Aids Imagination, Intuition & Creativity

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Malachite energy creates a strong barrier around you energetically to protect you from negative entities. 

It is known to embody a powerful attribute that conceals your energy field from negative beings, and prevents psychic attack.

Malachite is a popular stone to be used for many purposes, but these green stones are powerful assets if you feel that you are the target of psychic attack.

In this case it may be helpful to wear them on your body, and this can be combined with placement near the front door or any other entrance.


Its most powerful attribute is its highly effective action to create a barrier that helps to protect you from being harmed by negative energy. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Malachite Has Impressive Energy!

Malachite has an impressive energy that is highly effective for psychic protection. This includes protection from attacks from toxic people who are not aware that they have an entity attached.

This green stone also boosts your imagination and aids creativity while also enhancing the development of your intuition. 

Malachite has a great number of attributes that make it a wonderful stone to be used for metaphysical purposes. 


It has a strong vibration within the heart chakra which aids the health of the heart. 

It aids both the physical heart and may help you with healing emotionally, helps immune health and relieves pain.

These green crystals are powerful for Spiritual healing, with an excellent action to aid you to take action, and to make changes in your life where required.

Why Use It? Highly Protective Alerts You To Danger

Important reasons why you might choose to use these crystals:

  • Malachite will protect your auric field from invasion by earthbound energies that may otherwise put you at risk from psychic attack.
  • The energy of this stone is strengthening to the auric field, and it is known to alert you to the approach of danger.

It helps to clear and activate all the chakras, and it has a strong vibration to assist Spiritual healing.

Its strong stabilizing energy also helps you to feel more balanced emotionally.

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They are also highly beneficial healing crystals for you to use to help to clear the obstructions from your path that may have been holding you back.

Malachite has an excellent vibration within the heart chakra and the other chakras surrounding it.

This gorgeous green crystal encourages loyalty and practicality in partnerships and may help to encourage friendships to flourish.

Good Crystal For Friendship

It is a good crystal for friendship as it helps you to open your heart to others and it brings peaceful harmonious energy to all types of relationships.

It stimulates faithfulness in all types of relationships, whether love, business or friendship.

It also embodies the power of coincidence or synchronicity, and this can be used to help you to take the right path to change your life.

So you may, just coincidentally, avoid the things that may cause you difficulties or that may harm you.

Crystals For Home Protection: A Highly Protective Shield

The action of these green crystals to protect you from negative entities is one of its most powerful attributes.

It is also of value to protect the place where you live in case you have not thought of this.

Malachite is an excellent crystal for home protection that can be used if you feel any discomfort or fear about the possibility of being unsafe in your home.

Many people are aware that Malachite will create a strong barrier around your auric field protecting you energetically.

So you can see how helpful this could be used to also protect your home. These green stones create a protective barrier.


If you can get some small stones, it is easy to place them around the frame of the door, for front door protection, to deter unwanted visitors of any type.

Just make sure that you also cleanse them regularly as they will absorb negativity. An easy way to do this is to use sage smudge, so you do not have to take them down.

Who Should Use It? Powerful Protection 

This is a powerful psychic protection crystal that will pick up so much negative energy that it must be cleansed regularly. Placing it on a quartz cluster may benefit it.

Do not clean it with salt or salt water as this will damage it, but use one of the other cleansing methods.

MalachiteMalachite Pendant

They are one of the strongest crystals to use to prevent psychic attack, and they have a good energy to aid you to break free of energy vampires in your life.

For this purpose either wear as jewelry or keep near you.

It also helps you to have the willpower to avoid being tempted by those things that aren't good for you, and we all know what they are!

Malachite Healing Properties

It is known as an excellent healing stone which is known to help to lower high blood pressure.

It brings strength and vitality to the physical body after illness, and may boost immune health.

This crystal helps the health of the organs in the general area of the heart, and it is said to be helpful to assist asthma and the health of the respiratory system.

Malachite EarringsMalachite Earrings

It works particularly well within both the heart chakra and higher heart chakra also known as the thymus chakra, to aid the health of the physical heart.

It is an excellent stone for new mothers to keep on them, as it is known to aid lactation.

It helps mothers to produce more milk if breast feeding, and it supports the blood system, assisting the formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells.

This crystal aids the health of the joints, helping to heal fractured or broken bones, swollen joints, torn muscles and arthritis and is known to give pain relief.

Malachite Has A Strong Healing Action

Overall this stone is an excellent aid in the body generally, and may heal various types of growths.  

They have an excellent healing action within the liver to help it to release toxins.

These green crystals enhance the health of the immune system, thyroid, pancreas and spleen, and its action in the bowel stimulates your digestion to work better. 

Malachite aids you to heal on a number of levels, including aiding problems with co-ordination, epilepsy and dyslexia and it has been known to help visual problems.


