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Turquoise Stones have been in use for thousands of years, and are some of the oldest stones to be made into jewelry.

They have impressive metaphysical properties, and are powerful healing stones that will filter the fifth element ether, into the etheric body.

The natural energy of these stones will help you to communicate with truth. They are a strong stone of spiritual attunement and are very effective to aid communication.

They have a strong effect within the throat chakra, and they may aid you to manifest clairaudient and clairvoyant abilities, and they help to balance your male and female aspects.

The distinct vibration of these stones resonate within the throat and third eye chakras, allowing you to access past life knowledge.

This may be helpful if you are aiming to work in psychic employment as they enhance your effectiveness to communicate what comes through from spirit, within your day to day physical life.

Where Is It From?

The best stones come from Australia, Iran, Afghanistan, Tibet and south-western USA. It may also be found in France, Britain, Russia, Poland, Arabia, Egypt, China, Peru and Mexico.

The chemical name for Turquoise is aluma phosphate. The color of these stones is commonly the classic color we call Turquoise blue, but it is possible to obtain these stones in other colors.

This includes Green stones from Tibet, White Turquoise stones, some fairly uncommon purple Turquoise stones and the lovely lighter colored sleeping beauty Turquoise. All colors of this stone are becoming hard to get in the natural form. 

Blue Turquoise forms when there is copper present, Green Turquoise forms when there is iron present. Although White Turquoise is known to form when neither of these minerals occur in the stone, white stones are quite rare, although you may sometimes see white areas in the blue or green stones.

A lot of the stone now selling is dyed Magnesite or sometimes dyed Howlite, so be aware and ensure you get the genuine stone. Both these stones have some powerful attributes though, it does depend on what you are looking for.

Has Impressive Metaphysical Properties!

This stone has a unique vibration that resonates with the energy of truth. The affect of this unusual energy within the throat chakra, will help you to speak with truth, wisdom and forthrightness.

Turquoise StoneTurquoise Stone

If you are a shy person, Turquoise stones may assist you to contribute more to conversations, and to be aware when what you have to say has value and validity.

The energy of this stone vibrates strongly within the higher heart or thymus chakra, which will aid you to be more compassionate, and to forgive others who do not act compassionately towards you.

Green TurquoiseGreen Turquoise Stone

It has impressive metaphysical properties that encourage empathy, but this will not hold you back from being able to speak with forthrightness when required.

The energy of this stone will assist you to feel calm and relaxed when speaking in public.

This strong compassionate vibration resonates out, and effects all areas of the body, and may be helpful to harmonize your male and female aspects.

This stone's energy will work in a diverse range of ways within different chakras, yet it always carries a strong ability to aid you to live your life with integrity and truth.

How To Use Turquoise Stones

The vibration of this stone is powerful within the heart chakra as it ensures that the love energy flows through to everything you do. The more green colored Turquoise crystals may strengthen that heart based energy.

Turquoise PendantTurquoise Pendant

The energy of Turquoise stones may aid you while you are in meditation, to explore past lives.

If you use them at the throat chakra, they may aid you to become aware of vows made during past lives, and to release them if appropriate.

This is a strong stone of spiritual attunement, and using this stone in meditation is very helpful.

Unlike many stones that can be used at the third eye chakra, you will remain quite grounded while using them.

Turquoise Stones embody within them a helpful energy for spiritual grounding. By grounding you to the earth chakra, you avoid the discomfort that some 'spiritual' stones create.

Throughout the body it brings a sense of deep calm and may help to heal emotional problems and stress, and prevent mood swings. They have been known since ancient times to be strong stones for protection, and their psychic protection vibration is very reassuring.

This stone allows you to have a deeper awareness of the flow from life to life. It may aid you to ultimately discover what your purpose is being here at this time.

You may relax into your mediation knowing you are protected from any negativity. This is fortunate as these stones are known to take you into a deep meditative state quite quickly.

Wearing Turquoise

Lovely Turquoise stone jewelry has been in use for thousands of years as it was prized for its beauty. Throughout the ages, it was also used to make protective amulets.

This stone also resonates quite strongly within both the third eye chakra and throat chakra. 

Wearing Turquoise stone earrings may help you to develop psychic gifts, and it is helpful if you are working on boosting your psychic powers.

You may choose to wear Turquoise earrings if you are working on developing your psychic gifts, as it may be more effective if worn close to the third eye.

It is on the zodiac birthstones list, and Turquoise stones have an excellent effect within both the heart chakra and the thymus chakra.

Wearing this stone in that area aids a greater level of compassionate and loving energy to flow to your communications. These days you will find it easy to buy jewelry made from this lovely stone.

It is a December birthstone and is an ancient birthstone, so it is not a surprise that it is on the birthstone list by month. It is a powerful stone to wear for protection, and Turquoise necklaces or bracelets may be very effective to aid your overall health.

It will aid your communication abilities as well as resonating down into the lower chakras if it is worn as a pendant at the throat. It is a Pisces birthstone as well as a Scorpio and Sagittarius birthstone.

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Raw Turquoise

When you buy a new stone or crystal, it is advantageous to use it on its own first. Once you are fully aware of its energy, you may choose to combine it with other stones.

Combine stones for short periods to begin with, as individuals may react differently. Knowing how you can combine various stones may be helpful, as this allows you to get the most from your crystals, and may help you to solve specific problems in your life.

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