Crystals For Truth & Integrity

Boost Honesty And Authenticity

➤ By Liz Oakes

Why would you use crystals for truth and integrity? Would you find it helpful to work out if someone else is being honest with you, and telling you the truth?

Most of you probably prefer to take what is communicated to you as being true, yet sometimes you may find that you feel that what is being said is untrue.

There are a number of stones that can assist you to have an awareness of truth spoken to you, as well as crystals that may help you to communicate honestly.

There can be times when you have a strong feeling that leads you to doubt the veracity of what someone else says to you. 

Best Crystals For TruthLapis Lazuli Pyramid

So how do you deal with these situations and are there any benefits to knowing if someone is authentic or not? 

In addition there are also times when you personally may not feel that being truthful is helpful, especially if your honesty may hurt the other person. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

There is more about the crystals and stones for truth and integrity below. They embody an energy that can help you understand why it is beneficial to speak words in alignment with what you believe is true.

In addition they may also help you to work out if others are honest or are trying to deceive you or if there is more to the situation that you are able to verify.

Why Would You Use Crystals For Truth?

Sometimes it can be hard to know what the meaning of truth is, as it is not always that clear, as what you believe is true, may not be true to other people.

In some cases it can be opinion rather than downright dishonesty. This can make it hard for you to work out what the real truth is.

The energy of truth relates to the way you communicate which is generally governed by the throat chakra.

Many of the throat chakra stones are blue crystals and while you may notice that many of the crystals on the list are colored blue, not all are. 


There are quite a few stones that can assist you to understand if what others say is genuine or if they are not being honest when they communicate with you.

It can be very difficult when people you care about or at times acquaintances are not being totally honest, rather than actually telling lies.

So taking that into consideration, could you benefit from using crystals for truth? Want to know which ones they are and how each stone works for this purpose?

Truth and honesty are not the same thing. Even so, it can be beneficial to better understand dishonesty in others.

There is a difference when someone is being dishonest, rather than simply deciding not to tell you the whole truth, by choosing not to share.

More About The Crystals For Truth On The Following List

There are quite a few crystals for truth but some have a stronger energy than others for this purpose so the stones at the top were chosen as they are generally more effective.

There are quite a few stones that will assist you when you wish to communicate truthfully, and in addition many of these may help you to know when others are not being truthful.

SunstoneSunstone: The Truth Detector

Another important benefit you may not be aware of, is that the crystal that you are using for boosting truth can also help you in a variety of other ways as well.

In the sections below you will find a small amount of information about each of the stones that for this purpose, but if you need to know more click through to their individual page.

There are other crystals for truth, and some of these are outlined in a separate section below.

They may be mentioned in articles on this site, but the ones just below are the most well known and effective stones to use.


Amazonite are strong crystals for truth, as their vibration helps to energize the words you speak with the force and eloquence of truthfulness.

By their ability to aid you to understand truth, they assist you to be able to impart information to others in a way that is both truthful but also balanced.

The energy of this stone helps you to impart to others factors that are needed for them to consider in a balanced and objective way, so they understand the possibilities of various pints of view.

It is easy to buy Amazonite as it is a well known and popular stone.

You may not be aware that Amazonite has an action that assists you to convey the Spiritual aspects of a situation to another.

But note that often the words you speak at this time could be thought to be unacceptable as they may not fit the mold of the community or society in general.

Be aware that this stone helps you to let others know that what they are thinking is okay, as Spirit could be arranging for them to gain knowledge in surprising ways.

This is a strong heart and higher heart chakra stone that may boost feelings of compassion and forgiveness, and its calming energy aids the release of stress.

They are strong crystals for communication and like other blue or blue-green crystals have a good resonance within the throat chakra. 

Amazonite is also a strong EMF protection stone that has a good healing action if you have EMF sensitivity that is making you unwell.

Goshenite or White Beryl

Goshenite is the clear or white variety of Beryl. It has a strong energy to assist you to be more truthful and helps you to discern when others are lying. This means you will be less likely to be misled when others try to fool you by being dishonest in the way they speak.

They are advantageous crystals for truth that may be gifted to someone who is unable to tell the truth.

While jewelry made this stone is less common, if you need to find a piece of jewelry made from it this is possible.

An alternative is to place one of these stones in the area where the person spends the most time, so the energy can help them.

Other ways that White Beryl can help you is that its vibration helps to enhance loyalty, as well as helping you to more easily give your attention to important matters when needed.

It is helpful for those in a relationship, especially if you feel you need to increase respect and good manners between you.

