54 Best Yellow Crystals & Stones 

To Boost Optimism & Manifestation

➤ By Liz Oakes

Yellow crystals have a bright energizing vibration that helps to spark confidence personal power and increased self worth.

They have a powerful energy to aid manifestation and may increase the flow of money into your life.

The beautiful vivid golden yellow stones may enhance innovative and original thinking, new beginnings and a growth of fresh talents and abilities.

Discover more about these fifty four crystals, that have powerful metaphysical properties to benefit you.

Yellow Crystals: Libyan Desert GlassYellow Crystals: Libyan Desert Glass

Using them may inspire new ideas about stimulating past times to pursue. Their energy encourages an attitude of caring for those in your life as well as feelings of respect for others and for yourself.

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Yellow stones also have a good energy to buoy your feelings, enhance physical healing, stimulate spiritual growth and bring increased optimism and creativity. 

Many of these crystals boost clarity in your thinking and enhanced Spirituality by stimulating the crown chakra and third eye. 

They embody a positive vibration that improves concentration and inspires a greater awareness of the needs of others.

Shades Of The Color Yellow

The color yellow varies in intensity and the yellow shade has a number of both dark and light hues.

A member of this group may be a bright yellow stone, with a quite vivid brilliant yellow color but there are a few pale straw colored crystals that are a lighter tone with many shades in between. 

The different colors include bright lemon, canary yellow, gold, honey, straw and amber colors, but in addition some may be quite dark.

Amber CalciteAmber Calcite

There are a number of quite dark shades of yellow that may also be considered to be orange and there are also gold stones in this group. 

The gold colored stones are also included in this group as they have similar properties. 

The darker yellow crystals often resonate within both the solar plexus and the sacral chakra, also called the navel chakra due to its location on the body.

Many of the brighter yellow crystals also resonate within the navel chakra as well as the solar plexus and many are also strong third eye and crown chakra stones.

Sacral chakra stones are excellent crystals for creativity and also have some excellent healing properties for the physical body and may specifically aid the digestive system.

The pinkish yellow stones are commonly beneficial heart chakra stones with a beautiful loving energy resonating from them that can enhance the growth of love and bring improved relationships.

Metaphysical Properties Of Yellow Stones

The vibration of golden yellow stones can benefit you in a number of ways which you can read about below:

  • The yellow stones have a strong solar plexus chakra energy and therefore many have similar properties.
  • Many yellow crystals are also strong third eye chakra crystals. 
  • Learn about yellow crown chakra crystals in this color group. These have properties for enhancing spirituality and are effective within the brain to aid clearer thinking.
  • Yellow quartz crystal varieties: learn benefits and properties.
  • See crystals for creativity that are this color, many of which are sacral chakra stones.
  • There are a number of yellow high vibration crystals.

Properties Of Yellow Crystals: Solar Plexus Chakra

The properties of yellow crystals relate strongly to their strong solar plexus chakra energy and the powerful metaphysical properties associated with this chakra.

The solar plexus chakra is the seat of the will and has a good energy to stimulate increased feelings of self confidence, self worth and the growth of personal power.

Yellow stones have a good action to magnify the energy flow within this chaka, helping to clear lack, limitation and scarcity in many areas of your life. 

The color yellow represents the warmth and power of the sun and the manner that its radiant energy works within your daily life. 

The bright rays of the rising sun personify the unique way that these beautiful bright crystals encourage a positive attitude.

Their powerful sun energy brings a positive light into your life and makes them a powerful stone to benefit you.

The yellow color symbolizes bright sunny summer days, excitement and exhilaration, positive energy, personal growth and enhanced feelings of happiness, laughter and comfort.

Many of the solar plexus chakra stones may have similar properties including:

  1. Their role to increase willpower,  self confidence and self worth
  2. Release negativity, bring optimism, inner peace and increase positive energy
  3. Aid abundance, prosperity, good fortune and manifestation

Crystals For Willpower, Self Confidence & Self Worth

The solar plexus is also known as "the power chakra" as it has strong metaphysical properties to boost your willpower, personal power and self esteem.

Other powerful properties of solar plexus chakra stones are their action to heighten your personal will,  self confidence, self worth and your determination to succeed.