Malachite will pick up pollutants from the air, and this makes it an excellent stone for cleansing the air if you live in an area where pollution is a problem.

This is a stone that is reputed to soak up plutonium pollution, so it is recommended to be kept in homes that are located close to any type of radiation source whether natural or unnatural.

Never Place A Broken Malachite On Your Skin

Note: Never place a broken Malachite stone, raw natural stone, or one that is not completely sealed directly on the skin. 

In some people this mineral may cause slight heart palpitations. If you find it has this effect on you remove immediately.

To make elixirs using this stone it must not be used directly, rather use the indirect method that picks up only the vibration of the stone.

This means you need to have glass between the stone and the water.

Where Is This Mineral Found? Malachite Meaning

Many of the ancient people also used it to make talismans as they believed it to be highly protective, which it is, and it was used in ancient Egypt.

It was used to make jewelry and ornaments as far back as 3,000 BC.

Its name dates back to ancient times and the meaning of its name is said to have originated from the Greek word for mallow 'malache', because of its green color.

There are quite a few places that Malachite is found throughout the world, and it could be said to be quite common as it is found in a number of countries.

Although some of the finest specimens come from Zaire, this stone also comes from South Africa, Romania, the Congo, Russia, Australia, Chile and the United States.

It is often found inter-growing with other minerals, in particular the Azurite Malachite mixture is quite common.

It may also be found with a number of other copper based minerals, including Eilat Stone, Turquoise and Chrysocolla.

This is the most common form you will find it in, but it may also be found as prismatic crystals, as well as needle-like crystals and fibrous raw stone.

I definitely do not recommend you buy fibrous raw stone as it is not safe.

Break Through Limitations

If you have made a conscious decision to break through limitations you find are blocking your progress, and you have still found that it hasn't worked, you may need extra help.

Although you may consciously decide that you would like to accomplish specific things in your life, in your subconscious are the negative beliefs and ideas that you used to create your current life.

So despite your struggles working towards your goals, it may not have been effective, because your subconscious may still hold onto fear, anxiety and negative ways of thinking.

How Will It Help You? 

This is an excellent stone to open up your imagination, and help you to create the life of your dreams.

Malachite crystal also stimulates the solar plexus or power chakra, and this can be a strong energy to aid transformation.

The solar plexus chakra is the seat of the will and it may also be called the power chakra.

It is helpful to enhance your creativity and its vibration may aid you to find solutions creatively to issues that stand in your way.

Malachite pendantHeart Shaped Malachite Pendant

It may be beneficial to wear it close to this area either as a pendant or just keeping a stone on you.

It is easy to buy Malachite, and it is available as both crystal jewelry and as tumble stones that you can place in your pocket.

You will find it in a variety of different forms. Note: The raw natural stone must be handled with care and should not be used on the body.

Any type of sealed stone is powerful used on a day to day basis, and it is helpful to keep a piece on your body.

It is both a Capricorn birthstone and a Scorpio birthstone, and it resonates within a number of different chakras.

How Will Wearing Malachite Benefit You?

These crystals are on the zodiac birthstone list as it relates to two different zodiac signs.

Malachite birthstone jewelry should be easy to get and it has a number of ways that it can benefit you.

Wearing Malachite jewelry is highly beneficial, and it can be worn in a number of different ways depending on what you wish to achieve with it.

Malachite EarringsMalachite Earrings

Its energy stimulates your imagination and aids synchronicity and coincidence which may help you to achieve the right outcome when you are deciding what your life path might be.

If you wish to aid it's action at the throat chakra or third eye chakra, wearing Malachite earrings will be most advantageous.

Wearing Close To The Heart Chakra

If you are unsure of why you wish to use this stone, and have simply been drawn to it, you might choose to wear it is at the heart chakra.

To stimulate your heart chakra you could wear a pendant that hangs close to that area, and Malachite bead necklaces or pendants are quite easy to obtain.


This is an easy way to keep its energy close to this chakra, or you could tuck a piece in a crystal bag and put in a pocket close to the heart, so that it resonates within that area more strongly.

Its vibration attracts people even though they are often not sure why, and it is one of the most popular stones sold for metaphysical purposes.

The Malachite mineral is attractive to look at, with its swirling patterns and varying colors of green. 

Benefits Of Keeping It On Your Body

Another good alternative is to obtain a macrame crystal pouch to place your piece of stone into, as you can adjust it and this allows you to place it close to the area that you wish it to help.

Its easy to change the stone in a macrame pouch too, if you decide to work with something else for a while.

Check out these macrame pouches as they are highly beneficial additions to your crystal collection.

How To Use It? Stimulates Willpower and Aids Change

The vibration of this green stone within the power chakra helps to enhance your willpower and this can assist you to take action to create change in your life. 

It can be extremely hard to modify your life, even when situations are occurring such as the many difficult events of recent years.

