I was just wondering whether or not it is known if Citrine and Shattuckite clash or conflict with each other at all? Because I was wanting to have a combo of Shattuckite, Magnesite, and Citrine. Thanks for the help. :D

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Crystal Combinations
by: Liz ~ Site Owner & Writer

In every article on crystals I give a list of various combinations that I recommend, and this is true for the articles on Shattuckite, Magnesite and Citrine.

I choose these combinations as a way of accentuating one or more of the strong aspects of a particular stone. So when you are choosing to use three stones together, like you have listed here, its not about whether they won't work together, but why you want to put them together.

Most stones work okay in combination, and I constantly choose my daily stones to have on me by what their specific healing or metaphysical attributes are, and what I feel I need for my health. I haven't found combinations that do not work together, but that is only personal opinion, as others may have found stones that clash, but I haven't.

But if you were going to put them together in a piece of jewelry, you may have a different approach. If you are simply choosing them for how they look, that is a fashion item, if that is your motivation, then I can see you might want to know if they are okay together.

If you wanted to get the best use out of stones, you might choose a specific aspect that you felt could benefit you. For instance Shattuckite is an amazing stone to boost psychic abilities and one particular aspect is its action to aid psychic visions. So combining it with Magnesite is a great match as this is one of the other powerful stones to aid you to develop psychic visions.

Combining any variety of quartz crystal with these two would benefit you, as all types of quartz will boost other stones resonance. Citrine Crystals are most well known for their manifestation action, but they also resonate within the third eye chakra. This will also aid clarity of thought, and their vibration may also boost the action of all three stones in the third eye area.

So what I have outlined is basically what you do when thinking through your reason for bringing stones together in combination. There are no rights or wrongs just what is the most beneficial to you, and your reason for combining them. All the best Liz.

by: Anonymous

Yeah, I was thinking the three would go good together, I just wasn't sure on how the Citrine would work with the Shattuckite.(I was thinking the Citrine would amplify the others, but wasn't sure) I actually currently have a pendant that has Magnesite as the dominant stone and Citrine as an inset, and plan on getting a pendant made from Shattuckite.

I was talking on a metaphysical level when I asked this question. I am still getting used to the energies of stones/crystals/minerals and wasn't really sure if it was possible for stones/crystals to conflict or cancel out properties of another. Thank you for the help. I wish you much love and peace.

Another quick question
by: Anonymous

I actually have recently found out that this pendant may be Howlite, and don't know much about Howlite. How would Howlite and Shattuckite work with one another?

Combination of three gems
by: Anonymous

Quartz crystal
Amethyst stone
Kambaba jasper

I have a question
by: Kdenn leif

So I have a tektite pendant I wear every day I tend to carry 6-8 stones and crystals in my pocket is that too many?

I always have rose quartz, amethyst and sodalite and usually smokey quartz. The others vary day to day, on what energies I feel I need.

Is that too much or is that okay? Right now I have rose quartz, two smokey quartz, one in which it is infused with radiation and amethyst in on one side of my shorts and the other side is sodalite, rhondite malachite and mookaite. Is that okay?

Combining Crystals
by: Anonymous

Hey I just started using crystal and thought to combine Black Carnelian with Moonstone. Are they balanced or should I avoid it? Waiting for your reply. Thanks.

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