Best Crystals For Headaches

Natural Relief Of Head Pain

➤ By Liz Oakes

Crystals for headaches may help you if you are looking for a natural solution to helping headache pain that is sapping your energy.

This type of pain can be very hard to live with as its often quite stressful and headaches can cause misery, emotional distress and tension.

Do you regularly have headaches? Having pain in your head can be very draining, so the specific stones listed below may be helpful at these times.

Crystals For Headaches wide 2Blue Apatite is one of the Crystals For Headaches

There are a number of reasons why you might have a headache.

Types of headaches can include migraines, cluster headaches, dehydration headaches and sinusitis and can be caused by a range of health problems.

Regardless of the cause of your headache pain, it may benefit you to give the healing properties of specific crystals a trial. 

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Why Would You Use Healing Crystals?

Healing crystals have been in use for many centuries and the use of crystals in crystal therapy has been known to be effective to assist many different illnesses.

Crystal healing relates to using stones that calm the energy field of the body, and there are a large number of soothing crystals that can be used.

Crystal healers often place stones that have a calming energy in their healing rooms and you too can use them the same way.

By keeping some of these stones in the area you spend the most time you may find that you are soothed. By placing them in the bedroom this can also improve your sleep.

Eating food that is not good for you as well as over drinking can be one of the underlying causes of frequent headaches.

Many of you may be aware that this could be the reason why you suffer with head pain as well as a sinus headache.

Listening to medical advice from your health professional, and hearing their suggestions may help you, especially if you have on-going or frequent headaches.

Crystal Tip: Did you realize that using calming stones may help to soothe you and assist you to cut back on drinking and therefore may reduce headaches?

What Causes Headaches?

There are a number of things that can cause headaches and if they are on-going you should of course listen to your doctor’s advice.

So what might be the cause of your headache?

  • There are some medical conditions that can trigger headaches, including sinusitis, hormonal imbalances and high blood pressure.
  • In addition there are few different things that can be an issue:
  • Did you know that bad posture can be a cause of headaches?

Many of you may find that sitting awkwardly in a substandard chair can cause pain both in your head as well as your back.

  • Do you read under bad light or read for too long when you are tired?
  • Not drinking enough water can cause dehydration headaches. 

Alcohol headaches are common and can be caused when you drink too much alcohol without also having water, so it can be related to dehydration.

Sleep Deprivation and Headaches

  • Sleep deprivation can cause a tired mind and can trigger negative energy to flow within the entire body.

If you are having trouble sleeping there are also crystals that help sleep and that aid you to get there more easily.

If your mind is always on the go, crystals for overthinking may also help you.

  • Stress, nervous tension and emotional disturbances can cause you to have tension headaches.
Lapis Lazuli SphereLapis Lazuli Sphere

If you have a chronic condition that you are being treated for, you may still use crystals, simply by keeping them where you spend time.

If you are stressed you may find that your headache gets worse and this can be helped by using specific crystals that help stress.

There are many excellent healing crystals that may aid headaches to some degree.

But the best crystals to use are those stones that improve the energetic level of the body.

Each of the stones below are good healing crystals for headaches but in addition they have quite a few other advantageous metaphysical properties.

In the section below the properties of the top stones that help headaches are outlined and they are listed amongst the best healing stones you can utilize.

All of them have an in-depth page where you can learn about the many other ways they may help you.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a favorite stone of many of you, including me, as it just has so many powerful properties that will benefit you.

They are a powerful stone that has been in use since ancient times so many people love them. They have a role as one of the most powerful healing crystals.

These blue crystals are helpful for headaches as well as overall pain relief. Their role as stones for pain relief may be why they are well known for their action to bring headache relief.

Lapis are excellent crystals for headaches and will help various type of headache including migraine headaches which makes them a great choice.

It is easy to buy Lapis Lazuli stone, and it has a number of other powerful actions.

Its specific properties as one of the top crystals for truth and for stimulating enlightenment makes it sought after.

They are strong third eye chakra stones that stimulate a number of psychic powers, including aiding channeling, intuition and visionary ability.

They have an energy that aids decision making and they may enhance wisdom and greater understanding of issues that arise in your life.

The combination of the many ways that they can assist you, including helping head pain makes them a powerful tool to bring into your life.

Lapis Lazuli are excellent crystals for inflammation, and this is helpful as many illnesses that can cause headaches are inflammatory diseases.

Their anti-inflammatory properties, combined with their action to assist the healing of emotional stress and pain makes them a top choice for headache relief.

Amethyst Crystals

Amethyst Crystals are very well known because they are beautiful purple crystals that have a large number of powerful healing attributes.

These purple stones are the favorite crystal of many people because they have a unique frequency that encourages a positive energy flow throughout the body.

They are highly beneficial crystals to help headaches and are well known for their role to aid addiction.

