Orange Calcite

Boosts Creativity and Helps Fear

➤ By Liz Oakes

Orange Calcite has a lovely vibrant color with an impressive energy that resonates strongly at the solar plexus and the sacral chakra.

It has a good action to stimulate your creativity, and helps you to release fear and may assist you to feel more confident.

They are a powerful amplifier of energy so are said to be useful to stimulate the flow of money into your life.

Orange CalciteOrange Calcite

These orange crystals have a number of good healing properties and are especially helpful to aid problems in the gut and to boost sexual energy. 

They are beautiful bright energizing crystals that have strong metaphysical properties and have a helpful vibration to clear negativity.

They help to boost the growth of positive uplifting feelings such as joy, happiness and optimism and have a nurturing and quite gentle energy. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Why Would You Use Orange Calcite Crystal? 

Orange Calcite stone has an excellent vibration that helps to energize the sacral or navel chakra which it is located in the area around and below your navel.

Their action as strong crystals for creativity is fairly well known and they resonate within the lower chakras including the sacral chakra.  

They are extremely helpful to stimulate the solar plexus chakra located in the area of the stomach below your ribs.

Orange CalciteOrange Calcite

They are advantageous solar plexus chakra stones that are effective to help you in a number of ways.

They are excellent crystals for self confidence and self esteem and are well known for their action to boost your personal power and faith in yourself.

They are excellent crystals for manifesting money so place them in a crystal grid with other stones for manifesting.

Combine them in a grid with clear quartz, as both minerals are powerful amplifiers, along with other stones that enhance the flow of abundance into your life.

 Who Should Use It? Is It Laziness or Lack Of Focus?

The action of Orange Calcite to assist you to focus is why this stone is said to help laziness, because some people think that laziness is unwillingness to do something.

Lack of activity regarding a specific action can be seen as laziness but it may actually relate to your inability to concentrate or focus on the issue

Using Orange Calcite in meditation may boost mental clarity and help you to receive innovative answers from your higher self to issues that you have been unable to find solutions to.

They are good crystals to use for goal setting as they can help you to break out of routine ways of handling situations to discover new ways of achieving your aim.

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orange calcite 1-500

One of the more effective ways to use them is in meditation as they have a good vibration to stimulate the flow of life force energy within the body to stop fear.

This may strengthen your spiritual development and is said to heighten your psychic powers including amplifying channeling ability.

They may also boost your willpower and enhance your determination and strength of character by connecting your will with your thinking.

If you feel find it hard to keep your attention on what you need to do their energy may boost your motivation and assist you to concentrate on what requires doing.

Orange Calcite Helps To Release Fear

They are good crystals to release feelings of fear and may help you to let go of emotions that are distressing you and keeping you stuck emotionally.

They are an excellent choice to aid the release of negative energy causing negative thinking, and may help to boost positive energy within your everyday life.

Orange Calcite

It is easy to buy Orange Calcite, and their vibration is said to be beneficial to assist when you are working to remove hooks or karmic ties related to past lives.

Their energy is helpful to assist you to let go of past life memories of abuse that may have happened and that might have created karma.

This action to help the release of past traumas may clear any negative energies accumulated in the spiritual realm and may enhance spiritual growth.

They are a strong crystal to overcome depression and have a good action to balance the emotions and bring optimism and a light-hearted approach to life.

Healing Properties Of Orange Calcite

These orange crystals have a number of excellent healing properties and may assist crystal healers through their action as a cleanser of energy.

As they resonate strongly within the sacral chakra or navel chakra, they are purported to benefit the organs located in the area of the gut.

This includes organs such as the liver, kidneys and bladder. 

Orange Calcite

They may help stomach related health issues such as irritable bowel and other problems related to elimination and are known to help the gall bladder.

They help a number of problems within the physical body and are known to boost the immune system, help tissue healing especially of the skin, and aid issues related to blood clotting.

How Will It Help You? More Healing Properties 

The healing properties of crystals like these are quite powerful as they embody a vital energy that is beneficial to aid the body to heal.

They are an excellent stone for emotional healing and they have a good action to help emotional issues such as depression and stress. 

If you find that during the winter you suffer with SAD or seasonal affective disorder, keep a piece on you or in the area where you spend the most time.

