Mangano Calcite

Let Go Of Grief & Fear 

➤ By Liz Oakes

Mangano Calcite has a lovely sweet energy, with a vibration that is all about love, compassion and forgiveness and assists you to accept yourself and your actions.

It has a good energy to help you when you are experiencing grief or loss of a loved one.

It also helps you to let go of experiences from the past, especially where you still feel fear or grief about something that happened at that time.

The crystal meanings of stones in the calcite family, all have some similar characteristics, and they all are powerful to amplify energy.

Mangano CalciteMangano Calcite

The name of this pink mineral is a lot simpler than many other crystals, as it was named for its chemical makeup.

This pink stone is a type of calcite that is very rich in manganese which causes its beautiful pink color. This calcite type comes in a range of pink colors. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

This crystal is also known as Manganoan Calcite and occurs in various formations, and these are similar to most other colors of calcite. 

This crystal is a little different to other types of calcite as it has manganese as part of its mineral make-up, which may help you to feel a greater level of self worth and self esteem.

Who Should Use Mangano Calcite?

The action of Mangano Calcite helps to boost the flow of the strong spiritual vibration from the crown chakra down through the higher chakras to the heart chakra.

This may assist spiritual healing, and through the movement of spiritual energy may enhance your overall spirituality as this vibration flows within your entire being.

These pink stones are powerful to provide insight into where in your life you have a greater need to strengthen the level of love in your life.

Mangano CalciteMangano Calcite

This pink calcite has an action to aid the flow of energy from the crown chakra, which is the highest chakra in the body, down to the heart and higher heart chakras.

Why Would You Use Mangano Calcite?

They are powerful crystals to aid emotional healing and may also boost your self worth and self esteem. 

These pink stones are excellent healing crystals for you to use to bring an increase of love and compassion into you life. 

These gorgeous stones are most commonly known as stones for the heart.

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Mangano CalciteMangano Calcite

Their energy helps you to release habits that may have been holding back your forward progress in life.

Regardless of whether you are a man or woman, their energy stimulates a connection to the love of the Divine.

This helps to enhance the loving, caring and nurturing feminine side of your nature. 

They make a strong connection to the higher heart, which is the region that relates to spiritual heart based feelings. 

They are good crystals for self love as this connection aids you to have a greater comprehension of the value of self love.

How Will It Help You?

These crystals are excellent used in a crystal meditation for a number of reasons.

Using them in this way to begin your day may be helpful to put you into a calming, relaxing state of mind when you are facing a day that may be stressful.

Mangano Calcite SphereMangano Calcite Sphere

Shop Mangano Calcite here. They may assist you to make a connection with angelic beings, especially the higher level female angels.

These stones also have a deep receptive feminine vibration, and when used in meditation.

This vibration is known to boost the connection you may be able to make with female spirit guides.

These crystals have excellent metaphysical properties that help to create a strong connection between the loving energy of the heart and higher heart with the mind.

At times when you are feeling fearful you might find that they are helpful and by assisting you to think more lovingly, this may also improve your relationships.

They are excellent crystals for conquering fear as they help to to let go of negative emotions causing fear, and may help you to release distressing feelings.

The 'Stone Of Love': How Can You Benefit By Wearing It?

It is easy to buy Pink Mangano Calcite and these gorgeous stones are known as a 'stone of love'.

They are said to be potent aids to assist you to be conscious of the state of the feelings in your relationship with the one you love.

It is said that if you keep a piece of this stone on your body, it can aid you to be more aware if you and your lover are still in love.

Apparently if you have been keeping a piece of Mangano Calcite on your body and either of you no longer loves the other, the color will fade and no longer be pink. Interesting?

Mangano CalciteMangano Calcite Cabachon

It does not have to be worn as jewelry but you can simply keep a piece of this crystal in a cloth bag in your pocket, just keep it within your auric field.

An simple way to keep it on your body is to use a macrame crystal holder. Just make sure it has a bead at the top to secure the stone.

It is easy to buy a macrame crystal holder here. 

How To Use It? Healing Properties

These lovely pink stones have a number of healing properties that make them beneficial to use in your daily life.