Many of the yellow crystals have a powerful influence to assist the growth of your confidence, boosting your morale and bringing increased hope, enthusiasm, pride and self respect.   

This includes Yellow Apatite, Yellow Crazy Lace Agate, Sphene, Yellow Scapolite, Golden Chrysoberyl, Golden Yellow Topaz, Yellow and Honey Calcite, Heliodor, Citrine, Brucite, Pyrite, Yellow Aventurine and Brazilianite. 

Boost Optimism Inner Peace & Positive Energy

Many of the bright yellow crystals have a strong action to enhance optimism, encourage inner peace and increase positive energy.

They have a good action to aid the release of negative energy and to change to a more peaceful and optimistic outlook.  

A great number of the yellow stones will encourage you to feel more optimistic, and help you to develop your initiative and heighten leadership qualities.

They may enhance peace and tranquility as you embrace a more upbeat and positive outlook which can assist you when you need help to produce results in your life.

Strong yellow crystals for this purpose includes Amphibole Quartz, Brucite, Citrine, Yellow Apatite, Yellow Topaz and Golden Rutilated Quartz.

Golden Crystals Aid Manifestation Wealth & Abundance

Many yellow stones have a strong energy to stimulate the growth of wealth and abundance and will aid the increase of good fortune.

Abundance can refer to many good things but it commonly is associated with the growth of wealth and therefore the growth of money.

There are many crystals for money that are part of the golden or yellow color group and some are more well known than others.

The lovely pale yellow Hiddenite stone is one of the yellow or golden yellow crystals that are powerful stones to increase manifestation, prosperity and to amplify the growth of wealth in your life.

Other stones to use for this purpose may also be in many other sections so check what else that they can do to benefit your life.

The beautiful yellow Citrine is the most well known of the crystals for money, but there are quite a few other stones that also aid manifestation.

This includes Heliodor, Yellow Apatite, Brazilianite, Yellow Topaz, Brucite, Sphene, Golden Pyrite, Yellow Labradorite, Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Scapolite, Amber and Yellow Tourmaline. 

If they are not pictured here it may mean that they are also beneficial crystals to assist you in other ways, so look for their image in other sections.

Yellow Healing Crystals: Healing Properties

Yellow crystals are excellent aids to use for crystal healing as they may assist the healing of the organs located within the solar plexus chakra and many resonate within the sacral chakra too.

Bright yellow Brucite is a good healing stone for relief of pain including headaches and migraines and they also aid the healing of broken bones.

Keeping yellow crystals within your energy field may be beneficial as they are said to have a good vibration to boost both the immune system and nervous system, and may help chronic fatigue.

There are many health benefits of using the beautiful bright yellow stones, and while individual stone attributes vary, many have powerful healing properties.

The beautiful golden stones Pyrite and Chalcopyrite have a strong good energy to assist the healing of inflammation.

There are quite a few good healing stones that are yellow crystals, including both Sphene and Amblygonite that also aid the healing of broken bones.

Stress is endemic in our society and there are quite a few yellow stones that you can use to assist stress.

The list of stones for stress relief also includes Amblygonite, which is a powerful stone that naturally contains lithium which works well to ease tension, depression, anxiety and stress.

Other powerful yellow crystals for stress relief includes Heliodor, Hiddenite, Yellow Topaz, Yellow Colemanite, Yellow Sillimanite and Yellow Richterite.

There are also a good number of crystals of other colors that will help stress and help you when you are feeling lethargic. 

You may find that you may already have the perfect stone for stress that is another color, so check out the article using the link above to learn more.

Yellow Quartz Varieties

There are quite a few types of quartz crystal that are colored various shades of yellow including many people's favorite, the gorgeous bright yellow Citrine.

In addition there is a high vibration variety of Citrine that you may not have heard of, where this yellow quartz forms in the Elestial formation, and you can read about its properties on its own in-depth page.

Crystal Tip: It's easy to program any color or type of quartz and this is one of the major benefits of quartz crystal as this can help them to work more effectively.

It is simply a matter of creating an affirmation that will assist the embodied metaphysical properties of the quartz variety to work more effectively.

Some of the quartz types that you might already know about includes the lovely Golden Rutilated Quartz and Golden Amphibole Quartz, but in addition there are some less well known yellow quartz types.

