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Crystals & Stones Beginning with T 

Written By Liz Oakes

The properties of stones within the alphabetical section for stones beginning with T is the subject of this article.

There is a photo grid below, and it contains images of all of the healing crystals in this specific segment of the alphabet.

There are a large number of healing crystals for you to learn about on this site.

TanzaniteTanzanite Silver & Gold Gemstone Pendant

While some crystals and stones have had an individual page written about them not all have. 

For those that have not yet had their specific page written, there is a paragraph further down the page below the picture grids.

This has information about the most important attributes of the crystal.

Properties Of Stones T

A good number of stones have had a detailed article written about them and you will know if this is the case as their name will be highlighted with a link.

If you feel you'd like to know more you can go to the full article simply by clicking on the link, which will take you to that particular page.

Tibetan Black QuartzTibetan Black Quartz
Tibetan TektiteTibetan Tektite
Tiger IronTiger Iron
Transparent Pink CalciteTransparent Pink Calcite
Tree AgateTree Agate
Tubed QuartzTubed Quartz
Turritella AgateTurritella Agate

Properties Of Stones Starting With T


TaaffeiteTaaffeite Pendant

Taaffeite is known as a rare stone, and have a quite beautiful energy possibly because they contain good amounts of the mineral beryllium.

They have an excellent vibration to aid meditation.

Used during meditation, they may stimulate the crown chakra and assist the attainment of deep silence.

The energy of these crystals may amplify loving feelings towards others, via a deep action within the heart chakra to improve connections with other people in your life.

Although they are a fairly uncommon stone they are worth finding as they help to revitalize personal relationships and kindle more loving, and heartfelt connections with those with whom you are associated.

They may aid health issues related to problems with iron in the blood and may help to improve the acid and alkaline balance in the body.

They are also helpful healing stones if you have issues with intestinal parasites.

The properties of stones like these concern your ability to have an understanding of the contrast between the two concepts of negative and positive thinking in your life.

Tanzan Aura Quartz or Tanzine Aura or Indigo Quartz

Tanzan Aura QuartzTanzan Aura Quartz

Tanzan Aura Quartz is also known as Tanzine Aura or Indigo Quartz.

This is clear quartz crystal that has had the surfaces bonded with a mixture of vaporized metals such as Gold, Indium, Niobium and other trace minerals.

This is an artificial process and many people dislike how this is done and will not use them. Yet I feel that these crystals do have helpful energy to aid you in a number of ways.

The properties of stones that have had their color changed is different to the metaphysical properties of the clear quartz crystals they are made from.

This process does affect how you may be helped by this stone's energy. The minerals that have been bonded to the quartz have specific properties and this relates to how they will affect you.

These crystals have a high vibration, that can be felt within the third eye, crown and soul star chakra and will aid your spiritual growth.

Their metaphysical properties strongly relate to the development of psychic communication and other psychic abilities such as mediumship and channeling.


Thomsonite crystals are part of the zeolite family, and the properties of stones like these have a lot in common with other zeolites.

They are excellent stones to use if you are doing reiki, and like many other zeolites they are helpful to assist the removal of toxins from the body. 

They resonate within the crown chakra acting as a barrier that ensures the removal of blocks to clear spiritual communication.

ThomsoniteThomsonite Cluster

Other attributes of Thomsonite include their action to unite your emotions with your thinking. They may aid clarity of thought, and help you if you are suffering from brain fog.

Tibetan Black Quartz

Tibetan Black QuartzTibetan Black Quartz

Tibetan Black Quartz are high vibration double terminated quartz crystals from the mountains of Tibet, where Buddhist monasteries have been located for a very long time.

The area where they originate from, is one of the most sacred regions of the planet. 

The properties of stones from this area reflect this energy, and these stones embody this sacred energy within them.

They are powerful stones for spiritual or psychic protection as they create a bubble of light around your body.

This ensures that you are protected from psychic attack and from negative entities.

They are powerful stones for spiritual growth and are known to activate the third eye, and they are very effective used in meditation.

They help you to reach a state of relaxed inner awareness, without being so relaxed you will fall asleep. They will create a state where you can make contact with beings from the spiritual realms.

They seem to vibrate with a beat that takes you to a place that seems very ancient, possibly from the deep past of the planet.

