Inspires Eloquent Speech & Builds Rapport

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Thulite has an energy that inspires eloquent speechpassion for living, contentment, happiness and joy. 

Are you someone who needs to be at ease speaking in front of a crowd and inspire others by your words?

They are beneficial healing crystals for you to keep on you to aid you to build rapport with others. 

The vibration of his pink crystal inspires extroversion and enthusiasm for living and can be helpful, even if you are simply shy.


If you have been feeling uncomfortable in social situations, as it helps you to feel more at ease with others.

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Thulite Inspires Eloquent Speech

Thulite resonates an energy that inspires eloquent speech and passion for living, and it stimulates extroversion.

This pink stone will stimulate quite a few chakras, but its energy strongly resonates within the heart chakra. 

It is a positive stone for the emotions, as it encourages contentment, happiness and a joy filled life.

The energy of this stone is one of unconditional love, and Pink Thulite stimulates you to give as well as receive love and compassion.


This stone has quite a striking effect on your life force energy, and has an excellent healing ability as it both stimulates and regenerates the body.

It has a strong healing energy within the organs within both the heart chakra and the solar plexus or power chakra.

It is said to assist the healing of gastric upsets and to help calcium deficiencies.

Thulite Metaphysical Properties

Are you are someone who works with the public? If you regularly talk in front of large crowds, the Thulite metaphysical properties may benefit you.

Through its strength to inspire feelings of empathy within others it is helpful to benefit your life.

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ThuliteDeep Pink Thulite

These pink crystals have a strong energy that may benefit you in circumstances where you might not see totally eye to eye with the other person. 

Pink Thulite helps to ease the tensions between you and another person who have differing viewpoints.

It does this by creating a connection with them, that aids the stimulation of positive feelings.

Who Should Use It? 

It is a good crystal to enhance your problem solving skills, and assists you to find more interesting solutions to tricky issues.

This stone encourages the building of rapport with other people, so it aids you to make friends with the people you have contact with.

It will benefit you if you are someone who talks to the public frequently, like an entertainer or a politician.


Although it does instill sincerity, it will not aid dishonest people. 

They are known as good crystals for self love as one of the more powerful vibrations within this stone is that it helps you to feel more loving towards yourself.

Once you begin to respond to this vibration and improve the way you feel about yourself, you may be able to break addictions.

How Will It Help You? 

Thulite breaks destructive thought habits, and this has an excellent effect on the brain.

Some people are addicted to certain things because they feel self-destructive, and do not feel worthy of having good experiences in life.

ThulitePale Pink Thulite

This stone aids the release of shame and the need to punish yourself, so opens the way for healing the underlying causes of why you are addicted.

Within the sacral or navel chakra, Thulite helps to enhance your creativity, and it may help writers to better express what they wish to say.

Why Would You Use It?

If you feel that you may benefit from this energy, you may choose to wear a Thulite Gemini birthstone pendant, which are excellent worn within the heart chakra.

These pleasant colored stones are excellent pieces to make into jewelry

Thulite is a good stone to use for making pieces of jewelry, both because of its color and its hardness.


By wearing it as jewelry you will be able to benefit many areas of the body.

You may also wear either a bracelet or ring made from this crystal, and they are very attractive made into jewelry.

Wear It On Your Body

It is not always easy to get jewelry made from this pink stone, so an alternative to aid you to wear it on your body is to use a macrame crystal holder.

It is easy to buy a macrame crystal holder, just make sure you get one with a sliding bead to secure it, so you can change the stone when you wish to use something else in it.

Many pieces of the stone are a lovely pink color with swirls of deeper colors within them. These pink stones are one of the zodiac birthstone list for both Gemini and Taurus. 

My Final Thoughts

Thulite has strong metaphysical properties and is a lovely stone for anyone to use who would like to make more friends.

It is a strong crystal for friendship and has the potential to foster better relations between people.

So if you who would like to be feel more at ease when mixing with other people, you might enjoy its energy.


In summary: Also within that sacral and navel area it is very healing for relationships.

It helps you to see that sensuality is part of a loving relationship, and an important part of having positive life experiences.

It helps you to enjoy situations more, and it is excellent for children, as it helps them to be happy, and feel safe in the world. 

Where Is It From? Thulite Meaning

It is the Norwegian national stone, and most of the stone comes from Leksvik, although it has also been found in South Africa and Australia. 

The meaning of the name of Thulite crystals derives from the old Norwegian name for the Norwegian area, 'Thule'.

Most stones of Thulite are pink, anywhere from light pink to rose pink through to a dark red, according to the amount of manganese content. 

It also may contain white, grey and black within the stone.

This stone is also known as Rosaline zoisite, as it is a pink variety of Zoisite, but this does depend on the amount of manganese within each stone, so the color may differ quite considerably.

Best Crystals To Use With Thulite 

What are the most beneficial crystals to combine with Thulite?

Use this crystal in combination with stones are good to help you to break addictionsStones such as Dumortierite, Astrophyllite, Amethyst Crystals or Unakite may be beneficial.

Combining this crystal with other crystals that boost rapport may be helpful.

This includes stones such as Spurrite also known as Strombolite, Pollucite, Analcime and Saussurite which will all help you to develop even stronger rapport with others.

To aid you to enhance self love in your life, you may choose to combine it with other green or pink heart chakra stones like Morganite, Rose Quartz, Peruvian Pink Opal, Kornerupine or Kutnohorite.

To aid you to enhance your ability to solve problems, pair it with other stones that will increase your ability to do this.

Other crystals that may be helpful to assist you with this includes Hubnerite, Sphene, Pyrolusite or Gold Sheen Obsidian.

Combined with blue throat chakra stones, such as Owyhee Blue Opal, Blue Kyanite, Gem Silica, Blue Lace Agate or Blue Euclase, it will aid your communication abilities.

If you are a public speaker, use Septaria with them, as this is a strong stone in this area. Used with Iolite Crystals, it will also assist you to be more insightful.


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Thulite Meaning Properties & PowersThulite Meaning Properties & Powers

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