Check out the images below of some of these, including Mango Quartz, which is an orangey yellow color, Golden Himalayan Quartz, also sold as Gold Azeztulite, Lemon Quartz, Golden Spirit Quartz, the bright yellow Sunshine Aura Quartz and Ametrine, a mix of Citrine and Amethyst.

Gold AzeztuliteGolden Himalayan Quartz aka Gold Azeztulite
Mango QuartzMango Quartz
Sunshine Aura QuartzSunshine Aura Quartz

Yellow Third Eye Chakra Crystals

Yellow third eye chakra crystals have a number of excellent roles to benefit you, and commonly have a good energy to magnify psychic gifts.

They are well known for their action to boost psychic visions or clairvoyance, and may stimulate clairaudience or the gift of psychic hearing.

Use them in meditation to boost your intuition, and to assist you to contact your spirit guides and to connect to Spirit while in the higher realms.

As mentioned above, many crystals have a role to assist you in more than one way so some stones are in many sections as they have so many positive properties.

The list of third eye stones includes Golden Rutilated Quartz, Citrine, Hanksite, Amphibole Quartz, Heliodor, Stellar Beam Calcite, Datolite, Baryte, Sphene, Baryte, Muscovite and Septaria.

Spiritual Energy Of Yellow Crown Chakra Crystals

There are quite a few yellow crystals that resonate with a powerful Spiritual energy that helps to encourage the growth of authenticity, spiritual growth and healing.

Many of the yellow crystals that resonate within the crown chakra are also strong soul star chakra stones that have a good energy to stimulate the higher mind.

Use any of these crystals in meditation as the power of crystals that resonate within the crown chakra have a good energy to create deep meditation.

Crystal Tip: You may benefit by also using a protective stone during meditation, to prevent issues caused by contact with negative entities.

Golden and yellow crown chakra stones include Citrine, Elestial Citrine, Thaumasite, Healers Gold, Libyan Desert Glass, Chalcopyrite, Yellow Danburite, Sillimanite, Septaria, Golden Rutile, Golden Rutilated Quartz, Amphibole Quartz and Iona Marble.

Golden RutileGolden Rutile
Yellow HaliteYellow Halite
Iona MarbleIona Marble

The golden crystals for meditation may aid spiritual healing and in addition their action at the crown chakra boosts mental clarity.

Crystals for clarity of thought will help you to think more clearly. They may assist logical reasoning, encourage inspiration as well as aiding clearer thinking.

Specific crystals for clear thinking includes Citrine, Amphibole Quartz, Heliodor, Yellow Tourmaline, Yellow Labradorite, Ametrine and Lemon Quartz.

High Vibration Yellow Crystals

While there are not a lot of yellow high vibration crystals, you may be surprised to learn that there are quite a few.

Stones that have a higher level of crystal energy are powerful to use in meditation, and have excellent Spiritual properties.

The difference with high vibration crystals is how easily you will feel their energy flow into your being when using them.

Rhodizite shown below has a strong energy and while they are small they work well when combined with bigger stones to boost how they work, so keep that in mind.

Two of my favorite yellow crystals in this group of powerful stones are the gorgeous Stellar Beam Calcite and the beautiful bright Libyan Desert Glass also called Libyan Gold Tektite.

They both have specific in-depth pages where you can learn more about their benefits, and beneficial ways to use them.

Other high vibration crystals includes Yellow Datolite, Citrine Elestial and Golden Yellow Danburite.

Yellow Crystals For Creativity

While many  creativity crystals are orange stones, there are still quite a few yellow or golden crystals that have a good action to enhance your creative gifts.

There are a number of yellow stones that resonate within both the solar plexus and the sacral or navel chakra, and many of these yellow  sacral chakra stones are excellent crystals to boost your creative gifts.

Yellow OpalYellow Opal
Healers GoldHealers Gold

This includes Citrine, Yellow Apatite,  Yellow Opal, Lemon Quartz, Yellow Fluorite, Amblygonite, Golden Labradorite, Yellow Turquoise Jasper, Healers Gold and Golden Spirit Quartz and possibly more not mentioned in this section.

There are a great many crystals for creativity that you can read about so check the article to learn more as most are pictured there if not here.

