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Location Of 'The Sight' Where Is The Third Eye Chakra?

Written By Liz Oakes

Third Eye chakra stones are healing crystals for you to use that relate to stimulating the area that is located just above the eyebrows in the forehead.  

This area is sometimes called the Ajna chakra in Eastern traditions and is also known as the Brow Chakra, as it is located at the brow in the center of the forehead.

Purple ScapolitePurple Scapolite

It is of value to develop this area as this is the area of the body where your visionary abilities emerge. 

There are specific stones that are associated with this chakra and using them can aid the development of psychic abilities.

Gifts such as clairvoyance, previously known as 'The Sight', as well as clairaudience, psychic knowing and intuition are aided by developing this area.

Third Eye Chakra Meanings

This chakra has a strong relationship to the pineal gland, located behind this chakra.  It was believed in ancient times to be where 'The Sight' was located.

Ancient seers recognized this, and as their abilities emerged they felt a 'tingling' feeling in this area.

While this chakra is associated with the pineal gland, it needs to interact with the pituitary gland to activate it.

If you are wondering where the pineal gland is located, it is in the center of the brain up behind the third eye. The pineal gland and the pituitary gland work together to activate the energy of this chakra.

The third eye chakra meanings pertain to the concept of 'seeing' especially in a spiritual and psychic sense. The sixth chakra is related to heightened spiritual growth.

It helps you to develop positive attitudes and a more selfless and humanitarian attitude to life.  Having a stronger sixth chakra may allow you to utilize enhanced inner guidance which comes from stronger intuitive abilities.

Today's clairvoyants are aware of this and it is one of the ways that a number of you may feel the onset of your psychic powers.

The third eye chakra also governs the gift of clairaudience or psychic hearing as this area relates to the ears and to hearing.

This chakras meaning is also about developing heightened intuition, psychic knowing, clairvoyance or psychic vision, clairaudience or psychic hearing, inner knowledge, inspiration and finding your purpose for being here.

Which Third Eye Chakra Stones to Use

Before you use any specific third eye chakra stones or crystals, I advise the use of Kyanite. Kyanite comes in many colors, all of which are powerful healers.

Indigo KyaniteIndigo Kyanite

Indigo Kyanite exudes energies that particularly stimulate the pineal gland and may activate dormant psychic abilities. Using Kyanite will bring all of the chakras into alignment.

Although this stone is a high vibration crystal, it is more gentle in its vibration. You may choose to use any color of Kyanite first, before you use the specific chakra stones.

This will assist in the general flow of energy throughout the body. It will also bridge any energy gaps which may have been caused by any form of accident or from surgery you may have had.

The most common form is Blue Kyanite but if you can find Indigo Kyanite it is very useful for the 3rd eye. The color of Kyanite may also be green, black or orange, but the blue is the most easy to find.

After using Kyanite, you may then follow this with the individual chakra stones for the third eye chakra. It is not possible to discuss all possible stones that may assist this chakra but these are quite a good selection.

Any stones highlighted with a link, and there are a lot of them there to choose from, means that you can click on them to go to another page that is dedicated to that crystal.

You will find more detailed information on these stones on their individual pages. There is a Google Search Box at the bottom of the page which you can use to see if the stone is discussed anywhere on this site.

High Vibration Sixth Chakra Crystals

You can see the list of third eye chakra stones at the end of this article, and there are also pictures below that. The number of stones for the sixth chakra is enormous

So the list is extensive and there may be even more than are on this list. The 6th chakra reacts powerfully to the use of high vibration healing stones. 

This is the chakra most likely to develop any of the psychic gifts.  If this is what you want to do, work with the stronger high crystal energy stones as many are also third eye chakra stones.

In particular you may choose to use Moldavite, Herkimer Diamonds or many other high crystal energy stones. There are a number of other more well known high vibration stones that you may also choose to use.

Good choices could be Danburite, Tanzanite, Satyaloka Quartz, Herderite, Petalite, Scolecite, Natrolite or Phenacite.

After the use of the high energy crystals you could find new abilities begin to manifest, and you may find you clearly perceive the way to go forward.

If you are not used to the higher vibrations, use the third eye chakra stones with a medium crystal energy first then move onto the higher vibration stones. 

As there are quite a few less highly energetic stones for this chakra you may prefer to use them first.

Third Eye Chakra Colors

This chakra resonates to the colors of purple and indigo. As you will see from the many pictures shown here, some healing crystals that are not the specific chakra colors will also assist in developing this area.

This is particularly true of high vibration crystals. Many crystals of these chakra colors are easily obtained, in particular a quartz crystal which is favorite of many people, Purple Amethyst Crystals.

