Astrology & Crystals

by Alice
(Manila, Philippines)


I'm totally new in Crystal healing and very interested about it but I really need some help to know if I am going onto the correct direction (cause I have the feeling I'm not.)

I would like to understand if a Healing Crystal needs to chosen & worn depending on your Astrological sign? I'm a Sagittarius ascendant Scorpio & just choose stones, by feeling, seeing them & if they could match health condition.

I bought a Rutilated quartz a month ago, and just choose a Blue Sapphire few days ago but I'm reading some scary story about wearing the wrong stones. I chose Sapphire because I wanted to help the healing of my blood condition which is a deep vein thrombosis.(DVT)

I'm totally lost... Should I still wear those stones, or just find some others related to my sign? Thanks in advance for the help.. which would be really appreciated :-)

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