Their resonance within the solar plexus chakra boosts your personal power and self confidence.

Their energy can help you to take the steps needed to break through limitations holding you back and they may boost self esteem and love for yourself as well. 

Malachite Properties, Meanings & Uses

Malachite is one of the better crystals for change, due to its action to help you to eliminate obstructions that you believe are impeding your progress.

Its energy helps you to break through mental barriers preventing you from taking steps in a new direction, by aiding you to ignore or resist obstacles in your path. 

Note that Azurite Malachite also are powerful stones to aid change as they are a combination stone that also contain this mineral.

Break Thru! Discover What's Holding You Back

This stone has a powerful energy to assist you when you are working towards a new path in life and are trying to set goals related to this.

This stone has an affinity with the energy of the earth element and will aid you to make a connection with the devic realm. 

This is a stone of insight, that will aid you to develop your intuitive abilities

It will also stimulate instinctive deduction and analysis of situations in your life.

Malachite Brings Pain Relief Boosts Immune HealthMalachite Brings Pain Relief Boosts Immune Health

This green crystal will help you to have the confidence to break through perceived limitations that have been holding you back.

If you have been working on achieving the things you wish to have happen in your life, this stone has a strong equalizing and balancing energy that will help you.

This energy makes Malachite a powerful crystal to aid goal setting, as it will help you to make good choices on the path to achieving your objectives.

Use it to help you to transform your life and to create the life you desire!

My Final Thoughts

Malachite is a copper based stone, and resonates strongly with the fire element, which is quite uncommon for green stones.

It is a strong stone for the healing your heart, both physically and emotionally, and also has an excellent healing action in many other areas.

Malachite K2Malachite K2

In summary: placed it on your third eye to help to stimulate your clairvoyant abilities, and to bring an increase in psychic visions and to enhance spiritual guidance.

They are powerful crystals to prevent negative thinking, and their power to specifically protect you from negativity is one of its most powerful attributes.

Because it enhances creativity, this also helps to stimulate the development of your intuition and psychic vision.

It has a great number of strong metaphysical properties, and is an excellent stone to use for scrying.

Crystal Books

The books below are all by authors who have been in the crystal industry for some years, and any one of these books are advantageous to have on hand to refer to.

Go into any book shop and you will see crystal books selling, and some are better than others.

After buying many books over the years, I have found that some books are much better than others, especially if you are looking for in-depth crystal reference books.

For more information on specific books, read my reviews.

There are also a number of other books that are excellent reference books and I also have special section outlining books for those who are new to crystals.

If you wish to read reviews of my favorite Crystal Books Click Here.

Best Crystals To Use With Malachite 

What are the most beneficial crystals to pair with Malachite?

This stones energy blends well with Tiger Eye as it will enhance the energy of this stone.

Combine it with other heart chakra stones to accentuate its specific heart based energy including Pink Tourmaline, Green Tourmaline and Morganite.

These stones have a beneficial energy to assist you when you have been experiencing major changes in your life.

If you are having trouble negotiating the alterations that have occurred, combine them with other crystals that also help you to adjust to new situations.

Stones to use includes Picasso Marble, Augite, Tiffany Stone or Tangerine Quartz.

To help to strengthen the effect of both stones, you may combine Malachite with any of the other copper based stones, including Dioptase, Conichalcite, Kinoite or Azurite.


They are beneficial crystals for pain relief, as this stone is known for its action to help to relieve pain in your muscles and joints.

To increase the relief you might want, there are a number of others stones that can help to ease pain.

You may also like to use other stones that help alleviate suffering from muscles issues, such as Euclase, Fuchsite, Jet, Emerald or Spessartine Garnet.

While these are strong stones to improve and strengthen relationships, if you feel you need extra help to enhance the level of peace and harmony in your personal life, use it with other stones that are known to improve relationships.

Specific stones you may choose to use to improve your relationship includes Uvarovite Garnet, Inesite, Kimberlite and Dalmatian Jasper.

Combining this crystal with specific solar plexus stones can be advantageous, especially if you would like to increase your willpower. 

It may be particularly helpful to use it with Preseli Bluestone also known as Stonehenge Bluestone,  Iron Pyrite, Hematite or Heliodor.

Malachite blocks negative entitiesMalachite blocks negative entities

Important Note

I DO NOT recommend using fibrous raw malachite. Please take care if you choose to use it. It should only be used if you have it inside a sealed container.

Throughout this article I am talking only about the sealed pieces of this stone.

Please take care of your stones, and if you ever chip them, discard them as loose chips or dust may harm you.

In some people Malachite may cause slight heart palpitations. If you find it has this effect on you remove immediately.

To make elixirs using this stone it must not be used directly, rather use the indirect method that picks up only the vibration of the stone.

This means you need to have glass between the stone and the water.

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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