Goshenite sells at many online sellers, and they are good crystals to place under the pillow to boost lucid dreaming.

You may also find that they help you to experience important or consequential dreams that may be needed to assist your life to move in the right direction. 

It is easy to buy a macrame crystal holder so if you find you are having trouble telling the truth, it may help you to wear a piece on your body to help you and this will also help people who are nearby as well.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful blue stone that most people have heard of, but you may not know about the amazing metaphysical properties that it embodies.

These crystals have been in use since ancient times as they have a powerful energy that releases negativity that may cause anger and frustration.

Shop for Lapis Lazuli. They magnify wisdom, truth and enlightenment and are third eye chakra stones so are powerful to use in meditation to heighten psychic gifts.

Not only are they crystals for truth but they have a good energy to increase intuitive gifts, and will assist you to make contact with guardian angels.

Their vibration is excellent to assist you to be intuitively aware when those you are communicating with are not being truthful.

They are one of the best crystals for communication and they are beneficial to place near where you sleep to help you to recall your dreams.

Lapis Lazuli are also good crystals for home protection.

They are well known for their action to aid front door protection but are of course beneficial to use to protect any area where thieves may gain access.

You may find it helpful to place pieces around the doors as they also prevent psychic attack.


Shattuckite stones have an action that enhances psychic powers, and are particularly known for their action to boost some of the less well known psychic gifts.

They have a good action to assist you to make a connection with Spirit guides and teachers and may also boost mediumship, aiding you to contact loved ones that have passed over.

Their action as crystals for truth strongly relates to the way they assist you to communicate truthfully, and can help you to speak with integrity and honesty.

They resonate within the heart chakra and aid you to speak the truth in a heart based manner.

For those who develop channeling or mediumship gifts, you may find that their energy is helpful when you are communicating what you heard from loved ones.

Spirit may help to guide your way of speaking truth so that the words spoken are comforting rather than distressing even when the truth may not be comfortable to hear.

Shattuckite is a good psychic protection stone that is useful to keep nearby during meditation to keep you safe from possession by evil spirits.


Sodalite has a deep Spiritual quality to its vibration and will assist you to better understand truth on a spiritual level.

It works in a different way to some of the other crystals for truth as it helps you to understand and embrace self truth.

The vibration of this stone helps you to truthfully look at your life circumstances and to honestly understand how you came to be in the situation you are in.

Often truth can be hard to come to terms with, especially when you begin to be aware that the truth is that you made mistakes in the past.

If you have been blaming others for events that have happened, that may have caused problems in your life, it's energy assists you to clearly see the truth and own it.

Their energy is calming and they enhance feelings of harmony in a group aiding others to understand the purpose of the group activities. 

These blue crystals have other ways in which they are known to help you, and these are the properties that many people know about.

Shop here for Sodalite. They resonate within the third eye where they may trigger development of stronger intuition as well as boosting psychic gifts such as clairvoyance.

They may specifically benefit you if you are doing public speaking as they help to calm your feelings of panic when you are in front of a large crowd.

They also assist tarot readers to speak truthfully to clients, and by also boosting clearer thinking will assure that the words you speak are both honest and easy to understand.

Sodalite are good crystals for communication that resonate at the throat chakra, and can help to ensure that what you speak is both truthful and clear to those you are speaking with.


Okenite are excellent crystals for truth that assist you to gently speak the truth, but to understand if it's your truth rather than the truth.

That aspect of truth is not that easy for everyone to understand so this is beneficial to enable you to recognize then this is playing out in your life.

These crystals are unusual and can be hard to handle as they a little fragile. They look a little like a cotton ball, but do not feel soft.

Okenite stones have a powerful energy relating to karmic grace. 

Are you wondering what karmic grace is? The article on Okenite fully explains karmic grace.

What is karma? So karma relates to being punished or rewarded for good or bad deeds from the past either in this life or a past life.

If this relates to things that happened in a past life, you may still have this in your energy field. So it is valuable to do something to release this karma once and for all.

Okenite helps with forgiveness and is known to clear guilt that is holding back the resolution of karma.

Okenite are also helpful crystals for aging and they are good crystals for inflammation, a problem that many older people find difficult to deal with


Turquoise is well known and has been in use in many cultures for a long time, and the Indian people of the United States commonly used them for healing.

They have also been found in areas in the middle east where they have been used by ancient people for thousands of years.

This long past use means that their properties are well known and their energy as crystals for truth in communication has been recognized as being beneficial.

They are strong crystals for communication as they assist you to speak truthfully, and will also assist you to know when someone else is dishonest and perhaps may be lying to you.