Some of the third eye chakra stones with strong crystal energy will work simultaneously on the fourth chakra, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and the other transpersonal chakras which are above both the crown and the soul star chakra.

All of the chakras from the heart up are associated with spirituality and healing.

Who Should Use the Third Eye Chakra Stones?

Anyone who feels they need to improve the energy and flow in this area may choose to use them. If a chakras energy is not in balance, you may find that problems may develop in the area.

The main function of the third eye chakra, is to look after the organs in its vicinity, in particular to manage specific areas of the brain, eyes, ears and nose.

One of this chakras actions in the body is to stimulate second sight, the term used historically to refer to the gift of clairvoyance or seeing psychic visions.


In olden times, they named it second sight to discriminate between it and normal sight. This chakra also manages the working of the spinal cord, and governs the birth of a range of psychic gifts.

It aids the development of abilities such as clairaudience aka psychic hearing and psychic knowing, and it also helps you to develop your intuition.

If you are working within this area to help you to develop any of your psychic skills, once you begin to make contact with spirit it is easy to become ungrounded.

Some of the third eye chakra stones are strong grounding stones, including Charoite, Purpurite, Larvikite, Ascension Stones, Unakite, Turquoise and Sugilite.

Avoid potential health problems by using natural crystals for spiritual grounding purposes, including the dark crystals such as Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian or Black Diopside, and by doing a grounding meditation.

How To Use Third Eye Chakra Stones

It is a good idea to wear crystal jewelry or other jewelry made from the chakra stones for this area, to improve anything that this area governs.

Amethyst earrings are fairly easy to obtain, but in the last few years other crystals that help this area are now found made into lovely crystal jewelry.

Earrings made from any of the third eye chakra stones are very beneficial to wear, as wearing them on the ears puts them constantly within this chakras energy.

Purple Charoite is a powerful stone for this chakra and all of the higher chakras, and it is beautiful made into jewelry, like this lovely lavender pendant.

As the chakra colors for this area are also very pleasant, they are a easy fashion item to wear! They are obtained quite easily, and it will be very beneficial to the body to wear these stones as it will assist you to heal.

Using purple or indigo healing crystals such as Amethyst crystals, may enhance both the abilities associated with this area, and the health of the third eye chakra.

It is easy to buy a wide range of stones from the list on this page, and any of these will aid you to develop this area.

How Will Third Eye Chakra Stones Help You?

Atacamite is one of the more powerful third eye chakra stones whose qualities have only really been discovered in the last few years.

It is known to forcefully open the third eye, yet even though it is forceful it will enhance your ability to connect to your highest intuitive guidance.

This crystal should only be used with full awareness of its impressive nature. Meditating with it will bring through powerful visual images.

Imagination, dreaming, clear sight and clear insight emerge from this chakra, as well as psychic skills such as psychic clairvoyant abilities.

Once you begin to have genuine psychic abilities, you may consider psychic employment, as there are now a variety of areas where you are able to work as a professional psychic, including jobs working as clairvoyants or spiritual mediums.

A Powerful Area Of The Body

This chakra is a powerful area of the body, especially when it comes to the more 'esoteric' functions. The development of psychic abilities, may emerge from development of the 3rd eye.

This includes abilities such as clairvoyance or psychic visions or clairaudience or psychic hearing.

Stronger intuitive gifts which  may develop, as well as heightened imagination, inner knowledge and inspiration.

When working with third eye chakra stones make sure that you are aware of the requirement for psychic protection. It is advisable that you take action to protect yourself at these times.

If you are working in any type of psychic employment where psychic attack may happen, remember to use protection crystals, as it is important to take measures to protect yourself. 

Enjoy the new abilities working with this chakra may manifest!

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Books That Aid Psychic Development

The books and the CD set shown below are excellent aids to help you if you are working on developing psychic abilities.

This includes your intuition, which is a gift that is closely related to the third eye chakra.

Sonia Choquette has been working as a psychic reader, and as a teacher in the development area for many years, so she brings this wealth of experience to her writing.

In her book 'Diary of a Psychic', you can read the story of how Sonia developed her gifts.

Although her books cover a range of different aspects, they all take you through the processes that aid you to develop your psychic gifts.

They are all excellent books to help you to place your feet on the path that leads you to develop genuine psychic abilities.

If you wish to read reviews of these Sonia Choquette books Click Here.

List Of Third Eye Chakra Stones And Crystals

I know there are a lot of crystals and stones on this list, so look through and see if you already have any of them.

