Tsavorite Garnet

Stone Of Abundance & Emotional Healing

➤ By Liz Oakes

Tsavorite Garnet is a quite beautiful stone, both in how it looks and its lovely heart based vibration. 

This is a rare stone like many of the other green garnets, but has a powerful energy to assist emotional healing. 

It is well known for its action as an abundance stone, that assists you to manifest what you desire.

Tsavorite GarnetTsavorite Garnet

It's vibration also helps both physical healing and spiritual healing. 

If placed on the body while meditating they also aid the healing of health issues. See more about healing properties of Tsavorite below.

Its energy within the higher heart, may assist you to understand that living with love as your highest ideal allows you to experience a more loving existence.

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Many Powerful Benefits

Tsavorite are wonderful healing crystals for you to use in meditation and they are well known for their action to strengthen your connection to Spirit.

They are known to enhance your connection to beings in the higher realms, and are excellent stones to boost the growth of psychic powers.

Raw Tsavorite GarnetRaw Tsavorite Garnet

Use in meditation to enhance psychic communication, and aid the growth of psychic visions, channeling, telepathy and intuition.

These green garnets are both heart chakra stones and higher heart chakra stones, that resonate strongly within the area of these two chakras.

To assist its heart based action, it is highly effective to lie down and place it on the body in the vicinity of the heart chakra area.

Raw Tsavorite GarnetRaw Tsavorite Garnet in matrix stone

This may assist the energy to resonate more easily within both the heart and the higher heart chakra, where it is effective to encourage the energy of love to fill your entire being.

Their strong higher heart energy stimulates an increase of loving compassion and forgiveness and may assist the health of the immune system.

Tsavorite And Wealth

One of the most powerful reasons for using this deep green garnet is its action as a strong stone to boost both abundance and prosperity. 

These green crystals are excellent stones to stimulate the growth of wealth and abundance in many areas of your life.

Raw Tsavorite Garnet

Abundance may be related to money of course, and many people wish to use it for that purpose, and it is beneficial to aid you to manifest money.

But its action to improve your life and bring an abundance of love and enhanced relationships is also quite powerful.

Having a stone that will boost your wealth while also amplifying the loving energy in your intimate relationships is highly beneficial, and it is worth using for that purpose.

Why Would You Use Tsavorite? 

Tsavorite garnets have a strong spiritual vibration that is known to stimulate psychic communication as well as various other types of psychic powers or gifts.

This includes channeling also known as mediumship, as well as psychic visions or clairvoyant ability, intuition and mental telepathy.

All of these abilities may be developed over time by using them regularly.

Garnet var. TsavoriteGarnet var. Tsavorite

See this page on psychic powers to see which psychic gifts have been written about in their own in-depth articles.

If you feel the need, combine them with other crystals that have similar properties.

There is a small section below on combining stones, but if none of these appeal to you, read the in-depth article on the specific gift if it is applicable to you.

Utilizing these crystals in meditation is highly effective for other reasons too, including helping you to develop various psychic gifts including clairvoyance.

The properties of stones like these powerfully relate to the way that their energy may help you to make a faster connection to the higher realms.

Tsavorite Garnets have a good energy to assist you to make contact with beings located in the higher spiritual planes and can boost mediumship and channeling.

Natural Tsavorite GarnetNatural Tsavorite Garnet

They may aid you to open all of your senses to making contact with those beings waiting to communicate with you.

These green garnets are known to assist you to make connect with Egyptian or Greek Spiritual beings.

This energy makes made beneficial to aid you to learn information about these past civilizations.

They also good crystals for patience so they may assist you to take your time as you discover what these ancient Spiritual beings wish to teach you. 

How To Use It? Wearing Tsavorite

They have a calming soothing energy that makes them beneficial to use in meditation, especially if you feel the need for emotional healing.

As long as they are within your auric field they will resonate within you.

You could simply place it in your pocket, or leave it in the general area where you spend the most time to assist the energy to radiate to the heart.

Tsavorite Garnet TumblestoneTsavorite Garnet Tumblestone

Wearing jewelry such as a Tsavorite pendant would be helpful but gemstone jewelry made from it is not always easy to obtain.

It's easy to buy a macrame crystal holder and this is a good alternative to jewelry. Simply wear it in the macramé pouch in the area of the heart.

Holding it in your hand or simply placing it close to where you meditate is also effective, and leaving it in the bedroom may assist your intimate relationships.

Who Should Use It? Healing Properties 

This green garnet is said to have strong healing properties that are effective to aid the health of the physical heart.

Through their action to aid energy flow, they may be helpful to assist with the relief of pain and may aid cellular rejuvenation.

Other ways that they may support your health is their action to increase your physical vitality and vigor, and boost your enjoyment for living life.

Their energy is said to boost the immune system, as well helping the thyroid and pituitary glands.

Tsavorite Garnet Tumblestone

They are said to be beneficial to aid the flu, help pollen allergy, as well as assisting the health of the kidneys and blood.

They are known to boost female libido and may help inflammatory conditions and can aid issues of the skin.

Note that they are a stone that has an energy that does take some time to work, so they are not a quick fix.

Tsavorite Garnet Meaning: Where Is It From?

The meaning of the name Tsavorite has a bit of a history. 

