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Trolleite has a high vibration and a soothing restful vibration

Its energy assists you to connect to the higher realms in meditation quite easily, and assists you to go deeper into meditation and to receive guidance from Spiritual beings. 

Its action to boost your spirituality and to aid spiritual healing and awakening is extremely powerful.

Their vibration may assist you to gain the knowledge required to understand yourself and your past experiences.


These blue stones are highly beneficial healing crystals for you to use. 

They bring an easy gentle connection to your communication with guides and angelic beings that you wish to connect with in the higher realms. 

They enhance both intuitive ability and insight and also have a number of excellent healing properties. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Crystal Tip: Trolleite are known as stones of ascension, but perhaps it might be more accurate to use the word enlightenment, see more about this below.

Enlightenment relates to the energy embodied in these stones that is powerful to awaken your spirituality.

They may also help you to gain clarity about your life path and your purpose.

How Will Trolleite Help You?

These stones are powerful to aid you to discover what has been holding you back from living the life you desire. 

They are useful crystals for meditation as they may aid you to more easily make a connection with angels and with spirit guides including teacher guides, to assist your life's journey.

TrolleiteLovely transparent Trolleite specimen.

Most of the Trolleite available at present is mixed with the lovely blue mineral Lazulite.  

Lazulite is known as 'a stone of heaven' and has been known to create euphoric feelings in users so this is a powerful mix.

Many users may find they are blessed by the energy embodied in these crystals, as it helps you to hear messages from Spirit.

It may stimulate the birth of clairaudient ability while giving you faith in the authenticity of what you hear. 

Their action to aid you to hear the truth, and to discern its veracity is powerful. 

Why Would You Use Trolleite? 

This stone has a very high vibration that resonates strongly within the throat chakra, third eye and the the crown chakra.

It may stimulate clairsentient ability, which is the psychic gift of clear feeling as well as helping to boost the development of stronger intuition.


At the throat chakra it works to aid communication, both physically with other people as well as enhancing your ability to communicate with guides and teachers.

The quartz in the stone has an excellent action to amplify the energy of any other minerals that it is naturally combined with. 

This makes these stones work well, as they resonate out into their surroundings.

After you have been using this stone for a while, the combined energy of the minerals in these stones will help you to more clearly assess situations in your life.

Understand What Is Being Communicated To You

It may aid you to hear and understand what is communicated to you more easily, but be aware that this may not happen immediately.

To enhance this aspect, having the stone nearby at night or wearing it during the day may be beneficial.

They are excellent crystals for helping to create improved sleepbringing restful sleep and helping to relieve stress.


Their energy aids you on many levels simultaneously, and they are highly beneficial to aid your mental, emotional and physical healing.

While the action of these blue crystals to aid spiritual healing is powerful, it has strong metaphysical properties that are advantageous to aid your healing in other ways.

By aiding you to understand what has happened in the past you may be able to rise above fear and any sort of disquiet about past situations and feel confident in your current assessment of situations.

How To Use It

Daily mediation with this stone is certainly a benefit, but if that's not possible every day simply keeping a piece on your body will be very helpful.

Of course mediation is the best use of this stone, and it has a number of helpful attributes.

This includes assisting you to connect with angels and also to make contact with your spirit guides.

Green TrolleiteGreen Trolleite

Trolleite are high vibration crystals with a lovely calming energy that is beneficial when you do use it in meditation. This may help you to go deep into relaxed inner awareness with relative ease.

This stone aids you to attain deep stillness, helping you to let of those pesky thoughts that often plague you as you sit in silence to begin your inner journey.

It brings tranquility, peace and an ability to learn more about ancient times in the area where you are located.


Its energy stimulates all of the chakras from the throat up to the crown.

It also assists you to connect to the higher realms in meditation quite easily, but its energy also aids you in other ways. 

It is excellent for aiding stress as it has a lovely calming energy. 

This calming action does of course make them very helpful in many areas of life, and will assist you if you have trouble settling into meditation due to over-thinking.