Tibetan Tektite

Tibetan TektiteTibetan Tektite

Tibetan Tektite is a strong stone, and you may benefit by carrying it on you, as it may accelerate the vibrational energy within your auric field.

It a very dark stone almost black and it is a form of meteoric glass.

It is one of the high vibration stones. For best results, it is recommended to be used in conjunction with others in the group of high vibration stones.

The properties of stones like these is associated with the area of the world where they come from, as this area has had a strong spiritual energy for many hundreds of years.

Tiger Iron also known as Mugglestone

Tiger IronTiger Iron

Tiger Iron is a mixture of Red Jasper, Tigers Eye and Hematite, and it is also sold as Mugglestone.

The properties of stones like these may help you to feel better physically, as they bring through a strong healing energy to aid endurance and strength.

The meaning of crystals like these tell us that they are good for enhancing creativity, as this stone has a good energy within the sacral chakra.

Tiger Iron have a strong spiritual grounding action and may be helpful if you have been doing a lot of spiritual work and feel spacy and not with it.

These crystals help you to release excess energy into the earth and allow spiritual energy to flow back to you as required.


Topaz may be clear, pink, golden or blue, see pictures below. The properties of stones of each color vary quite a bit. 

Blue Topaz stones resonate within the throat chakra. They may help you to manifest better communication abilities, including personal spiritual communication.

White TopazWhite Topaz
Golden Yellow TopazGolden Yellow Topaz
Blue TopazBlue Topaz
Pink TopazPink Topaz

Pink Topaz is a less common color, and has a lovely heart based energy, that is helpful for emotional healing.

The yellow or Golden Topaz is a stone of manifestation, of personal desires through the will.

Depending on what your predominant mental attitude is, you may manifest many things using this stones energy.

Silver Topaz or White Topaz are the names used for the clear colorless Topaz.

This stone aids you with deciphering your intentions and aligning them with Divine will.

Transparent Pink Calcite

Transparent Pink CalciteTransparent Pink Calcite

Transparent Pink Calcite is a beautiful transparent pink variety of Calcite. It can be peachy pink in color,  or a clear medium pink like the specimen shown here.

The crystal meanings of the transparent pink calcite predominantly pertain to healing on the spiritual and emotional level rather than the physical level.

These crystals are quite powerful to use in meditation, as they may aid you to connect with the energy of Kwan Yin, the goddess of mercy. 

They can elevate feelings of joy, happiness, compassion and deep love.

The properties of stones like these relates to the way its vibration will help you to feel a more profound level of compassion within your life.

They have a strong healing energy on the emotional level, and they resonate within the heart chakra as well as vibrating strongly within the higher heart or thymus chakra, the chakra that relates to feelings of compassion and forgiveness towards others.

Tree Agate

Tree Agate is a lovely heart based stone to help you to make a stronger connection with the plant kingdom and the natural world.

A variety of Dendritic Agate, Tree Agates will help you to feel safer at times when you may feel challenged.

Tree AgateTree Agate

It is a protective stone that enhances energy and vitality and they are good to use to strengthen the bonds between members of the family.

The properties of these stones relate to how they help you to feel tranquil and composed, when things go wrong, and they may boost your self confidence at these times.

They have a good healing energy and can help your body to heal from a range of health issues, including helping to increase fertility. It is beneficial to wear them on the body for that purpose.



Tschermigite is an extremely rare stone, so rare that most pieces sold, like this one, are in fact man-made in a laboratory. But regardless of that something about this stone attracted me.

This crystal is known as a strongly supportive stone for spiritual workers, and it resonates quite strongly at the crown and third eye chakras.

It is known as a stone to aid channeling, and works well in a group situation. This energy helps you to make contact with beings in the higher realms as well as with the angels.

The properties of stones like this that naturally occur are hard to know, as there has been so few naturally occurring pieces found. This piece has a quite beautiful crystal structure, with a lovely deep purple color which I really love.

Tubed Quartz

Tubed QuartzTubed Quartz

Tubed Quartz are interesting crystals as they are quartz where hollow tubes have formed in the stone.

Analysis of these tubes, have told us that they originally contained Epidote, and this dissolved over the life of the crystals leaving the hollow tubes.

These crystals are excellent healing stones that align the meridians as well as opening the chakras and cleansing the aura.

This quartz variety aids connections, and it may help you to make contact with special people, and may help you to maintain the connection with that person.

