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Thenardite is a quite strange looking crystal with an energy that helps you to think clearly, can boost your memory and helps you to keep appointments.

It has some good metaphysical properties that may to assist you when making changes in your life.

It can help those who may often feel bad tempered, as it can aid them to improve their outlook on life.


They are useful stones to assist you to find solutions to problems when you can't work out what to do. By their resonance at the base chakra may aid you to make beneficial life choices.

They are excellent healing crystals for you to utilize as they have a number of good healing attributes. You may read about their healing properties in the section below. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Where Is It From? Meaning Of Thenardite

These rather odd looking stones were first found in saltworks in Spain in 1825.

The meaning of the name of this mineral relates to it being called after a French chemist called Louis Jacques Thenard.

This mineral is comprised of anhydrous sodium sulfate which crystallizes in the orthorhombic form. It is commonly found in mines and dry caves including in volcanic caves on Mt Etna in Italy.  

These stones commonly occur as prismatic crystals, and have also been found in a number of places other than Spain, including in Italy, Germany, Chile and California in the United States. 

Their color may be reddish white, yellowish white, colorless, pale brown, white or grayish white. 

This is a fluorescent stone that is white under shortwave and yellow-green under longwave UV radiation. 

Why Would You Use It? Helps Your Memory

Keeping a piece of this stone nearby is can be beneficial as it assists you to keep appointments, as it helps to improve your memory about where you need to be and when you need to be there.

In addition it has an excellent effect to help you to think more clearly.

The particular way this works is to stimulate the mind to bring forth ideas related on the best way to physically live your live.


This crystal resonates strongly within the base chakra, and helps to bring you down to earth, not necessarily grounding you, but helping you to gain an awareness of the way you are living your physical life at present.

It resonates within the base chakra, and aids you to think more clearly about the actions you should take to take when looking at ways and means to modify your living situation.

It has a beneficial vibration that can help you to better understand the difference between what you 'want' and what you 'need'.

These are very important and different states of mind. Sometimes of course these are very similar.

Using these stones in mediation may help you to more clearly discover if in fact there are needs that you could be working on achieving, and may help you to find ways to do this.

How Will Thenardite Help You?

These crystals have a large number of metaphysical properties, and depending on your needs you may find that some of their attributes are more helpful to you than others, as they are quite diverse.

Many of you may be looking for ways to help you to make changes in your life, and to discover what you need to do in life.

This can often be hard as there may be things that prevent this happening.

Thenardite has an excellent energy to help you to work out the best answer to your problems when you feel stuck and don't seem to be able to find a viable way out of your predicament.

Use Thenardite to aid your memoryUse Thenardite to aid your memory

This quite strange looking crystal is especially useful to use when you think that you have already utilized all possible means and courses of action to solve your problem.

Often when you feel stuck, resentment can grow which may create a situation where you constantly feel bad tempered or feel out of sorts and outbursts of negative words can be hard to prevent.

These stones are said to have a positive effect within your life, by helping you to release and let go of feelings of ill humor and surliness which may aid you to be a more pleasant person to be around.

By clearing negative thinking, and releasing anger that relates to having not found the solution, you may be able to find the answer to your particular issues more easily.

Who Should Use It? Healing Properties

Thenardite have a number of good healing properties.

They may help to boost your energy and are known to aid you to feel more emotionally at ease and comfortable about the health issues that you are experiencing. 

The properties of stones like these relates to its action to help you to be less sensitive to your surroundings and are known for their powerful healing action to assist you to release toxins.


Their energy is said to be helpful to cleanse darkness or muddiness from your aura.

The difference after its use for healing may be seen by practitioners who have the ability to read the aura.

These unusual stones are known to have been used a a treatment for Alzheimer's disease and are said to help the body to deal better with a number of other health problems.

They are said to assist the circulation, help blood clots and to aid water retention (possibly due to their high sodium content) and are known to be helpful to assist rigidity of the muscular system and to help muscular spasms.

How To Use It: My Final Thoughts

These stones have a good action within the solar plexus chakra, to assist you to gain a better understanding of how the ego works to create a situation where what you need might be supplied.

The specific way that their vibration resonates within the solar plexus may help you to have a better level of self esteem, self confidence and self worth without feeling superior or better than anyone else.

This allows you to accept that while there may be things in life that are desirable, they aren't needs, but really are wants.

By clarifying this in your mind, you may feel more contented while working towards achieving what you desire.


In summary: the energy of these stones can help you to solve problems and to create a situation that may brings through the changes you require in your life.

They have a good action to help your memory and to help you to remember appointments, and at the same time assist you to think more clearly about day to day situations on the physical level.

Best Crystals To Use With Thenardite

What are the best crystals to combine with Thenardite?

These unusual crystals have an excellent action to improve your memory.

But if you have been using them, yet still need more help to boost your memory, you may choose to use them with other stones known to also stimulate the memory such as Azurite, Albite, Green Calcite, Diaspore or Datolite.

The ability to be able to think clearly is very helpful especially if you don't always find that you understand what is being communicated to you.

There are a number of crystals that will boost mental clarity that can be used with this stone, including Magnetite, Albite, Turquoise or Picasso Marble.

If you are specifically working on making changes to your life you might like to combine these stones with other stones that aid change such as Moldavite, Herderite, Clevelandite or Malachite.

These crystals are strong base chakra stones. Being able to make good choices can be assisted by the use of base or root chakra stones, as they can help you to connect better to the energy of the earth.

While the base chakra primarily resonates with the color red there are many black stones and a number of other colored crystals that stimulate this area.

The lovely bright red stones are quite stimulating to this chakra so are helpful to boost this area. Specific stones that you could choose includes Ruby, Red Spinel, Almandine and Red Spessartine Garnet.

More pictures of Thenardite

Thenardite Boosts Memory & Helps You To Solve ProblemsThenardite Boosts Memory & Helps You To Solve Problems

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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