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The properties of stones within the alphabetical section for stones beginning with T is the subject of this article.

This is the first of two pages to the article, and covers stones from Ta through to Ti.

There is a table below, and it contains a list of all of the crystals in this specific segment of the alphabet.

I have provided a short summary about the properties of stones from Ta to Ti on this page. 

Read the summary about an individual crystal to see if this is a stone that interests you, as this may assist you to work out if you want to read more about any specific crystal.

Properties Of Stones Ta - Ti

Please Note: The Stones in the U Alphabetic section that used to be located on this page have now been moved to the U to Z page.

A good number of stones have had a detailed article written about them, and they appear in another part of this web-site, depending on what type of crystal they are.

For example quartz crystals have their own section, as do high vibration stones, which are all grouped together under the category crystal energy. You can see these categories in the drop-down menu across the top of this page.

All of the crystals in this area of the alphabet are in the table below. If there is another article which provides more information either on that particular stone, or on other aspects related to that crystal that it may assist, the word will be highlighted with a link.

If you feel you'd like to know more, and a word is highlighted you can go to the full article, simply by clicking on the link, which will take you to that particular page.

Check out the table below to see the list of stones from Ta to Ti.

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Tangerine Quartz
Tantalite, Tanzanite
Tanzan Aura Quartz
Teal Smithsonite
Thaumasite, Thenardite
Tibetan Black Quartz
Tibetan Tektite
Tiffany Stone
Tigers Eye
Tiger Iron

Properties Of Stones Ta - Ti


Taaffeite is a fairly uncommon stone that have an excellent vibration to aid meditation.

Used during meditation, they may stimulate the crown chakra and assist the attainment of deep silence.

The energy of these crystals may amplify loving feelings towards others, via a deep action within the heart chakra to improve connections with other people in your life.

They help to revitalize personal relationships and kindle more loving, and heartfelt connections with those with whom you are associated.

They may aid health issues related to problems with iron in the blood and may help to improve the acid and alkaline balance in the body.

They are also helpful healing stones if you have issues with intestinal parasites.

The properties of stones like these concern your ability to have an understanding of the contrast between the two concepts of negative and positive thinking in your life.

Tangerine QuartzTangerine Quartz

Tangerine Quartz has a joyful vibration that may be helpful to intensify your creativity and to stimulate inspired thought.

The properties of stones that are orange often relates to their action within the sacral chakra, and these crystals commonly will aid the health of that area.

This chakra governs sexuality and passion for life and their energy may help to revitalize your relationship.

As they are one of the quartz crystals, they are easy to program, and if you wish to accentuate any of its natural characteristics, you may choose to program it to enhance creative endeavors.

This can be helpful if your work entails the need for inspired or creative thought. Read about how to program your crystals, in the article on crystal meditation.

Tantalite crystals are commonly red, orange, black or brown, and are often found as a mixture of the colors.

They are crystals that enhance the practical application of your creative abilities, and may aid you if your creativity is blocked.

Their vibration may help you to feel more emotionally balanced and may boost your spiritual perception and insight.

The properties of stones like these is also associated with the way they protect you from negativity. This is especially the energy that comes from a very negative person in your life.

The metaphysical attributes of these stones is also related to their action to protect you against spells that are cast by another against you.

If you have a spell cast against you, their energy is said to turn it around to create a more positive outcome for you.

It will both divert negativity from other people and negative energy caused by too much radiation.  They have a good vibration to augment your strength and capacity to continue physically.

Tanzanite are lovely purple or violet-blue stones that embody within them the pure energy of the violet flame.

It has an amazing energy, and is a potent stone to use for healing.

Its strong crystal energy makes it a powerful stone for spiritual growth. Although it is blue it links the heart through to the upper chakras including the soul star chakra.

The properties of stones like these that are high vibration crystals, relates to a number of metaphysical attributes.

It allows you to become whole spiritually, as it allows the pure energy of the heart to link with the spirit. The result is a beautiful joy filled energy circle.

Tanzan Aura QuartzTanzan Aura Quartz

Tanzan Aura Quartz is also known as Indigo Quartz. This is clear quartz crystal that has had the surfaces bonded with a mixture of metals such as Gold, Indium, Niobium and other trace minerals.

This is an artificial process and many people dislike how this is done and will not use them.

Yet I feel that these crystals do have helpful energy to aid you in a number of ways.

