Sixty Calming Crystals For Stress 

Calm & Soothe Tension & Anxiety

➤ By Liz Oakes

Crystals for stress, tension and anxiety are some of the most sought after healing stones. 

See pictures of the top sixty Stress Relief Crystals Listed Below.

This is because so many people in our society feel stressed on a daily basis, and the idea of finding an easy solution to calm their tension is quite attractive.

Crystals For Stress ReliefLithium Quartz Are Good Crystals For Stress Relief

Stress and the related tension is so common now that its is no longer unusual to find when speaking to someone to hear them say that they had a stressful day!

So what can you do to help your stress? Using calming and soothing stones can be very effective to aid you.

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Relieve Your Stress With Crystals

While there are quite a few excellent stones that can help stress as well as tension and anxiety, there are many that also aid depression. 

Note that some stones that are more effective than others to ease your stress.

There are many healing crystals for you to use to relieve your stress, and these are talked about on various pages throughout my site.

But this article brings many of the most effective stones together to assist you to find what you need more easily.

Meaning Of Stress: So What Is Stress?

What is stress?

  • Stress is a word used to describe the way you feel, when you 'no longer feel normal'
  • The words you use to label your feelings are describing negative emotions.
  • These emotions create a disturbance in the energetic field of the body.

You may have learned the way you handle your present life from the attitudes acquired at a time when you were just a child.

This includes many of the ways you act and how you feel.

These learned attitudes may have now become customary and may have been habits that started when you were only a baby or very young.

Some of the things that cause you stress now, are caused by your learned ways of thinking.

This negative way of looking at life may have have been created over many years, and has now become automatic. 

Stress can affect your overall health, and a number of health issues are related to uncontrolled stress.

It is highly beneficial to take action to aid your stress, but many of you may be doing things that undermine your success.

Learn Ways To Relieve Stress

It is important to learn ways to manage stress, as some of you may experience negative feelings every day that stress you.

These feelings are often caused by the way you think. You may want to feel calm and think positively and you may even try hard to do so. 

After a while your negative state of mind, and your feelings, become 'normal' and these normal (negative) feelings are labeled as stress.

Using crystals for stress is covered here, but there is also an in-depth page where the following Ways To Relieve Stress are explained in detail.

It is possible to use these very effective methods that are explained on that page. These methods include:

  • Stress Relief Through Meditation
  • Using Positive Affirmations
  • Using Isochronic Tones To Help You To Still Your Mind

Can Healing Crystals Relieve Stress?

If you are wondering whether crystals can relieve stress, then I wish to reassure you that they definitely can help to calm stress.

There are a few quite potent stones that are powerful for this purpose. Using crystals for stress relief is very powerful and there are a number of ways that you can do this.

Simply holding the stone you are going to use to relieve your stress will start the process of calming your tension.

It can be highly beneficial to find crystals that firstly appeal to you, but that also assist you to change your way of looking at the world from negative to positive.

How To Use Black Tourmaline To Relieve Stress

While there are quite a few wonderful stones to help stress it may benefit you to start by using  Black Tourmaline. This is a powerful stone to use if you need to ground yourself.

There are a number of ways to use these powerful crystals for stress, but in my opinion the best way is to hold it in your hand.

It has a powerful energy to quickly ground your energy and improve your mood.

Hold Black Tourmaline to relieve stressHold Black Tourmaline to relieve stress

Check out the symptoms of being ungrounded, as not everyone knows if they need to ground themselves.

Black tourmaline has a number of other powerful attributes that also will help stress.

One of its most powerful actions is the way that it transmutes negative energy into positive energy, which will assist your emotional healing.

Holding it in your hand is an excellent way to release negative emotions and start you on the road to feeling better quickly.

Black Tourmaline Positive Properties

It is also beneficial to have a piece in the bedroom, either on the bedside or under the pillow, for protection and grounding.

If you need to ground yourself this may be causing you physical stress so it is beneficial to take steps to take care of this aspect of your health as soon as possible.

You may also choose to use Black Tourmaline in your daily meditation, as it is a powerful psychic protection stone.

It is also an excellent stone to help electrical hypersensitivity, which is a sensitivity to electromagnetic frequencies or EMF's.

I have an in-depth page on EMF Protection Crystals and you can read lots of details about this problem. 

This page outlines the symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity and also tells you about a number of stones that help this issue, and some of these are also good for stress.

In addition there is a specific page about Black Tourmaline, see link to this page under picture above.

Both of these pages will give you information that will help you to discover ways to relieve stress.

List Of Top Crystals For Stress & Anxiety

There are a large number of crystals that can help stress and anxiety.

Many of these are effective because they naturally contain the mineral lithium, which is a strong mineral to aid you emotionally.

Lithium is a mineral that is in a number of stones and those stones that contain the most lithium are in the first list below, as they are highly effective crystals for stress.

There are a number of other powerful stones that are also highly beneficial to assist stress and they are listed in the second list.

Top Crystals For Stress: Discover Stones Containing Lithium

The best known crystals for stress from the group that contain lithium are  both Pink and Lilac Kunzite and the lovely yellowish green Hiddenite pictured below, which is also known as yellow Kunzite. 