Other yellow crystals that may also be helpful includes Yellow Zincite, Limonite, Yellow Smithsonite and Yellow Jasper.

Lemon QuartzLemon Quartz
Yellow Turquoise JasperYellow Turquoise Jasper

How To Use Them: Wear Yellow Gemstones

You will notice that Citrine is mentioned in many sections above, and they are a powerful stone to utilize on a daily basis.

Citrine jewelry is an excellent way to use this crystal and generally speaking it is fairly easy to obtain.

The piece shown here is Citrine set in sterling silver with clear quartz above. This beautiful pendant is a "John Of God" piece with powerful healing properties. 

John Of God Citrine and Clear QuartzJohn Of God Citrine and Clear Quartz

The most helpful way to make use of any type of stone of any crystal color, is to wear them on your body.

Keeping them within your auric field is a powerful way to benefit from their energy, and the longer you have a stone within your energy field the more you will benefit.

While many of the yellow crystals or stones are not classified as precious stones it is generally fairly easy to obtain beautiful gemstone jewelry made from a great many of them.

The beautiful Golden Rutilated Quartz Pendant shown here has a powerful energy and as mentioned above, it is easy to program any type of quartz.

Whether it is one of the yellow quartz crystals or any other colored stone, you can simply program your quartz jewelry to assist you while you wear it.

If you are not able to get jewelry made from your chosen stone, an alternative method to easily enable you to keep your chosen piece on your body, is to use a macrame crystal holder.

It is easy to buy a macrame crystal holder and a good type is one with a sliding bead on the top so you can easily change the stone in the holder.

My Final Thoughts: Citrine

You will notice that many of the crystals above have powerful metaphysical and healing properties, but over and above the others Citrine has so much to offer.

Citrine Crystals have a large number of positive qualities and powerful metaphysical properties which you will have seen them in many of the sections above.

The cluster pictured below is a wonderful stone that is natural Citrine from Burma. While people say most Citrine is heat treated it is still possible to get natural stone. This crystal is one of my favorite stones as it is just so beneficial to utilize.

While many bright yellow crystals are strong crystals for abundance,  manifestation and prosperity, Citrine has an unusually strong energy to assist the manifestation of money.

In addition Citrine is a powerful stone to use as a good luck charm and its action to bring good fortune and good luck does of course make it popular.

Like many of the other yellow stones, Citrine's energy is highly stimulating within the solar plexus chakra, also called the power chakra, so it has a good action to enhance your personal power.

Combining Yellow Crystals With Other Stones

Many of the best and most powerful crystals for manifestation are yellow, but there are also quite a few green stones that are powerful for this purpose.

Green crystals that may be particularly helpful includes the two green garnets, Tsavorite Garnet and Uvarovite Garnet as well as Chrysoprase and Peridot.

Yellow Apatite is one the more powerful crystals for weight loss and while it works alone, you may benefit by using it with other weight loss stones.

This includes Iolite, Epidote and Green Tourmaline and the amazing high vibration Diaspore which is a great tool to use for weight loss.

Most crystals for creativity are orange in color, and work well in combination with yellow creativity crystals.

Specific orange crystals that are known to work well to boost other creativity crystals includes Tangerine Quartz, Orange Calcite, Carnelian and the orangey brown Tigers Eye Stone which is a great stone to utilize for this purpose. 

You may benefit by using any of the yellow quartz varieties with other types of quartz including Smoky Quartz, Amethyst Elestial Quartz, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz, including the less clear white or cloudy quartz.

Learn About Yellow Crystals or Stones

Many of the stones above already have in-depth articles written about them, where you can discover other properties not mentioned here. 

In that case they should have a link under the stones name, so that you can click over and learn more about that crystal.

The stones that do not have their own page yet may have more information written about them on the alpha page relating to their name.

Go to the A to Z of crystals minerals and stones page to find these pages easily. See the link to go there just below.

Stones With Toxic Inclusions

There are articles about Cerussite and Bumble Bee Jasper where you can learn more, but I have chosen not to write in-depth pages about Adamite or Sulphur. 

The four stones below may have some excellent metaphysical attributes but as they have toxic inclusions you do need to take care when using them.

Check out the article about this subject to ensure your personal safety.


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Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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