Boosts Patience, Aids Insomnia, Calms Anger

➤ By Liz Oakes

Howlite may help to calm fits of anger and bad temper, and will aid you to deal with belligerent or aggressive people. 

It has a lovely soothing energy that help to ease stress and may boost patience.

Their spiritual healing energy may calm both you and the other person that you are dealing with.


They have extremely useful metaphysical properties that may also heighten the level of patience you are feeling about what is happening.

For anyone having sleeping difficulties, place a piece under your pillow as it is known to alleviate insomnia.

They are beneficial third eye and crown chakra stones that are helpful used in meditation and for researching past lives. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Why Would You Use Howlite? 

Wondering why you might use these crystals? Howlite is a helpful stone to use if you are studying, as they inspire you to research new ideas.

Their effect within the crown chakra stimulates the brain, which can help  students when studying and their energy helps to boost the level of patience you may be feeling. 

These white crystals may assist you to reach your end goal more easily by assisting you to stay the course in whatever you undertake.

Tumbled HowliteTumbled Howlite

Other beneficial properties that assist students relates to how their resonance within the crown chakra activates a deeper thirst for knowledge.

This action within the crown chakra also helps to enhance your memory. They may also trigger instinctive standards of decent moral behavior.

Their vibration may also help you if you tend to procrastinate, and they may stimulate creative ways to achieve what you desire.

Spiritual Healing Properties & Benefits

There are a number of benefits of using these crystals including the wonderful spiritual blessings that they embody. 

They have a strong action to stimulate the crown chakra.

They have a powerful action to assist you when you are working on living up to specific spiritual ideals.

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The crown chakra relates to spirituality so using them may strongly benefit your spiritual growth. 

They may also help you to release self centered or selfish behavior.

Their spiritual healing properties may also help to improve your character through their action to make you less critical of others.

Cheerfully Solve Problems

Their energy will still encourage you to be accepting of the need to solve problems with a cheerful positive approach.

At the same time they may enhance your ability to be open-minded and accepting when life challenges you.

Natural HowliteNatural Raw Howlite

Howlite stones have a good energy to stabilize your mood, and are helpful for anyone with relationship problems.

They are good crystals to relieve stress, especially if you are angry about your life circumstances.

These stones are extremely helpful to use to calm you if you are stressed or anxious, especially if your stress is related to having to deal with angry people.

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Their energy may assist you to tactfully and subtly convey your thoughts so that the underlying message can be received in the way you intended.

How To Use It: Relationship Issues

Relationships are not always easy, but the energy of this stone can be helpful to soothe both of your feelings when you are having constant arguments.

If you feel your partner has a thoughtless or selfish disposition, or maybe they say you have, keep a piece of this stone nearby, to aid you to feel more contented about your life.

Howlite Gemstone BeadsHowlite Gemstone Beads

The energy of these stones may help you to calmly communicate your thoughts.

They may help you and your partner to deal with difficult situations better, especially when you are not seeing eye to eye.

Howlite Jewelry is easy to buy. Their vibration may help both of you to feel less self-centered. 

They may also prevent an inclination towards finding fault with the other as well as assisting you to control negative feelings.

Wearing This Crystal 

Howlite beads are quite common, and easy to acquire, and many are dyed quite lovely colors.

They are commonly dyed blue and green and even red on occasion, so are often quite attractive.

Regardless of the color they have a wonderful soothing and calming energy, that is helpful used in meditation to help you to relax and will also assist you to sleep better.

Howlite BraceletHowlite Bracelet

These white stones will help you to be less critical of yourself, and as mentioned above, they assist the growth of patience.

They may also create a more serene outlook, and aid stress and tension, so keeping a piece on the body either as jewelry or as a stone in your pocket may benefit you.

It is said that if you wear this stone, it may absorb any anger that is being directed at you, and of course also any anger you may be feeling as well.

Who Should Use It? Healing Attributes

Howlite stones are known to have a number of beneficial healing attributes.

They are well known for their action to relieve stress and tension as their energy is quite calming.

They are also known to calm animals. Place a place in the sleeping area of your pet to help them to relax and be more peaceful.

For those of you who have been having trouble sleeping, you may use them to aid insomnia by placing a piece under your pillow.

They are said to be good crystals for pain relief as using these stones is known to assist the healing of rheumatism and arthritis as well as helping to heal dislocated joints. 

Howlite Tumbled GemstoneHowlite Tumbled Gemstone

Alternatively you may also improve your sleep by placing a piece on your bedside or by making a Howlite elixir and drinking it before bed.

They are known to help the teeth and bones as well as soft tissue problems.

This may be related to the action of the minerals in them to balance the calcium levels in the body and may aid broken bones.

How Will It Help You? Using It In Meditation

These stones have excellent spiritual healing powers, so one of the best uses for them is to use them in your daily meditation.

Their soothing calming energy will help you to relax, and gently ease into peaceful inner awareness.

Use the deep peace and serenity that these stones bring to allow a gentle expansion of your awareness.

This helps you to be ready for taking an inner journey and to easily connect to the higher realms.

Blue HowliteBlue Howlite: Dyed

These third eye chakra stones may stimulate deep wisdom and may help you to perceive the true meaning of enlightenment. 

