Aqua Aura Quartz, Smoky Quartz and Herkimer Diamond

by SG

I am new to crystals but have always been fascinated by them. Just to give a little background about the story I am going to tell (warning it going to be a bit choppy), I started off reading a book on "The Law of Attraction" several months ago.

Since reading that book, I have been seeing 11:11 daily and remembering as a child the superstition to make a wish if you see it. Regardless of seeing it over and over again for a few months I brushed it off and thought it was just a coincidence that I was just seeing it.

Well about a month ago, I watched a youtube video that come up as a suggestion about the Law of Attraction and it mentioned you can use crystals to get there faster so that's how crystals came about.

I started researching about some crystals and was fascinated. I went to a local crystal shop and was instantly drawn to the Aqua Aura quartz and felt its strong energy and bought it. I also ended up buying several other stones and crystals from an online shop a couple days later. I was immediately drawn to the smoky quartz in person and when I ordered it, I ordered the "extra grade" crystal and had no occlusions what-so-ever.

That crystal was my go to, after several days I started to notice my perfectly clear crystal had minor chips on the outside and what looks like cracks on the inside. (I cleanse and charge my crystals regularly, and do so before working with them) it seem like every day there is a new chip and more cracking inside that I notice. (I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing).

As I start to notice these unusual things happening, I decide to look into what it means to see 11:11. Apparently it means you are being supported by the Universe to take action and make a change, which coincidentally happened when I started reading the Law of Attraction book. I went on youtube and watched a video about why you see the same numbers over again.
The video talked about how you set an alarm to wake up spiritually and you can either hit the snooze button or decide to wake up.

At the time I had my aqua aura quartz in my hand. I asked it a question. (I have been wanting to get a moldavite, hearing about it being a "transformation stone" but was scared that it may change things too much too fast for me, also my husband feels adverse to it)

So I asked the stone to give me a sign on what to do. What happens nest is that the next video I happen to click on, the number of likes on the video was 111, then the video right after after that was 11 likes, again another synchronicity. I wasn't expecting such a fast response but I sure had it.

Then the next night, I decided to talk to my herkimer diamond, I told it that I felt lost and asked to give me guidance and if there was any other stones I should work with the help me.
I put the herkimer diamond under my pillow that night, I remember feeling a bit uneasy and I wasn't sure if it was the crystal or just me being nervous of what was to come. Well that night I had a dream of a train station and I was with my husband.

There were friendly people there but one stood out to me and it was a guy who I have watched from youtube and his name is Ralph from Infinite Waters (again not sure if that is a coincidence since he is a highly spiritual guy that happened to appear in my dream) smiling as we pass by.

My husband and I find ourselves at a book store and somehow we are in our bathroom and I talk about getting a crystal and he tells me that he happened to have some for me, he opens up the bathroom cabinet and pulls out 2 small tree with no leaves (I later realized they were Celtic tree of life when I woke up) but at the end of the branches there are an abundance of moldavites attached to them. He sets them out of the bookstore and instantly people flock over to buy them from us.

I then awaken from my son who has a nose bleed. I am assuming the Herkimer Diamond is telling me to work with the moldavite, however, I am still reluctant to for certain reasons. I guess, I'm deciding to hit the snooze button just a bit longer, until I'm fully ready.

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I love my herkimer diamond!
by: Laura

I have been learning about crystals and their use in meditation over the past few months. I recently purchased a small Herkimer diamond from a rock shop on the Oregon coast, and it took my meditations with the other crystals to the NEXT level.

It has a small, black carbon formation in its center, and was not the clearest of the quartzes I could have chosen, but oh my, it is a wonderful channeller of energy!

I also purchased a moldavite pendant that I wear daily, and together, these two small high frequency pieces have guided me daily on which additional crystals to meditate with, and where to focus my thoughts and prayers.

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