The properties of stones that have had their color changed is different to the metaphysical properties of the clear quartz crystals they are made from.

This process does affect how you may be helped by this stone's energy. The minerals that have been bonded to the quartz have specific properties and this relates to how they will affect you.

These crystals have a high vibration, that can be felt within the third eye, crown and soul star chakra and will aid your spiritual growth.

Their metaphysical properties strongly relate to the development of psychic communication and other psychic abilities such as mediumship and channeling.

Teal Smithsonite resonates at the heart, higher heart and throat chakra, as it is a mix of blue and green.

This is a beneficial stone to use for healing at the heart and throat chakras, as it boosts the thymus which is helpful for immune system health.

It has a gentle energy that aids the discovery of solutions to awkward situations.

Read more about the properties of stones like these, as they are excellent stones to aid communication and to boost psychic gifts,  They aid you to develop clairvoyance, clairsentience, intuition and telepathic ability.

One of its more useful healing aspects is its action to bring through strong love and compassion and this is helpful to heal stress and anxiety.


Thaumasite may be colorless, snowy white or yellow when it occurs in the crystalline form, like the piece shown here.

The properties of stones like these relates to its energy to assist you to make a connection to the higher planes of existence.

It is stimulating to the mind and can enhance your thinking. It may create a new way of thinking, that assists you to take control of your life so that you no longer allow limiting beliefs to overcome you.

A strong spiritual stone that may assist you to gain a greater understanding of why you are here.  It encourages you to have an awareness of what is the best interest to follow in the future.

The vibration of this stone is highly beneficial as it may help you to find a solution to problems that are currently concerning you in your present life.


Thenardite is a quite strange looking crystal, with a number of good healing attributes. 

It aids you to release toxins, and is said to be helpful to cleanse darkness from your aura, and is known as a treatment to use for Alzheimer's disease.

It resonates within the base chakra, and aids you to think more clearly.

It assists you to keep appointments, as it helps to improve your memory about where you need to be and when. It may help you to make changes in your life, and to discover what you need to do in life.

The properties of stones like these relates to its action to help you to be less sensitive to your surroundings. It is also said to help you to let go of feelings of ill humor and surliness.

Thenardite is especially useful to use when you think that you have already utilized all possible means, and courses of action to solve your problem.

It helps you to better understand the difference between what you 'want' and what you 'need', very important and different states of mind.


Thomsonite crystals are part of the zeolite family, and the properties of stones like these have a lot in common with other zeolites.

In particular are helpful to assist the removal of toxins from the body. Other attributes of Thomsonite include their action to unite your emotions with your thinking.

It may aid clarity of thought, and help you if you are suffering from brain fog.

Thulite is a pink stone that has an energy that inspires eloquent speech. It is a positive stone for the emotions, as it encourages contentment, happiness and a joy filled life.

If you are a person who needs to be at ease speaking in front of a crowd, the properties of stones like these will help you.

This stone will aid you to build rapport, so it may make it easier for you to create one on one relationships with others.

Tibetan Black QuartzTibetan Black Quartz

Tibetan Black Quartz are high vibration double terminated quartz crystals from the mountains of Tibet, where Buddhist monasteries have been located for a very long time.

The area where they originate from, is one of the most sacred regions of the planet.

The properties of stones from this area reflect this energy, and these stones embody this sacred energy within them.

They are powerful stones for spiritual or psychic protection as they create a bubble of light around your body. This ensures that you are protected from psychic attack and from negative entities.

They are powerful stones for spiritual growth and are known to activate the third eye.

They are very effective used in meditation, as they help you to reach a state of relaxed inner awareness, without being so relaxed you will fall asleep.

They will create a state where you can make contact with beings from the spiritual realms.

They seem to vibrate with a beat that takes you to a place that seems very ancient, possibly from the deep past of the planet.

Tibetan TektiteTibetan Tektite

Tibetan Tektite is a strong stone, and you may benefit by carrying it on you, as it may accelerate the vibrational energy within your auric field.

It a very dark stone almost black and it is a form of meteoric glass.

It is one of the high vibration stones. For best results, it is recommended to be used in conjunction with others in the group of high vibration stones.

The properties of stones like these is associated with the area of the world where they come from, as this area has had a strong spiritual energy for many hundreds of years.

Tiffany Stone is a variety of Bertrandite that in the past was hard to obtain, and this made it a rare stone.

Now that a new mine has opened the supply has resumed and lovely stones are now available.

