What Is The Birthstone List? 

Ancient, Traditional and Modern

➤ By Liz Oakes

The birthstone list outlines the various stones for the month of your birth. 

These crystals are believed to be the most beneficial stones for you, depending on when you were born.

Many of you are aware that those born at different times have different attributes.

It follows that it may be possible for different stones to help different people, depending on the month of birth. 

Purple Amethyst CrystalFebruary Birthstone: Amethyst

It is quick and easy to look at the birthstone list on the birthstone chart.

You will see that many of the stones are in more than one category, and are for more than one month. 

These birthstones are often those whose strong crystal healing properties make them an excellent stone for self healing.

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The Birthstone Chart Explained

The birthstone list within the following birthstone chart outlines each month and the various birthstones.

You will notice that there are three categories, Ancient Birthstones, Traditional Birthstones and Modern Birthstones. 

Even in ancient times it was easy for people to recognize that some stones were very special, and had a vibration that could be felt.

Why Are There Multiple Birthstones For Each Month?

If you are wondering why there are multiple birthstone for each month, note that the stones listed on the chart relate to various categories.

The traditional birthstones listed below are the ones chosen along time ago and then more recently jewelers wanted a standard birthstone to make it easier for them when they were creating jewelry.

But the other stones for the month were chose due to their energetic properties. So the vibration of specific stones relates to that period of the year.

If you are shopping for your birthstone, expect to see the shops have the stone listed under the section below called "Traditional Birthstones". 

See Picture Gallery Of My Favorite Birthstones Further Down Page

Birthstone Month

Ancient Birthstones

Traditional Birthstones

Modern Birthstones 

January Birthstone

Red Garnet Ruby

Garnet: all colors

Rose Quartz, Moss Agate, Sugilite, Amethyst

February  Birthstone



Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Sapphire, White Topaz

March Birthstone

Bloodstone, Diamond


Bloodstone, Aquamarine

April Birthstone

Diamond, Sapphire


Clear Quartz, Herkimer Diamond

May Birthstone

Emerald, Agate


Rose Quartz, Azurite, Chrysoprase

June Birthstone


Alexandrite and Pearl

Rainbow Moonstone, Citrine Chrysoprase, Alexandrite

July Birthstone

Ruby, Onyx


Rainbow Moonstone, Carnelian

August Birthstone

Carnelian, Sardonyx

Peridot & Spinel

Green Tourmaline, Peridot Sardonyx

September Birthstone

Lapis Lazuli Zircon, Blue Sapphire


Lapis Lazuli, Moss Agate, Jasper, Peridot

October Birthstone


 Pink Tourmaline & Opal

Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, Peridot, Pink Tourmaline, Opal

November Birthstone

Imperial Topaz

Imperial Topaz,  Citrine

Obsidian, Apache Tears, Beryl, Citrine

December Birthstone

Ruby, Turquoise

Blue Topaz & Tanzanite

Lapis Lazuli, Blue Zircon, Turquoise, Onyx

Note: Many of the stones listed on the birthstone chart are on other pages on this site. Many of the birthstones have an entire page dedicated to that crystal.

A fast way to find out if there is more about a specific stone on this site, simply take a look on the Site-Map page.

There is a link to it further down the page. Check it to learn more details about how wearing or using that crystal may benefit you.

How To Use Birthstones

Have you been thinking you would like to make your gift more personalized?

Using birthstone jewelry may be the way, and you will know that you have benefited them by providing them with a lovely tool for self healing.

Most of the months on the birth stone chart have at least one stone, in at least one category, that you will be able to buy.

The most common use for birthstones is to use to make crystal birthstone jewelry.

Natural Almandine Garnet in matrixNatural Almandine Garnet: also simply called Red Garnet

It is easy to buy lovely birthstone jewelry, which are sold in most good jewelry shops, as birthstone pendants or rings, including lovely rings made from your specific birthstone.

Many beautiful pieces, such as birthstone pendants or rings may be found selling, and may be bought as a piece of birthstone jewelry for a friend or relative.

Most of the months on the birthstone list, should have a stone that will be relatively easy to acquire.

This includes stones made into beautiful jewelry, like pieces made from Yellow Citrine Crystal, see picture below.

Many stones like Rainbow Moonstone, the lovely Yellow Citrine, and Aquamarine are on the birthstone list and are birthstones for more than one month.

Jewelry makers find it easier to associate a stone with only one month.

Wearing any of these beautiful natural crystals will benefit your health. The healing outcomes from wearing these stones can be quite amazing.

Having the stones within your auric field during the course of the day will allow the vibration to impact you, and create healing.

The Ancient Birthstones

The Ancient birthstones are ones that have been in use for thousands of years. Many different ancient cultures had different choices, depending on the availability of stone in their area.

The list may be much longer than those listed above, but these are the most commonly regarded Ancient Birthstones.

These stones are ones that were more common and more able to be obtained without difficulty.

As it became easier for man to mine the ground, the ability to find the less common stones has become easier.

Often these stone were powerful stones for magical and mystical practices, and this type of stone became very popular. Some of these powerful shamanic stones are on the birth stone chart.

The Traditional Birthstones

Traditional birthstones are ones that have been the stones of choice for around about the last five hundred years.

Many of the traditional birthstones, are the same ones that were used as ancient birthstones, depending on the culture and the area where the people were living, like the lovely purple Amethyst crystals.

As it became easier to obtain the stone, more were made available to the people. These days we can obtain crystals relatively easily, but it was not the same hundreds of years ago.

This is why they became regarded as very original gifts. Birthstones were often gemstones and were regarded as very special stones, to be given as gifts for occasions such as weddings and christenings.

The Modern Birthstones

As you can see from the birthstone chart the modern birthstones are often ones that have only become widely available recently.

As well, amongst the modern birthstones are some of the stones that have been favorites for a long time, and are still well regarded and much loved.

Many of these are quite powerful stones with excellent healing attributes. Knowledge about some of these stones is very recent, but some are very powerful stones to use and wear.

More Information on Birthstone Chart Contents

Many of the crystals on the birthstone list may be shown in a picture and their name may be highlighted with a link.

Click on the link to read more, as this will take you to more detailed information on another page.

For stones on the birthstone list that are not highlighted with a link, a brief explanation of these stones can be found at the pages which list stone meanings in alphabetical order.

You will find a brief rundown on a large number of different stones on the A to Z pages.

So check the navigation bar across the top of each page on this site or use the search box down the bottom of each page on my site to help you.

The stones on the list that are either ancient or traditional birthstones stones may be likely to be found at most good crystal shops.

Many of them may be obtained on the internet, although some of the modern stones may be a little more difficult to find.

My final thought: How do you locate what you are looking for?

There is another way to assist you to discover the location of the page you wish to read.

To find to more information about specific crystals, stones or topics that you think may be somewhere on this site, simply take a look at the site map page.

There is a link to the site map at the bottom of every page on the site, to help you to locate it.

I am constantly surprised at the number of stones that have become available now.

The crystals healing properties of many of these stones are quite powerful and will benefit you immensely.

In summary: use the information on the birthstone list to discover what stones are the birthstones for your month of birth.

Once you begin to wear them you may find that your health improves. Enjoy the lovely crystal energy that is coming to you as you wear them!

Picture Gallery: Some Of My Favorite Birthstones

Blue Sapphire PendantBlue Sapphire Pendant
Heliodor PendantHeliodor Pendant

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Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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