There are quite a few crystal pictures below but in addition there are also many other stones that stimulate this chakra including the following...
  • Stones A: Acanthite, Aegirine, Ajoite, Alpine Quartz, Amegreen, Ammonite, Anandalite, Anatase, Angelite, Angel Wing Blue Anhydrite, Anyolite, Apophyllite, Aqua Aura Quartz, Aragonite Star Clusters, Arfvedsonite, Ascension Stones, Astrophyllite, Aurora Quartz aka Rainbow Quartz, Axinite.
  • Stones B: Beta Quartz, Biotite Lens & Mica, Black Merlinite, Black Tourmaline with Jeremejevite, Blizzard Stone aka Gabbro, Blue Apatite, Blue Aragonite, Blue Calcite, Blue Chalcedony, Blue Fluorite, Blue Hemimorphite, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Scapolite aka Blue Wernerite, Blue Tigers Eye aka Hawks Eye, Blue Topaz, Boli Stone, Brandenberg Quartz
  • Stones C to G: Cacoxenite In Quartz, Calligraphy Stone aka Elephant Skin Jasper, Carletonite Cavansite, Celestite, Celestial Quartz, Chalcopyrite, Chevron Amethyst, Chlorite Phantom Quartz, Chrysanthemum Stone, Chrysocolla, Cinnabar, Clear Quartz, Conichalcite, Covellite, Creaseyite, Creedite, Crocoite, Darwin Glass aka Darwinite, Dianite aka Siberian Blue Jade, Dioptase, Elestial Quartz, Epidote, Euclase- Blue & White, Etched Quartz, Fairy Cross Stones aka Staurolite, Fuchsite, Fulgurite.
Exquisite Crystals
  • Stones G to N: Gem Silica, Glendonite, Golden Healer Quartz, Golden Rutilated Quartz, Goethite, Goshenite, Green Apophyllite, Green Apatite, Green Tourmaline, Growth Interference Quartz, Hackmanite, Healers Gold, Hemimorphite, Himalayan Gold Quartz, Himalayan Quartz, Honey Calcite, Indicolite Quartz, Indigo Kyanite, Larimar, Lavender Quartz, Lazulite, Libyan Desert Glass aka Libyan Gold Techtite, Magnesite, Malachite, Merkabite Calcite, Merlinite, Mookaite Jasper aka Mook Jasper, Muscovite, Nirvana Quartz, Nuummite.
  • Stones P to S: Paraiba Quartz aka Gilalite in Quartz, Petalite, Phosphosiderite, Pietersite, Pollucite, Prasiolite aka Green Amethyst, Preseli Bluestone, Purple Spinel, Purpurite, Quantum Quattro, Que Sera Crystals, Rainbow Moonstone, Rainbow Quartz, Sardonyx, Selenite, Septaria, Seraphinite, Serendibite, Shamanite Black Calcite, Shiva Lingam, Shattuckite, Snowflake Obsidian, Sphene aka Titanite, Spurrite aka Strombolite, Star Hollandite Quartz, Star Ruby, Stellerite, Stibnite, Stichtite, Stromatolite, Sunstones.
  • Stones T to Z: Tanzan Aura Quartz, Tibetan Black Quartz, Tiffany Stone, Tinaksite, Tourmilated Quartz, Tremolite, Tugtupite, Turquoise, Ulexite, Unakite, Vanadinite, Vesuvianite aka Idocrase, White Heulandite, White Onyx, White Phantom Quartz, Willemite, Winchite, Zincite and Zircon.

There are a lot here, and quite a few of them have their own in-depth pages, so if you wish to read more about them checkout the Site Map link below, to discover if they have been written about.

Want To Know More About Stones From This Page?

A short description of most crystals appears in various pages with stones categorized from A to Z and where a short description and picture can be seen.

These pages can be accessed via links in the menu along the top of the page. Many of the third eye chakra stones also have had an in-depth article written about them.

This enables you to view pictures of the crystal, and learn more about its metaphysical and healing attributes.

So if you would like to read about a specific stone, either go to the A-Z page that relates to that stone or to their individual page. 

Simply take a look at my site-map page, to help you to discover if an in-depth page on an individual stone may be on this site.

Images Of Third Eye Stones That May Interest You...

More Third Eye Chakra Stones

Auralite 23Auralite 23
Prophecy StoneProphecy Stone
Siberian Blue QuartzSiberian Blue Quartz
Purple FluoritePurple Fluorite
Holley Blue AgateHolley Blue Agate

High Vibration Stones For This Chakra

Rainbow MayaniteRainbow Mayanite
Satyaloka QuartzSatyaloka Quartz
Third Eye Chakra StonesThird Eye Chakra Stones

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