If you know you have an addiction that leads to over drinking, and in turn causes you to have headaches, using Amethyst may help you.

They may also help to calm you and remove negative energies that cause stress tension and depression, all factors that can be related to tension headaches.

It's easy to buy Amethyst. Wear Amethyst earrings, as this can be helpful.

Using amethyst gemstone jewelry on the upper part of the body creates a positive flow of energy to the top of the head. 

They are also good stones for protecting your home, and small tumbles might be placed around the front or back door to effect stronger home protection.

Headaches can be caused by bad posture, so these crystals may help you as they can be supportive if you have bad posture.

Amethyst embodies the energy of the violet flame, a vibration overseen by the Ascended Master Saint Germaine, and this is a powerful way to assist healing within all areas of the body.

Chevron Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst is another member of the amethyst family that may also help to relieve the pain of headaches.

They are strong stones for pain relief of various types, and have a good action to assist stress and tension and are good crystals for addiction.

As Smoky Quartz also helps headache pain, you may find that using a combined stone with various types and colors of quartz in it to be very helpful.

The crystal above is not only a Chevron Amethyst but is Smoky Quartz and is also an elestial quartz which gives it a strong spiritual energy.

Crystal Tip: Elestial Quartz Crystals come in a range of types and colors and they are all high vibration crystals.

Often they may be a blended stone that embodies the energy of the various crystal types that make up the stone.

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire energy resonates within the third eye and this helps to stimulate the birth of psychic gifts, including ESP and clairvoyance or psychic visions.

They are known for their action to release energy blockages that are related to past lives and may assist you to release karma from specific past lives.

Their influence within the brain is soothing to the mind, and this brings inner peace and also helps to assist learning.

They are known to be helpful for anyone who has dyslexia.

They are good crystals for clearing negative energy and this makes them beneficial crystals for headaches when negative vibes cause headache pain.

It is easy to buy Blue Sapphire and these stones are also known to trigger lucid dreaming. 

So if this interests you, you may find that it is of value to keep a piece in the bedroom to see if its vibration enhances this ability.

They are also said to be helpful for emotional healing and their energy may soothe you and improve how you sleep.

They are also excellent stones to assist you to recognize truth. So this means that when you are being lied to, you may also be aware of when it is happening.

Blue Sapphire are good crystals for communication as like most blue stones they strongly resonate within the throat chakra.


Brucite is most well known for the way its energy assists you to set goals and it has a good action to help decision making.

It is a good crystal for helping you to solve problems as it works within the crown chakra where it stimulates clearer thinking.

It has a powerful action as one of the top crystals for headaches, and in addition it has a large number of other healing properties.

Brucite is known to be helpful to assist a range of painful issues, including helping bruising and is purported to help the body to heal broken bones.

If you are suffering from any type of painful problem, you may find that keeping it on your body for as long as possible each day could be helpful.

Brucite colors: Did you know that there are quite a few Brucite colors. The most common is the bright yellow stone which was only discovered fairly recently.

To see pictures of other colors of this stone and to see what they do, use the link under the image above of the Yellow Brucite.

Rare Green BruciteRare Green Brucite

Each color of Brucite works to stimulate the chakra that is related to its color. The beautiful blue stone has a strong throat energy.

The most common color of these crystals is yellow and this color is known to work within the solar plexus chakra to enhance confidence and self esteem.

Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite are listed here as they are excellent crystals for headaches, but in addition they are excellent stones for overall relief of pain.

Like most types of calcite they assist the flow of energy within the body, and this helps the healing of quite a few health problems as well as headaches.

They also assist issues in the lungs such as emphysema, and encourage the immune system to work better.

They are good third eye chakra stones and their energy is helpful to enhance the growth of psychic gifts including psychic visions or clairvoyant abilities.

Blue Calcite crystals help headaches as well as giving overall pain relief.

Like most blue stones they are strong throat chakra crystals that are helpful to enhance psychic communication.

They are good crystals for communication helping you to always ensure that the words you speak are in alignment with Divine will.

If your headaches are caused by stress or tension, by calming the stress they may also assist the relief of headache pain.

Blue Calcite crystals have an energy that sparks inspired thinking and may heighten your intuition as well as encouraging spiritual growth.

Crystals For Home Protection: Did you know that Blue Calcite has a strong protective energy that helps to boost the security of where you live?

To boost home protection including front door protection, the best way is to place a piece close to any spot that you think may be vulnerable to thieves getting access to your home.

Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite stones have a strong spiritual energy that enhances your ability to attain deep meditation.

They are excellent crystals to aid the development of psychic abilities as they stimulate both the third eye and throat chakra.

Use in meditation to trigger inspired thinking and to enhance gifts such as mental telepathy, clairaudience and psychic visions.

Shop here for Blue Apatite. They are beneficial crystals for headaches and they are also known to help vertigo and dizziness.