Their energy helps to release stress, tension and anxiety. They may also help you to let go of feelings of fear that you might be holding onto.

Natural Mangano CalciteNatural Mangano Calcite

They are known to be helpful to assist with the release of habits that might be seen as detrimental to living a peaceful loving existence.

They are known to have a number of healing properties, including being said to treat a deficiency of calcium and magnesium.

They may also assist the health of the immune system, as well as helping with the better elimination of toxins from the body.

They are purported to help the circulation, as well as assisting the health of the liver, spine and throat areas.

Helps Better Sleep As Prevents Nightmares

This Pink Calcite crystal is well known as one of the more powerful crystals that may help to prevent bad dreams or nightmares.

These crystals for bad dreams have a soothing calmative energy which may also help to improve your sleep, so it may be beneficial to keep one next to the bed.

Mangano CalciteNatural Mangano Calcite

For those who have been experiencing feelings of grief or fear related to actions you have taken in the past, the compassionate vibration of this stone may help you to release these feelings.

If your grief relates to the loss of a loved one, Mangano Calcite may help you to cope better at this time.

Where Is It From? Mangano Calcite Meaning

It is commonly thought in the mineral trade that if a calcite is pink then its name is Mangano or Manganoan Calcite, although it is sometimes just sold as Pink Calcite.

Manganoan Calcite is a quite beautiful crystal that commonly has bands of various colors of pink and white.

Calcite is calcium carbonate, and comes in a wide range of colors and types and is most easily recognized for its low hardness compared to other minerals.

Calcite is found in a large number of places in the world, with the pink stone most commonly coming from places that have larger amounts of the manganese rich stones.

This includes areas such as the United Kingdom, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Iceland, Slovakia, Mexico, Brazil, Peru and the United States.

My Final Thoughts

Mangano Calcite may help you to recognize who you truly are on the deepest level of your being as well as accepting your past actions and forgiving yourself.

They are useful stones for inner child healing, as they help you to be liberated from issues that may have originated in your childhood.

Having them nearby brings their vibration into the heart and higher heart chakra, which has a strong energy to increase compassion for yourself and for others.

These lovely pink crystals may also help you to more easily feel forgiveness for others.

This may be especially helpful when there are those who have caused issues that may mean that forgiveness is not easy.

Best Crystals To Use With Mangano Calcite

What are the best crystals to combine with Mangano Calcite?

To aid you with releasing fear you may like to combine it with other stones that may also assist you to let go of the distress you may be feeling.

Crystals that you might use to assist you to let go of any fear that you are holding onto includes Tigers Eye, Black Jade, Witches Fingers or Prehnite.

If you need help to deal with feelings of grief you may be experiencing, you may use them in combination with other stones that help to ally grief.

Stones to choose may include Tugtupite, Morganite, Jeremejevite or Apache Tears.

These stones have a lovely energy to bring an increase of compassion into your life. 

But if you wish to increase the level of compassion you have in your life by using it with other strong higher heart chakra stones.

Specific higher heart crystals that you could use for this purpose includes Variscite, Linarite, Cobaltian Calcite and Rose Quartz.

Combine them with other stones that are known to help you to connect with angels, as all varieties of calcite help to amplify the energy of other stones with which they are combined.

As mentioned above, you can use this stone in meditation to assist you to connect with angels.

If you wish to increase the energy to aid you to bring angelic beings into your meditation, you may like to use them with some of the well known stones that also aid you to connect with angels.

Stones to use could include Angelite, Celestite, Amphibole Quartz, Seriphos Green Quartz or Seraphinite, which are all well known for the way they attract angelic beings.

These stones have a lovely calming energy, but if you need extra help you may choose to combine them with other stones that are helpful crystals to relieve stress such as Lilac Lepidolite, Amazonite, Kunzite, Polychrome Jasper or Linarite.

If you or your family have been suffering with nightmares, it may be advantageous to combine this stone with other stones that help to prevent nightmares.

There are a few other crystals for bad dreams that you could use for this purpose including Arfvedsonite, Flint, Smokey Elestial Quartz or Sugilite.

Mangano CalciteNatural Mangano Calcite
Mangano Calcite Meaning Powers & UseMangano Calcite Meaning Powers & Use

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