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Plancheite stones have a good action to assist you to think more clearly

They aid your memory and are useful crystals to boost psychic gifts and improve communication ability.

These crystals are useful for students to use as they help you to retain information when you are studying.

They are a rare stone that may assist you to maintain clarity regarding the subject you need to concentrate on.

They may help you when you are going through situations where you are dealing with angry or belligerent people.


They are also said to be protective healing crystals for you to use during such occurrences and are good crystals for stress. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Crystal Tip: Plancheite are known to be helpful stone for astrologists to use. They assist you to obtain clear information about what the planets are doing, and how their energy is affecting people and the cosmos.

Where Is It From? Meaning of Plancheite

The origin of the meaning of the name of these stones is related to them being named for the French explorer Planche who found the first specimens that were tested.

The mineral make-up of these stones is hydrated copper silicate hydroxide. These stones are copper based minerals that are most commonly a pale blue blue or blue-green in color. 

These stones are not common and the raw stones are quite beautiful with an unusual silky look to them. They can form as tabular or platy crystals but they are more commonly found as sprays of fibrous radial clusters.

They are found in copper deposits alongside other copper based minerals such as Shattuckite, Malachite, Cuprite, Azurite, Dioptase, Conichalcite, Chrysocolla or Tenorite.

These stones have a similar appearance to Shattuckite, and so they are often confused with it for this reason.

They are not common stones, although they are found in a number of locations including in Namibia, The Congo Republic, Mexico, England, Japan, Argentina and the United States.

Why Would You Use Plancheite? 

These lovely blue third eye chakra crystals have an excellent action to help you to have the strength of will and courage to continue to persist with your aim until you achieve your goals.

Like many crystals that resonate within the third eye chakra, it is highly beneficial to use them in meditation. If you do this regularly it may assist you to expand your psychic gifts.


If you are working on your spirituality or wish to develop specific gifts or abilities it may be advantageous to use one of these stones at or on the third eye.

This can be especially helpful if you wish to develop the gift of channeled or automatic writing, and they have a useful vibration to assist those whose employment relates to design work.

 How Will Plancheite Help You?

The vibration of these blue crystals may also spark an increase in your intuitive gifts, and may stimulate the brain to absorb additional or new information.

They are known to assist the memory, and are said to make it easier to accumulate information required for future use, and store it in a manner that is more easily retrieved when it is needed.

This is where it is advantageous to help students, as it can help the brain to store information when you are studying a subject.

It may assist you to think clearly about the details and bring them into your mind when required.


They are useful crystals for improving clarity in your thinking, and are helpful throat chakra stones that encourage your ability to also communicate in a clear manner.

Their energy may also aid you to make preparations when you become aware that you need to be ready to work with those who have a greater mental capacity than yourself.

If your work deals with astrology and with the effect that the movement of the various planets has on people's lives, these crystals may be helpful to use.

Their energy is known to assist you to more clearly understand how the energy of heavenly bodies effects people, and create clarity about the effect of current planetary movements.

 Protective Energy: My Final Thoughts

Plancheite is known to have useful healing properties withing the physical body that are known to help blood coagulation and health issues within the tonsils and throat.

These blue stones may also be helpful for you to make use of when you are feeling tension or stress. Many people are not aware that ongoing stress can cause a number of health issues.


In summary: It may be helpful to keep one of these stones in your pocket when you need to deal with aggressive people who make you feel anxious or stressed.

It is a beneficial crystals to prevent stress where possible, and as they are known to ease stress and are said to be protective as well, they could help you at these times.

When you find yourself in a situation where you need to deal with angry, aggressive or belligerent people, in either your personal life or at work, keep a piece of this stone close by or on you to assist you.

Best Crystals To Use With Plancheite

What are the best crystals to combine with Plancheite?

Their energy may help you at times when you are finding it necessary to deal with angry people.

If you are dealing with an on-going situation where you need more help to assist you to to be able to cope, combine it with other stones that calm anger.

Stones to use with it for this purpose includes Howlite, Black Jade, Hureaulite or Blue Lace Agate.

These blue stones are advantageous to use when you are feeling stressed, and in particular if you are experiencing tension or emotional difficulties related to confrontations with angry people or aggressive people.

Some stones that help to ameliorate stress related to having to deal with angry or antagonistic people include Peruvian Pink Opal, Rose Quartz, Green Calcite and Pink Tourmaline.

Plancheite is on the list of crystals for stress and tension, so are going to be effective when used alone to relieve stress, but may be combined with any other crystals that aid stress to boost their action.

These stones have a good energy to aid you to develop the psychic gift of automatic writing, also known as channeled writing.

While they work well on their own may be used with other crystals that also boost this gift.

There are quite a few other stones that will help to boost this psychic ability including Magnesite, Greenlandite, Calligraphy Stone aka Elephant Skin Jasper or Purple Scapolite.

They are highly beneficial stones to assist you with developing your intuition.

But there are a large number of other stones that will boost your intuitive ability, including Wavellite, Hureaulite, Creaseyite, Eckermannite and Green Fluorite.

Check out the list of crystals to boost your intuition on this page.


You may also choose to combine it with other copper based stones as they all work well together.

Some of the more well known copper based stones included those that it is commonly found alongside, including Shattuckite, Malachite, Cuprite or Azurite.

PlancheitePlancheite Has Highly Protective Energy

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