The properties of stones like these relates to their energy, as this is a high vibration stone that links you to the higher chakras.

It may help your communication abilities, both in the day to day world as well as aiding psychic communication.

It has many powerful metaphysical properties, including that it aids you to develop your intuition and enhances your channeling abilities.

Tigers Eye works through all of the lower three chakras. It is an excellent stone for grounding as well as being a manifestation stone, that encourages abundance and prosperity.

The properties of stones like these pertains to its action at the solar plexus, where it focuses the will, and brings through vitality allowing easier physical action.

It is a stone of the golden ray and allow you to access the realm of Christ consciousness.

It carries the energy of the masculine or solar vibration, with all the resultant accomplishment of what one puts one mind to.

Tiger IronTiger Iron

Tiger Iron is a mixture of Red Jasper, Tigers Eye and Hematite, and it is also sold as Mugglestone.

The properties of stones like these may help you to feel better physically, as they bring through a strong healing energy to aid endurance and strength.

The meaning of crystals like these tell us that they are good for enhancing creativity, as this stone has a good energy within the sacral chakra.

Tiger Iron have a strong spiritual grounding action and may be helpful if you have been doing a lot of spiritual work and feel spacy and not with it.

These crystals help you to release excess energy into the earth and allow spiritual energy to flow back to you as required.

Tinaksite has a highly beneficial energy, that encourages you to find your true authentic path on your spiritual journey.

By its vibration it helps you to clear mental clutter and negative thinking, and will bring positive thinking and inspiration.

The properties of stones like these are powerful, with metaphysical properties that encourage you to let go of bitterness and negativity caused by past experiences.

This will aid you to move forward in your life so that you are living your true authentic lifestyle.

Titanite is also known as Sphene, and vibrates strongly at the third eye chakra. This will boost mental activity, and strengthen your ability to take in new information.

This vibration will stimulate you mentally, enhance your creativity and is very helpful to aid you to be more organized.

The properties of stones that are yellow or yellow-green often relates to manifestation, as they have a strong action at the solar plexus chakra.

They have a good healing action, and at the crown chakra, resonate with the mystical golden ray of Christ consciousness, so it is very good to use in meditation to aid your spiritual growth.

Chakra Stones... Beginning With T

For more detailed information on the specific chakras that each of the crystals in this section will benefit, see the following chart. It gives you more information on the individual chakras that each stone may be especially helpful to aid.

Exquisite Crystals

When you read the properties of stones below, you may find that quite a few of the crystals are able to aid healing in more than one area of the body.

When this occurs, you may discover that a chakra stone can be located in more than one chakra category in this table below.

You will find all of the meanings for these stones further down the page. For a broader overview of the chakra stones please see the chakra stones article.

If you would like to find out details about what chakras are, please read the detailed page about the chakra meanings where you will find that the chakras are explained in detail.

Chakra Stones From Ta to Ti
Soul Star Chakra
Tanzanite, Tanzan Aura Quartz, Tiffany Stone, Tibetan Black Quartz
Crown Chakra
Tanzanite, Tanzan Aura Quartz, Teal Smithsonite, Tibetan Black Quartz, Tibetan Tektite, Tiffany Stone, Titanite
Third Eye Chakra
Tanzanite, Tanzan Aura Quartz, Teal Smithsonite, Tibetan Black Quartz, Tiffany Stone, Titanite, Tinaksite
Throat Chakra
Tanzanite, Tanzan Aura Quartz, Teal Smithsonite, Thulite, Tibetan Black Quartz, Tiffany Stone
Higher Heart Chakra
Tanzanite, Teal Smithsonite, Tibetan Black Quartz, Tiffany Stone
Heart Chakra
Tanzanite, Teal Smithsonite, Thulite, Tibetan Black Quartz, Tiffany Stone, Tinaksite
Solar Plexus Chakra
Thulite, Tibetan Black Quartz, Tigers Eye, Tinaksite, Titanite
Sacral Chakra
Tangerine Quartz, Thulite, Tibetan Black Quartz, Tigers Eye, Tiger Iron, Tinaksite
Base Chakra
Tantalite, Thenardite, Tibetan Black Quartz, Tigers Eye, Tiger Iron
Earth Star Chakra
Tibetan Black Quartz, Tiger Iron

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Melody's Encyclopedia, Love Is In The Earth, is a book that covers more than most. This book gives you so much information, and covers so many crystals that on its own is almost a reference library.

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