Orange Optical CalciteOptical Calcite also called Orange Iceland Spar

Like all the other types of calcite they are a powerful energy amplifier. 

They work within the base or root chakra where they are purported to help the reproductive organs and are known to enhance sexual energies. 

They work within the sacral or navel chakra to intensify your intimate relationships as they have a potent vibration that may trigger sexual desires through the flow of strong loving energy!

Where Is It From? Meaning Of Orange Calcite 

This bright orange variety of Calcite is found in a number of places, with large amounts coming from Mexico, Canada and South America.

It is also found in Iceland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Namibia and the Congo in Africa, China, Pakistan, Australia and a number of places in the United States.

It is a metamorphic rock that is a calcium carbonate mineral. It occurs in a number of structures but most commonly in the massive form.

The meaning of Orange Calcite is easy to understand as this color occurs in many shades and tones from a bright orange through to a pale peach and even some quite reddish orange stones.

This is basically a calcium carbonate stone and is found in a wide range of colors with the actual color of each individual stone being created by the specific minerals it contains.

Orange Calcite

Calcite is one of the most common minerals and is one of the components that are part of many sedimentary rocks, including limestone and marble.

Orange is made up of a blend of yellow and red, so orange crystals resonate within the three lower chakras of the body.

Orange Calcite: Calcite Meaning 

The meaning of the name calcite is said to come from the German word calcit. The name calcit was later changed and an e was added to make the current spelling, calcite.

The original meaning came from the Latin word 'calx' and was also related to an Ancient Greek word 'chalix' both meaning lime as it is crystallized limestone.

Regardless of the color the calcite meaning is the same. They are one of the most common minerals, and they come in many colors.

Orange CalciteOrange Calcite

There are a large number of different colored calcite crystals, with the most common being Blue Calcite, Green Calcite, Red Calcite, White Calcite and Iceland Spar or Optical Calcite.

Optical Calcite is the clear calcite variety that has a cubic structure. 

Golden Calcite, Yellow Calcite or Honey Calcite may look similar to this stone, but they are a lighter color and these are often classified as yellow crystals.

How To Use It? My Final Thoughts

It is possible to obtain orange calcite jewelry but pieces made from it are not  common, but if you can wear this orange gemstone it will be advantageous.

It is easy to buy macrame crystal holders, so this is an alternative to jewelry, that makes it easy to keep this stone within your energy centers during the day.

Alternatively get a cloth bag and keep your stones in your pocket during the day, as having them within your auric field for as long as possible is the best way for them to help you.

Orange CalciteOrange Calcite

In summary: This is a great stone to use in your everyday life as it has a number of excellent metaphysical attributes that have a powerful effect to benefit you.

They do have a quite stimulating effect on your love life so trial placing them in the bedroom. Note that they may energize you and disturb your sleep.

So if having them in the bedroom is too much, the best place to keep one of these stones is in another area where you spend time each day. 

They are one of the best crystals for boosting your creative gifts, and they are well known for their effect to enhance your creativity.

Orange Calcite is a powerful stone that is surprising in some ways as it has nurturing, gentle energy that helps to clear negative emotions.

Best Crystals To Use With Orange Calcite

What are the best crystals to combine with Orange Calcite?

This is a strong stone of creativity and is one of the best stones to assist you with stimulating your creative gifts.

If you feel you could do with even more help, there are a large number of crystals that you can use for enhancing your creativity.

Some of these includes Golden Labradorite, Libyan Desert Glass, Yellow Apatite or Brazilianite, all of which have a good energy to enhance creative gifts.

Are you suffering with stress or tension? If you feel you need more help, there is a specific in-depth page with information about crystals for stress relief.

Some of the stones listed on this page that may work well when paired with Orange Calcite includes Howlite, Lepidolite, Lithium Quartz or Peruvian Pink Opal.

There are a lot more, so check out the page and use your intuition to choose the best stress crystal for you.

Many of the sacral chakra stones are also orange crystals and will combine well with this stones to stimulate the navel chakra.

This includes the lovely Orange Carnelian, Sunstone, Tigers Eye Stone and Tangerine Quartz.

More Photos Of Orange Calcite 

orange calcite relieves stress

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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