The properties of stones like these are known about by past life healers, who use them when doing regressions.

This is known to aid the person being regressed to see the past while at the same time assisting  you to keep a strong connection to your present life.



Tunellite crystals aids cord cutting helps to remove cords that connect you to others, and in particular those that others have sent to you.

This crystal also helps you to bring back cords you have connected to others.

You don't need to do anything to achieve this, as just having it on you will cause it to happen. 

If used during astral travel it will strengthen the silver cord that connects you back.

The properties of stones such as these relates to its action to aid the skin.

Keeping this crystal on your body refines your skin, and in particular helps improve wrinkles and the tone of the skin.

Tunellite also has an action that stimulates beta brain waves, and this is helpful to enhance your creativity, including heightening creative thought.

As well it can enhance telekinetic abilities, levitation and the ability to read auras.

Turritella Agate

Turritella AgateTurritella Agate

Turritella Agate has excellent healing qualities and is especially helpful to aid health issues related to aging, such as varicose veins, gallstones and digestive problems.

For anyone who has fertility issues, this stone is also helpful to aid conception. The properties of stones like these also relate to helping you to let go of emotional problems based in the past.

It may be especially helpful where you have been unable to forgive the actions of someone else.

If you feel like you are always the victim, it may assist you to release buried emotions that have been holding you back, and may aid the healing of health issues that are related to events based in the past.

Crystal Books

The crystal books shown below are very in-depth crystal reference books.

All of the authors have been in the crystal industry for many years, and any one of their books are good to have on hand.

Melody's Encyclopedia, Love Is In The Earth, is a book that covers more than most. This book gives you so much information, and covers so many crystals that on its own is almost a reference library.

To read reviews of my favorite crystal books Click Here

Specific Chakras - List Of Chakra Stones T Alpha Group 

Soul Star Chakra: Tanzanite, Tanzan Aura Quartz, Tiffany Stone, Tibetan Black Quartz, Topaz, Tourmilated Quartz, Treasure Agate, Trolleite, Tubed Quartz

Crown Chakra: Tanzanite, Tanzan Aura Quartz, Teal Smithsonite, Tibetan Black Quartz, Tibetan Tektite, Tiffany Stone, Titanite, Topaz, Tourmilated Quartz, Tschermigite, Trolleite, Tubed Quartz, Tugtupite, Tunellite

Third Eye Chakra: Tanzanite, Tanzan Aura Quartz, Teal Smithsonite, Tibetan Black Quartz, Tiffany Stone, Titanite, Tinaksite, Topaz, Tourmilated Quartz, Tschermigite, Trolleite, Tubed Quartz, Tugtupite, Turquoise

Throat Chakra: Tanzanite, Tanzan Aura Quartz, Teal Smithsonite, Thulite, Tibetan Black Quartz, Tiffany Stone,  Topaz, Treasure Agate, Trolleite, Tubed Quartz, Tugtupite, Turquoise

Higher Heart Chakra: Tanzanite, Teal Smithsonite, Tibetan Black Quartz, Tiffany Stone, Topaz, Transparent Pink Calcite, Treasure Agate, Tsavorite Garnet, Tubed Quartz, Tugtupite, Turquoise

Heart Chakra: Tanzanite, Teal Smithsonite, Thulite, Tibetan Black Quartz, Tiffany Stone, Tinaksite, Topaz, Tourmilated Quartz, Transparent Pink Calcite, Treasure Agate, Tree Agate, Tsavorite Garnet, Tubed Quartz, Tugtupite, Turquoise

Solar Plexus Chakra: Thenardite, Thulite, Tibetan Black Quartz, Tigers Eye, Tinaksite, Titanite, Topaz, Tourmilated Quartz, Tubed Quartz

Sacral Chakra: Tangerine Quartz, Thulite, Tibetan Black Quartz, Tigers Eye, Tiger Iron, Tinaksite, Topaz, Tourmilated Quartz, Tubed Quartz, Turquoise

Base Chakra: Tantalite, Thenardite, Tibetan Black Quartz, Tigers Eye, Tiger Iron, Tourmilated Quartz, Tubed Quartz

Earth Chakra: Tibetan Black Quartz, Tiger Iron, Tourmilated Quartz, Tubed Quartz, Turquoise

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