The initial deposits of this beautiful deep green stone were first discovered in 1967 by the British explorer Campbell R Bridges, so it was only found fairly recently.

He found the first deposits in a place called Lemshuko in the mountains of Tanzania but was not allowed to prospect further, due to Tanzanian law.

This mineral interested him so much that he continued exploring looking for other places where it might be found, including in Kenya.

As he felt the Kenyan geological structure was similar to the Tanzanian area, he got permission to prospect in Kenya.

Tsavorite GarnetTsavorite Garnet

Campbell Bridges found deposits of this Green Garnet in Kenya in 1971, and he opened mines and continued to supply this stone to the jewelry trade.

At this time it hadn't been named Tsavorite. He was living in the Tsavro East National Park in 2009 when he was murdered over a dispute at one of his mines. 

Tiffany and Co had been selling the stone and named it at that time in honor of Tsavro East National Park, which is a wildlife preserve. 

What Is Tsavorite? Variety Of Grossular Garnet

Note: Tsavorite is simply a trade name for this variety of garnet, which helps to differentiate it from other types of grossular garnet. It is also spelled Tsavolite.

Very small deposits of this beautiful green garnet have also now been found in Madagascar, Pakistan and in Antarctica and it also comes from Tanzania.

It is often found in granitic gneiss alongside quartz, scapolite and marble.

It is not a common variety of Garnet, but you can obtain the stone as natural raw stone, as small tumblestones and in the matrix rock, like the pieces shown.

This mineral is the deep green variety of Grossular Garnet, and is said to be fairly rare as it is found only in a small number of locations.

The color of Tsavorite varies from a medium green through to a quite deep green, and it has a crystalline structure.

It is a calcium-aluminium mineral and its color is related to the presence of various amounts of chromium and vanadinite. 

It is a fluorescent stone, and its color is a light creamy yellow color when its is seen under UV light.

Tsavorite GarnetTsavorite

Little tumble stones are fairly easy to obtain and bigger specimen pieces are also quite easy to buy. 

Regardless of the size they have a strong vibration and are powerful to utilize, but they do not work as quickly as some stones.

If the piece you get is very small, get yourself a piece of Rhodizite Crystal, which are commonly very tiny, but they work well to boost other stones.

How Will It Help You? My Final Thoughts

My final thoughts: while these stones are known to be rare, it is possible to obtain them from specialist crystal suppliers.

Their strong heart based energy makes them a powerful stone to use to assist emotional healing and to encourage love to fill your life.

They are strong manifestation stones that may strengthen your ability to bring increased prosperity into your life.

Garnet var. TsavoriteGarnet var. Tsavorite

In summary: Used in meditation they will assist emotional healing and bring an influx of loving energy that may assist your relationships.

Meditation with them is also effective to boost a number of psychic gifts including strengthening your intuition.

Best Crystals To Use With Tsavorite Garnet

What are the best crystals to use with Tsavorite? There are a number below that combine well with this beautiful stone.

This Green Garnet is well known for its action to boost abundance.

It is a powerful stone to use in combination with other crystals that are known to aid manifestation to boost the overall result.

There are a number of excellent manifestation stones that you may choose to combine it with, including Heliodor, Peridot, Amber and Citrine.

There are quite a few green crystals that work well in combination with this green stone, so if you have any of these think about combining them.

Specific stones that could help you includes Green Diopside, Rosasite, Quantum Quattro and Green Opal.

If you have been working to develop clairvoyant ability, these Green Garnets may assist you.

You may find it advantageous to combine them with other stones known to stimulate psychic visions.

Specific stones that also have a good energy to boost clairvoyance or psychic visions includes Sodalite, Blue Apatite, Glendonite and Indigo Gabbro also called Mystic Merlinite. 

They are strong crystals for emotional healing, and can be used alone for this purpose.

But if you wish to boost their action to harmonize your emotions, there are a number of excellent stones that you can combine with it to assist with this.

Specific crystals that you might choose for this purpose includes Rainbow Obsidian, Apache Tears, Mangano Calcite, Hanksite or Green Diopside.

This green garnet may help you if you are waiting patiently for a specific thing to happen.

If you have been waiting and as yet you haven't got results and are feeling impatient it may be time to combine it with other stones for patience.

Some of the crystals for patience you might like to pair with them includes stones such as Smoky Quartz, Kauri Gum, Tiger's Eye and Vatican Stone.

Pair With Other Garnets

These lovely crystals also combine well with other types of green garnet.

This includes Uvarovite another powerful green garnet, green Demantoid Garnet, Grossular which may be a more yellow green color and Andradite which can be green but is also a powerful black garnet.

Read more about other types of Green Garnet here.

Demantoid GarnetDemantoid Garnet
Yellowish Green GrossularYellowish Green Grossular
Green AndraditeGreen Andradite

It is surprising how many type of garnet there are, so try using them together if you have them.

Over the years I have obtained lots of different garnets and they all seem to combine well. There are also more garnets that I haven't shown here as well.

Some garnets that you might like to try using with them to accentuate the energy of both stones includes Almandine, the deep red stone, Spessartine, which can be red or orange or Rhodolite another deep red garnet.

Orange SpessartineOrange Spessartine
RhodoliteRhodolite Garnet

Tsavorite Garnet Meaning Properties & PowersTsavorite Garnet Meaning Properties & Powers

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Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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