A Stone Of Enlightenment!

Places selling this stone are promoting its use as an ascension stone, but I prefer to use the word enlightenment.

To me the word ascension has always been related to the church and its teachings about the ascension of Jesus, which I do not feel is applicable here.

So what is enlightenment and why is this a stone associated with this concept? 

Enlightenment is associated with spirituality and your spiritual journey.


Each of you may be doing processes such as meditation on a daily basis which often starts you on the path that leads to spiritual awakening.

Enlightenment can happen gradually over time, but sometimes when the time is right you may have a quite startling experience that leads you to a realization of exactly who you are.

For many people this discovery leads to an understanding of your purpose, why you are on this planet at this time in history, and what your next steps might be in going forward.

By working with specific crystals, often stones with a high vibration, you may discover what your purpose is.

This may assist you to have absolute confidence in the journey ahead. This doesn't mean you won't change your mind at various times along the path.

It is more about understanding yourself and releasing negative stuff that may hold you back. This stone is by no means a magic panacea that will give you all the answers.

It just seems to take you in the direction required to face the new world we are all working on creating.

Trolleite Healing Properties

Lazulite is one of the minerals embodied in this stone, and it has long been used for healing and metaphysical purposes.

Its healing properties are well known including its action to help those who are sensitive to the sun.

The presence of Lazulite in these stones is known to aid healing of the glandular system, and in particular is said to help the thyroid, pituitary, liver and lymphatic system.


These blue crystals are also said to relieve headaches, and may aid the health of the ears and eyes.

If you are having trouble sleeping, putting a piece of this stone in the bedroom may be helpful.

Bring Your Intentions Into Reality

These stones have a good energy to assist you to bring your intentions into reality.

This may aid you to manifest those things that you desire but have not taken any action regarding.

For this purpose placing them in a grid with other manifestation stones may be beneficial. 


Gridding the area where you live may also bring increased serenity and peace as well.

If you can buy a few stones, combine them in a grid with other manifestation stones and clear quartz crystal to assist you to manifest what you desire.

Or use your piece as the center of your grid, especially if you can get a piece that stands up.

Who Should Use It? Wearing Trolleite 

These crystals have an excellent vibration that makes them highly beneficial to keep close to you. 

Wearing them on the body may be quite beneficial, but jewelry made from the stone is not common.

One of the obvious things you will first notice about this stone is its gentle calming energy.

This aspect of its vibration is known to be helpful to aid stress, anxiety and hypertension.


If you are able to find a piece that is the right shape, like the one pictured here, you may be able to use it as a pendant by wire wrapping it.

Alternatively, use one of my favorite ways to keep a piece of this rare stone close to you, by getting a macrame crystal holder.

It's easy to buy a macrame crystal holder, and this makes it simple to keep piece of your favorite stone on your body during the day.

They bring peace and tranquility and this will ease any stress or anxiety you may be feeling, helping you to get to sleep more easily.

They are a type of quartz crystal. The inclusion of quartz along with the other minerals means that they will resonate their calming energy out in the area surrounding area where they are located.

Meaning Of Trolleite and Minerals

Trolleite was originally discovered in Sweden and was named after Hans Gabriel Trolle-Wachtmeister who was a chemist and the attorney general of Sweden.

This phosphate mineral occurs in the massive form, with the mineral often being translucent or transparent and it is commonly in quartz. 

There are quite a few tumble stones selling, see the pictures, but I have read that they do not tumble well.

This explains why many have ragged or jagged edges. It is possible to buy carved pieces of this stone so this is another alternative.

The smaller tumbled pieces are of course popular as they can be carried on your body as they are lighter.

Of course if you are are buying them to use for metaphysical healing, imperfections such as ragged edges may not concern you. 

They are also good for using in a grid as their quartz component makes them resonate quite powerfully.

Depending on where it comes from it, pieces have been found in combination with a few other minerals such as Quartz, Lazulite and/or Scorzalite and occasionally with Orange Wagnerite or Pale Green Augelite

Where Is Trolleite Found? 