Use on the forehead close to the third eye, to assist the opening up of the veil between this world and the Divine realms.

Awareness Of Your Spiritual Journey

This process may assist you to be open to receiving a quite mind-opening awareness of  your own spiritual journey and may aid you to gain clarity about your spiritual path and help you to access past lives.

Their restful vibration is highly beneficial to help you to unwind during meditation and let go of any intrusive thoughts that could distract you. 

They are helpful crystals to stop overthinking, and may be useful to aid you to get deeper into meditation.

Natural HowliteNatural Raw Howlite

These lovely stones can also be used for past life exploration, as their energy may boost your memory to help you to remember what you discovered while meditating.

Where Is It From? Howlite Meaning

The meaning of the name of this mineral relates to the person who first discovered it, a Canadian chemist called Henry How.

It is most frequently found as white nodules that have prominent grey, brown or black veins through them.

This is a quite soft stone that is mostly found in the massive form, but can also be found, although less commonly, as transparent tabular crystals.

Deposits of Howlite stones were first identified in Canada. 

It has since been found in Germany, Turkey, Pakistan, Russia, Mexico and in the United States in California which is one of the most common places that it comes from.

These borate rich stones are often seen selling in various colors, and these crystals are created by dyeing the white stone.

Jewelry is made from the stone, but they are not like other crystal gemstones as they do not commonly have a shiny appearance.

It may also be colored to resemble various other stones including red coral.

However, the good thing is that regardless of the color, their calming energy remains the same. 

The blue stone may be found selling as Turquenite, and you will also see it dyed green in some places.


You will see it selling as raw natural stones, and they may have lots of black lines through them or few lines.

Tumbled Howlite is the most common way they are sold and they have a good energy for metaphysical purposes.

Howlite Is Not The Same As Magnesite!

Crystal Tip: You may see Howlite selling as White Turquoise. In addition it is often dyed blue and is called Turquenite as they are trying to make it resemble Turquoise.

So some sellers are playing on this aspect, even though the dyed Howlite is not related to Turquoise, but is just a fake.

Another untrue detail some places state is that this is the same stone as Magnesite, but this is a fiction.

Howlite is Ca2B5SiO9(OH)5 and Magnesite is MgCO3

My Final Thoughts

The energy of these crystals is quite beneficial and they have a number of good healing properties that can help you.

They are known to aid rheumatism and arthritis and may help to heal broken bones so this is helpful. They are also beneficial to aid pets who have health issues.

These crystals for patience may help you if you are in a relationship with someone who regularly has fits of bad temper or uncontrolled rage.

This stone may help you to have the patience to deal with anger that may be directed towards you.

Natural HowliteNatural Howlite

In summary: if this is your situation, it may be beneficial to place one of these stones under the bed or close by while you are both sleeping. 

This may enable you both to wake up feeling more peaceful. By their energy to assist you to feel greater patience.

You may be able to spend the time you need to decide if this is a relationship to stay in, or if it is too unhealthy for you and should be released.

Best Crystals To Use With Howlite

What are the best crystals to combine with Howlite?

If you know anyone who is in a violent relationship, give them one or more as a gift. You might suggest that they place it near where the violent person spends the most time, including in the bedroom.

If you or your family have ongoing issues with anger and need more help than simply using Howlite, you can also use it with other stones known to calm rage and anger.

Stones that work well for this purpose include Black Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Larimar and Augelite to help you to let go of angry feelings.

They can be used by placing close to the bed at night, and this may be helpful to both calm feelings of anger and to aid better sleep, and will help anyone nearby.

If you are having trouble sleeping, use them in combination with other stones that help insomnia. 

Specific crystals for sleep that are well known to aid you to sleep better includes the lovely white Scolecite, Purple Amethyst,  Stilbite and Unakite.

These are excellent stones to calm you, and are especially helpful crystals to soothe stress.

If you wish you can also use them with other stress relief stones to boost the level of relief you may receive.

Specific stones that you might to choose to use with them includes Amazonite, Bustamite, Hiddenite, Scolecite or Lithium Quartz.

If you have a particular need to increase the level of patience you feel, it may be beneficial to combine it with other stones that stimulate patience.

This includes Ilvaite, Vatican Stone, Watermelon Tourmaline, Strawberry Quartz, Labradorite, Kauri Gum or Petrified Wood.

For those who would like like to boost this stones vibration to aid you to be more tactful, other crystals to stimulate tactfulness includes Aurichalcite, Snow Quartz, Watermelon Tourmaline and Witches Finger Quartz.

Stones you may like to combine with this stone to activate your staying power includes Ilvaite, Labradorite, Morganite or Septarian stone.

These stones are worthwhile third eye crystals that can be used to stimulate this area and aid the development of psychic gifts.

You can also use them in combination with other stones that boost the energy at this chakra in your daily meditation.

Other effective third eye stones to use with them include Lapis Lazuli, Dumortierite, Blue Chalcedony or Sodalite.

More Photos Of Howlite

Natural HowliteNatural Raw Stone
Howlite Meanings Spiritual Properties & UsesHowlite Meanings Spiritual Properties & Uses

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