They have a quite empathetic energy that assists you to understand the feelings that others are experiencing and may also be broadcasting to you. 

Their action to boost honesty and integrity in both yourself and those around you is extremely helpful.

Shop here for Turquoise Stone. This stone is quite advantageous to wear on your body.

Jewelry made from Turquoise is easy to buy and wearing them keeps them within your energy field, and aids you to be truthful.

They stimulate the higher heart chakra as well, and this can spark increased compassion and forgiveness towards others.

This vibration will resonate to others as well, and may help you to live your life from a heart based perspective, as well as boosting both truth and integrity in you and those around you.

More Stones or Crystals For Truth

There are such a large number of crystals for truth so not all of them can be given a deeper look at.

So in addition to those featured above, there are a number of other stones that will boost the energy of truth.

See more about the properties of each of the crystals in the section below, by clicking on the link under the images. In addition there is a summation of each of these stones here.

Blue Euclase: these blue stones help you to know when someone is being untruthful.

Sunstone: this stone is also called a truth detector. It is particularly helpful for those who are in business who need to know that those they are dealing with are honest or may not be speaking the truth on a specific matter.

Blue Sapphire: these blue crystals assist you to speak the truth to others and they help you to recognize if others are being untruthful.

Green Kyanite: is also known as a truth detector, and in particular help you to understand if the person you are speaking with is sincere and genuine as well as truthful.

In addition if you are hearing or reading about situations in the media, thay may help you to know if what is being said is genuine or if they are trying to fool you.

Montebrasite: this stone is a little different as it just about you! It's energy stops you from telling lies. So if you feel this could make life difficult for you, don't use it.

Note: if it is in the room when a conversation is taking place, everyone could be affected by this energy.

So if anyone in your household is being dishonest and lying to you, or if you are lying, expect that it's presence could be illuminating.

Chrysoprase: helps you to be aware of Divine truth and have an awareness of what Spirit wants you to do with your life.

White Topaz: helps you to more easily sense the truth and may help you to understand where your life is heading.

Blue Lace Agate: this is a strong crystal for communication, that helps you to speak your truth when needed.

Kutnohorite: encourages you to speak truthfully, especially in a group.

FAQ's About Different Ways To Use These Crystals

FAQs About Different Ways To Use Crystals For Truth

One of the most frequently asked questions is about the best way to use crystals.

There are a number of ways that these stones above can be used so here is a user-friendly guide to make it easier for you to decide.

There are a number of processes that can be used and you can see them below, depending on the approach that you find to be personally effective.

White Topaz PendantWhite Topaz Pendant

Which one of the following that you choose will of course depend on what you find to that gives you the desired result, but they are all effective. This includes:

  • Choose a place to put pieces of any of these crystals, such as where you spend the most time.
  • Hold one of these crystals or stones when doing meditation.
  • Wear them on your body as jewelry or place one of them in your pocket using a small pouch so they don't get lost.

Meditation With These Crystals

Most of the stones written about above are advantageous to use in your regular meditation.

You can use any of them on their own or combine them either with one of the other stones above or with the crystals you are already using in meditation.

ShattuckiteShattuckite helps you to make a connection with Spirit guides and Spirit teachers during meditation.

If you have not meditated much so are not totally sure about how to do meditation, there is an article about Easy Meditation Techniques, to get you started.

Many of the crystals above are strong stones for communication as well having a strong spiritual energy.

Many of the crystals for truth resonate within the higher chakras and some are excellent stones to assist emotional or spiritual healing.

Some of stones that enhance truth also aid you to develop psychic powers as well as having excellent physical healing properties.

Psychic Protection Is Valuable

Using a psychic protection stone is recommended when meditating, as they help to prevent negative entities from connecting with you, and many are also known to release negativity.

Some of the above stones are powerfully protective so should be kept nearby during meditation.

Wear Your Crystals For Truth

One of the easiest ways to keep any of these crystals close to you, is to wear them.

Sometimes it is possible to obtain jewelry made from them, but if you can't get jewelry, simply keep a piece in your pocket.

It is easy to buy a macrame crystal holder, and these are simple to use.

As these holders commonly have a bead at the top for keeping the stone secure, this makes it easy to change the stone.

Amazonite Pendant: wear crystals for truthAmazonite Pendant: wear crystals for truth

It is always advantageous to place stones where you spend the most time. This could be the living area or the bedroom.

The longer they are close to you and within your auric field the more likely they are to aid you to understand and recognize truth.

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Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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