These blue stones are beneficial crystals for headaches and also have other healing properties including boosting the immune system.

Headaches can be related to health issues that cause vertigo, so if you have headaches with associated dizziness you might choose to seek medical advice.

Blue Apatite is also well known as a crystal for weight loss as it helps to stop cravings and gives you the confidence to accept yourself as you are.

Goshenite or Clear Beryl

Goshenite has a strong energy that helps to open the crown chakra, which is situated at the top of the head.

This chakra creates an easy means of access to the Spirit world.

These clear stones are excellent crystals for headaches and may also help sinus pain and problems of the nervous system.

If placed on the eyes, this stone is also purported to help you to see better.

Goshenite energy works to heighten the power of prayer, and it also has a strong energy to stimulate the growth of unconditional love, so will improve relationships.

This is also a crystal that may help you to sleep better, so place it under the pillow to help you if you are suffering from sleep deprivation.

Its vibration may help you to be truthful and will assist you to know when others are not speaking the truth.

Did You Know? Goshenite is also known as Clear Beryl or White Beryl as it is a member of the beryl family.

Other types of beryl include Emerald, Aquamarine, Heliodor, Morganite and Bixbite which are all excellent healing stones.


Cavansite are excellent stones to use for meditation as well as being powerful crystals for truth that help you to accept yourself how you are.

They are good crystals for headaches, especially those that are caused by stress and are strong stones to assist overall pain.

Their energy has a calming action that help you to deal with stress which in turn may prevent stress headaches.

They are excellent crystals for change as they help you to accept the alterations that are happening or have occurred in your life and to look back at them and accept the situation.

They embody the energy of the blue ray, which has a good action within the throat chakra. This may assist the healing of tinnitus or ringing in the ears.

They are good crystals for communication and will assist you to be able to express yourself verbally after meditation.

They aid direct contact with Spirit and help you to impart to others with ease information from your spirit guides.

Cavansite are known for their action to boost the ability to gain a range of psychic gifts, possibly more than most other stones that are used to enhance psychic powers.

Crystals For Headaches

More Crystals For Headache Relief

There are a number of other crystals that have a role to aid headaches and these may work by aiding emotional healing of issues causing tension headaches.

Rose Quartz Crystals are most well known for their role as a love stone, and are a wonderful stone with a strong action to enhance feminine energy.

They are strong heart chakra stones that have other positive effects that aid emotional health and are some of the best healing stones for you to use.

Combine them with other heart based crystals such as Green Aventurine, Peruvian Pink Opal and Green Kyanite to boost this energy.

There are a number of crystals with high vibrations that may help you by aiding the movement of stagnant energy within the higher chakras including the crown chakra.

High vibration crystals to use for this purpose includes Herderite, Rhodizite, Afghanite and Trolleite, all of which will help to ease headaches.

Other crystals that may assist your headaches include Hematite, White Onyx, Charoite and Montebrasite.

How To Use The Crystals For Headaches

As mentioned above, the crystals to help headaches can simply be placed nearby during the day.

Remember to always cleanse your crystals regularly, when you are using them for healing.

Each time you use any crystals, they may help to heal you by absorbing negativity, which does need to be removed to ensure they continue to help you.

Removing any negative energy by cleansing them to release any bad vibes they might have retained, will help you to get the most out of them.

Also charge your crystals or stones if possible, using methods described in this specific article. 

Methods for charging crystals includes using the sun or moonlight, to ensure their energy will be at the highest level to benefit you, but be wary of bright sunlight as it can fade stones too.

But there are other ways that you can use the crystals for stress in your daily life:

  • One the best ways to use any of these crystals is to place your crystal on your forehead at your third eye. Flat pieces work well for this purpose.
  • Wearing crystals on your body is of course well known and crystal jewelry made from any of the crystals for headaches may benefit you.
Blue Apatite PendantBlue Apatite Pendant

Most of the above stones are amongst the most powerful crystals you can use, so utilize them for both for headaches and migraine relief to see if you are helped.

Use them in a crystal meditation and ask for guidance about the best stones to use to help your specific issue.

  • Construct a grid for healing using a combination of the various stones listed above along with Selenite crystals.
  • Clear Quartz crystals known as the master healer may also be used in the grid, as well as using them to activate the grid.

If you have electrical hypersensitivity, you may have headaches related to a reaction to the emanations from various sources of EMF's.

My article about EMF Protection Crystals will help you to discover the symptoms of electrical hypersensitivity and also discusses ways to help yourself if you have this problem.

Amethyst are Crystals For HeadachesAmethyst Crystals For Headaches

The Placebo Effect? Some people say that crystal healing is simply the placebo effect in action and is only related to your belief in the efficacy of crystal healing. 

Try using them and see what you think. Something you might consider is: perhaps it doesn't matter why they work?

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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