a Spiritual connection and to bring light down into the body from the higher realms.

They have many of the properties of Eudialyte above but due to the combination with the other minerals it works differently to some degree.

It resonates within the third eye crown and soul star chakra, and their energy helps to boost telepathic ability.

They are reported to have some good healing properties, including helping the eyes, aiding the joints and assisting the immune system.

They are also known to help SAD commonly called seasonal affective disorder, and keeping them on your body on shorter days may help you if you have problems with SAD.

It is a good crystal for truth that also helps to boost self love and they are good crystals for emotional healing.

As mentioned in the section above, the Eudialyte mineral gives them a strong vibration to boost the way that coincidence and synchronicity works in your life.


Tinaksite is less well known than the other crystals for inspiration which is why it is down the bottom of the list even though it has a strong energy to help you.

Often you can get this mineral mixed with other minerals such as Charoite or Aegirine and these mixtures will also stimulated inspired thinking.

These crystals are well known for helping you to let go of mental clutter and by releasing this from your thinking can allow the flow of clearer messages into your mind.

Through their action to attract inspirational thoughts, this can assist you to find your true spiritual path by allowing yourself to fully trust in the Divine and its plan for you. 

These stones are also said to help anyone who is being harassed, as they can prevent this by their energy to make you less visible and less interesting to others.

They also help you to release anger or bitterness as well as negativity, and change it to positive energy.

They can assist you if you are finding it hard to let go of distress or misery towards others because of events that have happened in the past.

More Crystals For Inspiration

As well as the various stones in the section above, there are also other crystals for inspiration that you might decide to use.

There are a number of other crystals and stones that can gently help to inspire you, but without the strong action that the stones above have to boost inspired thinking.

Any of the stones above may be combined with any of these to strengthen the overall energy and using them together in a grid may be beneficial.

Crystals for inspiration you may combine with them includes Blue Apatite (above), Que Sera Crystal, Rainforest Jasper, Chlorite Phantom Quartz, and Kammererite another quite unique chlorite rich stone that also contains chromium which means it is colored purple or pinkish lavender.

In addition there are some other crystals that you could choose to use to encourage an increase of inspiring thoughts.

This includes Tigers Eye, Tantalite, Sugilite, Lamprophyllite, Blue Aragonite, Limonite, Chinese Writing Rock, Blue Lace Agate and Tangerine Quartz.

Chinese Writing RockChinese Writing Rock

Best Ways To Use Crystals For Inspiration

One of the most common questions that is asked about any type of crystal is about the best ways to use them.

Any of the crystals below can be used in a similar way to how you might use crystals for imagination, creativity or intuition.

All of these attributes are powerful tools to use to create a better life and all of them can be used to assist you to find ways to achieve your aim more easily.

Golden Rutilated QuartzGolden Rutilated Quartz

Best Ways To Use The Crystals For Inspiration. The major ways to use any of these stones are:

  • Use them in daily meditation, especially if you are hoping to be inspired Spiritually.
  • You might also choose to create a crystal grid and this may be helpful if you have a specific intention in mind that you need help with. 
  • In a grid: Combine any of the crystals listed below with Clear Quartz Crystals and/or Selenite to activate the grid. This is also a good way to use small stones that you don't want to risk losing.
Citrine EarringsCitrine Earrings
  • It is beneficial to keep them close to where you spend the most time each day, so their energy has more time to benefit you.

Crystal Tip: Areas like the living area, kitchen and bedrooms may all be areas where you spend some time each day.

So consider placing them near to where you are most likely to receive their energy and where they will be most effective to help you.

Also if you have set up a meditation area or have a sacred space where you like to go to and relax, this would be another spot to place them.

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Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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