Higher Heart Chakra Stones...

Heal Immune System, Helps You To Speak From The Heart


Higher heart chakra stones stimulate the etheric heart which is the area where intent originates.

It connects the emotions of Divine love, compassion, truth and forgiveness, with the area where language originates, allowing you to speak from the heart.

Many books refer to this area as the thymus chakra or high heart chakra.

It is sometimes called the seat of the soul, although this term is more commonly used to refer to the soul star chakra, located above the crown chakra.

So where is this chakra? The thymic or thymus chakra is located in the upper chest, just above and to the right of the heart chakra, between the heart and throat chakras.

This chakra is associated with the thymus gland, one of the earliest glands that develop in the fetus while in the womb. 

This gland is related to the immune system and has within it the patterning for your DNA, and your karmic design for this lifetime, including past life information.

What Is This Chakra? Higher Heart Chakra Meaning

It is called the higher heart chakra, as it is about selfless, spiritual love for the Great Divine Spirit. This chakras meaning is all about the concept of 'Divine love' in a transcendent spiritual sense. 

The thymus or thymic chakra meanings relate to the feelings of Divine love, compassion, forgiveness and release of fear. 

This chakra relates to Christ consciousness, and the bridge between your emotions and your intellect. 

This chakras location creates a strong sound healing effect in the etheric body and aids communication. 

The spoken word resonates here, and the use of sound resonates from here within the etheric body and creates a powerful healing effect.

This chakra is where you find the thymus gland and it is the primary gland that aids the immune system and creates a stronger healing outcome.

Working with higher heart chakra stones aids you to create a connection between your soul body and physical body. If you rub this point, you will notice it feels slightly sore.

It is the point used by EFT practitioners when they are doing meridian tapping, and they may call it the 'sore point', as if you rub it hard it can hurt a little.

Which Higher Heart Chakra Stones to Use

Before you work on any chakra, it is always a benefit to clear any stagnant energy, within the auric field. An excellent stone to do this is Green Kyanite, but any of the varieties of Kyanite will work. 

Kyanite is a high vibration stone that never needs cleansing as it will not accumulate any negative energy.

You may use the green variety of Kyanite, or the Blue colored Kyanite, which is more easily available.

It does an excellent job for this purpose, so use that as an alternative, if you cannot get the Green.

Not only does Kyanite clear the chakras, but it will bridge any energy gaps that may have been created by accidents or trauma in the past, that have still not been healed.

Hold the stone at the heart chakra, as this is situated close to the center of the body.

The energy will flow both up to higher chakras, right up to the soul star chakra and up into the higher transpersonal chakras and down to the earth chakra, where it will ground any excess energy. 

You may then begin working with the specific crystals for the higher heart chakra. This is an area that responds well to the use of high vibration crystals, stones that embody a strong energy. 

Exquisite Crystals

Their intense vibration is very powerful, to bring through Divine healing, within the higher heart.

All of the chakras from the heart chakra up to the crown chakra are stimulated by the intense vibration, common to many of these high vibration stones.

As the energy moves on up, it resonates strongly, moving to the first of the higher chakras above the crown chakra, to the chakra known as the soul star chakra, or seat of the soul, and then into transpersonal chakras.

These high energy stones are powerful to assist you are they work simultaneously on the higher heart chakra and all chakras above and including the heart chakra. 

They aid overall your spiritual growth and healing, but are particularly powerful to aid the higher heart chakra.

The number of stones for the higher heart chakra is extensive, so the list is long and there may be more than are on this list at the moment, although I am adding to them all the time.

Colors Of Higher Heart Chakra Stones

The colors of higher heart chakra stones are commonly pink, green, turquoise and aqua, although the brilliant, bright white stones also work well here.

These stones will assist in ones receptiveness to Divine love, forgiveness and the release of fear, and many are the deep pink crystals and the turquoise-green crystals. 

One of the higher heart chakra stones that is very powerful  to use here is a turquoise colored crystal called Dioptase, shown above.

The energy of Dioptase is about compassion and forgiveness, and these are important attributes to resonate within the higher heart chakra.

Any of the heart chakra stones will aid the thymic chakra to some degree, but not all of the heart chakra stones are specifically known to boost the action of this chakra.

Those recommended here are particular stones that will specifically resonate within the higher heart chakra and help to expand its action in your life.

How To Use The Higher Heart Chakra Stones

Use the higher heart chakra stones in a meditation with these specific crystals. This will help you to make a connection via this chakras energy.

Green Dioptase is one stone that is powerful to aid in this process, to help you to deal more fully with forgiving.

One of the important qualities that this chakra is responsible for is forgiveness. This is a powerful emotion, and one that many of you may find difficult to deal with.

Many of you have been holding onto negative energy, and have been unable to forgive others, and this may have been carried with you for many years.

By activating the thymus chakra, you may find that you are able to release and let go of these feelings.

Another quite amazing and very useful stone for this chakra is Pink Tugtupite. This pink stone will open both the heart chakra and the thymus chakra, both of the chakras that are associated with the heart.