Trolleite is an uncommon stone that is only found in a few places, and most of these have only been known to have small deposits, until recently when deposits were found in Brazil. 

Generally this was known as a rare stone prior to the discovery of a new deposit in Brazil.

While deposits of this mineral have also been found in Australia, Japan, Madagascar, Rwanda Africa and in a few places in the United States none of these have large deposits.

Fortunately for those who wish to find them, there seems to be a good amount of crystals coming onto the market now. 

Many of the latest pieces available for sale are coming from Brazil, although you may also occasionally obtain pieces that come from Skane County in Sweden where it was originally found.

Colors and Mineral Make-Up

The color of most pieces available for sale at present is blue, and this is because most stones selling have other minerals included, in various amounts depending on the piece. 

This mineral is interesting as it commonly occurs as an inclusion in quartz and the latest pieces of Trolleite selling are known to contain the blue minerals Lazulite and/or Scorzalite.

Trolleite with Orange WagneriteTrolleite with Orange Wagnerite

Both of these minerals have excellent metaphysical properties and their presence in the stone may be the reason for its powerful action, and it may also be found combined with Orange Wagnerite.

Without the addition of other minerals, the color of this mineral may be light green, greenish blue or colorless. 

You might notice in the pictures that some areas of these stones have transparent sections. 

This is a fairly uncommon crystal, and as it is so new you may find pieces selling in some places using a different spelling of the name.

My Final Thoughts

My Final Thoughts: The best way to use them is in a crystal meditation, but like all stones keeping them in the area where you spend the most time may be beneficial.

This crystal is quite surprising as it is also a powerful support when you are working on manifestation.

Regardless of what you are doing, brings a calming energy to its surrounds.

As this mineral occurs as an inclusion in quartz, you may also find it beneficial to program them to help you with your specific aim.

For those of you who are not sure about how to program crystals, check out my specific article about programming quartz crystals, as it gives an easy way to do this.

Best Crystals To Use With Trolleite

What are the best crystals to combine with Trolleite?

This is an excellent crystal to combine with other stones in meditation, as it will help you to make a stronger connection within the higher realms.

Through its lovely calming action it has a powerful effect that encourages you to allow yourself to slip more easily into the relaxed mode needed to successfully attain deep meditation.

Using it with other stones that also have a good action to assist your journeys in the higher realms can help to create a quite beneficial outcome.

Crystals to combine with these stones to assist deep meditation includes Blue Apatite, Mordenite, Mt Hay Thundereggs or Stilbite, which calms the monkey mind.  

They crystals are beneficial when used in meditation, especially if you wish to contact spirt guides that are waiting to make a connection with you.

There are a number of excellent crystals that aid contact with spirit guides with lots more information in the article including a specific meditation.

Some of the crystals mentioned there that will combine well for this purpose includes any color of Fluorite, including the beautiful Rainbow Fluorite, as well as the high vibration stones Apophyllite, Owyhee Blue Opal and Purple Scapolite.

These stones have a lovely calming energy which and can help you if you are suffering with stress or anxiety.

Doing meditation does help to ease stress, but you can boost this by adding in some stress relief stones.

There are a many excellent stones in my article on crystals for stress, and while it is beneficial to check out the list there, there are some specific stones that are known to be very helpful.

Using this crystal with any of the other stones for stress will help you, but in particular the stones that contain lithium are powerful to assist you to release both stress and anxiety.

There are a number of stones in the crystals for stress article, but two that that work well combined with Trolleite are Lepidolite and Hiddenite as well as white Howlite.

Scolecite aids stress and while it is also a high vibration stone, it is a potent stone to  calm your energy after using high vibration stones and is excellent to bring restful sleep as well.

Trolleite Spiritual Meaning Properties Powers & UsesTrolleite Spiritual Meaning Properties Powers & Uses

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Trolleite Spiritual Meaning Properties Powers & UsesTrolleite Spiritual Meaning Properties Powers & Uses

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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