Other lithium based stones are not as well known even though they have very calming nature.

Some of the strongest calming stones that contain lithium includes Holmquistite, Amblygonite, Pink Tourmaline, Eucryptite, Lilac Lepidolite, Lithium Quartz, Montebrasite and Petalite.

Lepidolite naturally occurs in combination with Pink Tourmaline, Petalite and Rubellite Red Tourmaline all of which contain lithium.

Pink Tourmaline with LepidolitePink Tourmaline with Lepidolite

There are many other powerful stress relief crystals: There are quite a few other stress relief stones that you might like to use and you might already have some of them already.

Feel Calm and Relaxed

Some of my favorite crystals to assist you to feel calm and relaxed also assist emotional healing.

This includes the following stones: Black Tourmaline, Amazonite, Spurrite and Maori Greenstone.

There are also a large number of other crystals for stress and these are listed at the bottom of this page with images, including Sillimanite, Vivianite, Mt Hay Thunderegg and Howlite so check them out too.

Some of my favorite include Scolecite, Aquamarine, Diaspore and Ocean Jasper, shown below.

Best Ways To Use Crystals For Stress

You can learn about the best ways of using stress relief crystals here.

It may help you to keep a piece of one of the specific crystals for stress on your body.

Wearing them or having them nearby for as long as possible each day, will help you to benefit from their calming vibration more quickly.

You may also benefit by placing one of these stones under your pillow while you sleep, as you will wake up feeling calmer, more relaxed and refreshed.

There are a number of excellent crystals for stress that will help you to quickly lift your feelings, as well as relieve some of your depression and anxiety.

The lithium based stones work well to improve how you feel. Using them is one of ways to relieve stress that you may use to aid you to have a more positive mind set.

Use Stress Relief Crystals Every Day Until You Feel Better

It is highly beneficial to keep any crystals you use, including crystals for stress, within your auric field for as long as possible, so that you receive the most benefit from their vibration. 

Wearing healing crystals as jewelry is one of the ways to relieve your stress, as this means that their stress relief energy is available throughout the day.

SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder is a type of depression that may occur during the shorter days of the year.

This problem is particularly prevalent in areas located closer to the poles.

Sunstone is a powerful stone that is specifically known to be helpful to aid SAD, which is known to cause extreme stress to many people.

Many of the crystals for stress also have a variety of other positive metaphysical properties.

So if you wish you may like to also read the articles on the individual crystals, to see how else they may aid you.

There are many more stones and crystals to aid stress that have properties that will help to make you feel more positive. 

Crystals For Stress Relief 500

Have a look through the stones shown here, and see if there are any listed that you already have. 

Many of these are well known crystals, and have excellent properties to help to relieve stress.

Make Sure You Use These Ways To Let Go Of Stress

There is another article where I have listed a number of ways to relieve stress that you may not be aware of and these include:

  • Meditation with crystals is one of the tools you can use to aid you to relieve your stress. 
  • If you hold a crystal listed on this page in your hand while you meditate, this may aid the process.

Using any of the ways to relieve stress will benefit you, and daily meditation is very useful to help you to relax and think more clearly.  This may in itself aid you to let go of some of your stress.

The process of going within is simple, yet many people attempt to make it seem more difficult than it is.

The more you do it, the easier the process of meditation gets. After a while it becomes second nature. 

Start by closing your eyes and simply allowing your thoughts to be still. Stilbite is a stone that helps to still your thoughts, and its easy to obtain.

On the page about crystals for deep meditation there are other crystals you can use as well as Stilbite to get deeper into meditation.

Many crystals are talked about in detail on this page, so check this out if you wish to use crystals for meditation.

For some people stilling your mind is easy, but for others stopping those annoying thoughts can be difficult, especially if you are not sure how to meditate.

Here are some easy instructions for meditation to help you. Check this out if you feel you that you need more help with this.

List of Stress Relief Stones and Crystals

Take a look at the pictures of stones showing below as well as in other places on this page. They are all helpful crystals to ease stress and help you feel calmer.

While there are a number of their photos here, there are many more not pictured here as the page would be too long if it contained them all.

See links under these pictures to go to the article where you can read more about their other properties. This can help you to decide what to use.

But also use your intuition if one of them particularly seems to get your attention. If their name is a link, go to the page to learn more. 

More crystals that you can use if you are feeling stressed

These crystals may or may not have their pages written but I am slowly progressing through all of these stones and writing in-depth pages. 

Snakeskin AgateSnakeskin Agate
Judys JasperJudys Jasper
Birds Eye JasperBirds Eye Jasper
Red SpinelRed Spinel
Use Lithium Quartz Crystals For StressUse Lithium Quartz Crystals For Stress Relief

Learn More About Stones That Aid Stress

A lot of the crystals in the above section have had individual articles written about them.

To learn more about a specific crystal from the above list, and to discover if it has its own page on this site, check out my sitemap page, (link is below) to assist you to find it.

Crystals For StressCrystals For Stress