The energy of Pink Tugtupite opens these chakras and encourages them to feel love totally and fully, in all its glory! That includes both positive and negative feelings that are associated with the emotion of love.

In some of you, you may find this is not comfortable, as there may be a strong energy of grief and sorrow that may be brought to the surface.

While it may not be comfortable, these emotions can then be released and you may find that you are able to make amazing spiritual growth.

How Will Higher Heart Chakra Stones Help You?

There are also other benefits to the physical body by assisting this chakra to begin to open up and its energy to expand.

The higher heart chakra governs the immune system, and its vibration helps during infections, especially influenza.

It's energy aids the thyroid gland and throat, just above it, and the general well-being of the physical body.

It will aid high blood pressure, and healing of tumors and with feelings of general irritability.

Its calming ability helps to create more restful sleep. As the energy flows to and from this chakra to the head, it may help to relieve headaches.

Via the throat chakra it may aid with communication and loss of voice, especially if you have not been expressing ideas about issues that it is now time to let go of.

By voicing your true feelings you may heal ongoing problems within the throat and above it. 

As you begin to work more with higher heart chakra stones that stimulate this area, you may find that you are open to express your love more freely.

You may find yourself being open to more loving touches, hugging and general demonstrations of the loving feelings that are flowing more freely through your body, and within all aspects of your life.

If you have wondered what your life purpose is, working with the energy of the thymus chakra may aid you to find out exactly what that is.

This is a chakra that has been neglected in the past, but now the earth needs each of you to elevate your vibrations.

As you work with this chakras energy, you will find that you will begin to live your life, more in line with what your higher self desired for you.  This relates to what you planned before you came here to this earth in this incarnation.

Who Should Do This?

MorganitePink Morganite Crystal

By the use of the specific higher heart chakra stones, such as the lovely pink Rose Quartz or Pink Morganite, shown in the picture on the right, you may find you resonate with the energy of the Divine Feminine.

It is enormously helpful to your spiritual growth to bring the energy of the higher heart into play.

Many of the lovely pink and green stones that aid the heart chakra also resonate at this chakra as well.

As you link the thymus chakra with the higher chakras more fully, you will find that you begin to be more spiritual, and may find a definite change in the way that you view the world.

You may choose to activate your higher heart chakra and this will aid your body to be more easily activated by your thoughts, and may assist in the manifestation of your thoughts.

In many of you this chakra has had very little activation. The changes in the earths energy has altered that for many of you, as the vibration from the Divine spirit is now calling us to be more spiritual.

As you allow yourself to forgive those whom you feel have done you wrong, or to whom you have done wrong, you will start on the path to fully healing yourself. 

"Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heal that crushed it." Mark Twain.

List Of Thymus Or Higher Heart Chakra Stones

Aegirine, Ajoite
Angel Aura Danburite
Aqua Aura Quartz
Aragonite Star Clusters
Ascension Stones
Aurora Quartz
aka Rainbow Quartz
Azurite Stone
Black Tourmaline
with Jeremejevite
Blizzard Stone
aka Gabbro
Blue Hemimorphite
Chrysanthemum Stone
Dream Quartz
Eilat Stone
Elestial Quartz
Erythrite aka
Cobalt Bloom
Gaia Stone
Gem Rhodonite
Golden Healer
Golden Rutilated Quartz
Green Calcite
Green Kyanite
Green Selenite
Green Tourmaline
Holley Blue Agate
Indicolite Quartz
Libyan Desert Glass
Lilac Lepidolite
Lithium Quartz
Lavender Quartz
Mangano Calcite
Medusa Quartz aka
Gilalite in Quartz
Morganite, Mozarkite
Nirvana Quartz
Paraiba Quartz
Pargasite, Petalite
Petrified Wood
Pink Calcite (Transparent)
Pink Lazurine
Pink Scapolite
Pink Tourmaline
Preseli Bluestone
Quantum Quattro
Que Sera
Rose Quartz
Shamanite Black Calcite
Sillimanite aka Fibrolite
Star Hollandite Quartz
Stibnite, Stichtite
Tibetan Black Quartz
Tiffany Stone
Vesuvianite aka Idocrase
Watermelon Tourmaline
White Heulandite
Yellowish Green Datolite
Yellow Sapphire
Yttrium Fluorite
aka Lavender Fluorite
Zircon Crystals

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You will find that quite a large number of the higher heart chakra stones discussed on this page have either had an individual in-depth page written about the stone or perhaps they have a short summary written about them on the A-Z pages.

To discover if I have covered any stone elsewhere, and to find more information about a specific rock or stone, simply utilize the Google Search box further down this page to help you to locate it...

Higher Heart Crystals That May Interest You...

Golden HealerGolden Healer
Dream QuartzDream Quartz

Higher vibration stones that aid this chakra...

New Crystals Or Stones...

When you buy a new stone or crystal, it is advantageous to use it on its own first. Once you are fully aware of its energy, you may choose to combine it with other stones.

To begin with, it is best to combine various stones for short periods, as each individual may react differently.

Knowing how you can combine various stones may be helpful, as this allows you to get the most from your crystals, and may help you to solve specific problems in your life.

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