Quartz Crystal Healing

How Do You Use Quartz To Heal Yourself?

➤ By Liz Oakes

Quartz crystal healing is a method of healing that uses any one of the many varieties of quartz crystals to assist in healing the body.

There is a wide assortment of quartz crystals that are currently available.

Quite a few of the most common crystals that you can buy today are made of quartz, and are healing crystals.

Quartz Crystal HealingGolden Healer: One Of The Quartz Crystal Healing Stones

It has become so popular today that there are now many different types of quartz available to buy and use.

Although quartz is common, many of the quartz properties are very impressive when it comes to using their healing energy.

Acquire at least one piece of quartz crystal if you can, as you will benefit from the lovely energy of any stones from this group.

Fundamentally it is the inclusions within the basic quartz structure that gives the various types of quartz both their characteristic color and distinctive metaphysical properties.

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Where Did Quartz Crystal Healing Originate?

Clear quartz has been used since ancient times, as it was believed to be a source of power and energy.

While they believed this on an intuitive level, modern measuring equipment has proved this to be correct.

Clear Quartz Crystal clusters are strong amplifiers of energy, and are often used in healing rooms by alchemical healing practitioners.

Often the quartz clusters are combined with candles to amplify the candle's energy.

In past times there was a strong belief in 'candle magic' as fire was a very important element.

The combination of the healing crystals with the candles may be used in quartz crystal healing, to give both the practitioner and client an increased level of protection.

This ensures that only positive spirits will be attracted into the healing space.

Using a clear quartz cluster also works to help the client to release any negative energy discharged during the treatment.

There Are Many Types of Quartz Crystals

There are quite a few varieties of quartz crystal and many are quite well known. But there are also a large number of quartz varieties that are less common.

Some  that are a little less common but still fairly easy to obtain, are highly beneficial quartz varieties like Herkimer Diamonds, Spirit Quartz, Lithium Quartz, Golden Rutilated Quartz and Prasiolite, also known as Green Amethyst.

The most well known amongst the range are Purple Amethyst Crystals, Smokey Quartz Crystals, Golden Yellow Citrine Crystals, see above, Rose Quartz Crystal and of course the well-known Clear Quartz.

A lovely but less common stone is the beautiful Ajoite in Quartz. This is a fairly rare stone that appears as an inclusion within quartz, and emanates the loving energy of the Goddess.

Starseed Quartz and Lemurian Quartz Crystal are very similar and are closely related, and both of these types of crystal are potent healing stones. 

There are instructions for using your Lemurian Quartz for healing on its own page.

Golden Healer SphereGolden Healer Sphere

Amegreen is a mixture of White Quartz, Prasiolite and Amethyst, and Ametrine which is a blend of Purple Amethyst and Yellow Citrine Crystals is also available.

Quartz crystals come in a number of different configurations, and many of these specific formations give the piece of stone extra healing attributes that you can utilize, once you are aware of them.

Who Should Use Quartz Crystal Healing?

A large number of alchemical healing practitioners are using quartz crystal healing with excellent healing outcomes common.

Because the quartz properties are so extensive it can be used to heal many different types of problems. 

Lovely Amethyst crystal clusters emit beautiful energy into the room, so are powerful to place within the healing environment.

Quartz is a stone that anyone can use, not just practitioners, and the ordinary person can easily buy quite lovely crystal pieces at reasonable prices.

A large number of different types of quartz crystals are currently available and these stones are one of the best ways that the average untrained person can easily perform self healing.

Using a pendulum made from quartz is also an additional way to use this stone, and quartz pendulums resonate more powerfully so it may help you to answers more easily.

Why Would You Use It? How To Use It

So why would you use quartz for healing? There are a number of reasons including:

  • Use quartz crystals in your daily crystal meditation, to enhance the flow of more authentic beliefs and assists you in becoming of a more spiritual nature.
  • You may find that you have increased spirituality and health from its use.
  • Whether you choose to have a healing done for you by someone else, or do it yourself, the quartz crystals are powerful healers.

Lovely quartz cluster are wonderful additions to your life and there are many popular varieties that have excellent healing attributes that are useful to use in a room to aid healing.

These include:

  • Keep quartz nearby, such as an Amethyst geode or cluster, a clear quartz cluster, a piece of Smoky Quartz, some Citrine crystals, or a lovely piece of Rose Quartz.
  • Putting any of these in a room will improve the atmosphere will send a lovely healing vibration throughout any room in your home or business.

Utilizing the knowledge of specific quartz formations and their healing and metaphysical attributes can be helpful, as the way that a piece is configured can add to its action for healing. 

An easy way to start to use them is to place a piece in your room.

All of the quartz varieties have different properties, yet they all assist us to create an improved level of spirituality and health.

Tools For Healing: Crystal Wands

Quartz crystals have a strong vibration that aids the flow of healing energy into and within the body. Harnessing their energy is a powerful way to benefit your life.

Quartz crystal healing can be done by anyone who chooses to buy a piece of one of these beautiful stones for their personal use, but of course many people choose to use quartz crystals to heal others.

For anyone who wants to learn to do quartz crystal healing there are now courses on the subject that are readily available and these can often be attended online at the moment.

One of the more popular tools that are used by crystal healers are the lovely clear crystal wands, like the gorgeous double terminated wand shown in the picture above.

They are easy to obtain and learning to use them is valuable.

If this is a subject that interests you, ist easy to learn how to use one, and you can discover how in my article about how to use crystal wands.

Wearing Quartz Crystals

Wearing quartz crystals is another way to utilize this wonderful group of crystals. There are so many possibilities that you are sure to be able to get a piece to suit you.

Wearing a beautiful piece of quartz jewelry like the Smokey Quartz crystal pendant shown below, is an excellent choice to wear as jewelry.

Other quartz varieties that have excellent metaphysical properties that make them beneficial to keep on your body.

Smokey Quartz Crystal PendantSmokey Quartz Crystal Pendant

These include Rose Quartz Crystal, Prasiolite, also known as Green Amethyst crystals, yellow Citrine Crystals and Purple Amethyst Crystals.

Wearing Quartz Healing Crystals allows you to constantly utilize the protective and grounding energies they emit.

A lovely natural quartz crystal bracelet, pendant or necklace has powerful energy. Smokey Quartz crystals are a very useful quartz crystal to wear.

Wearing one of these natural crystals, whether it is a pendant, ring or other jewelry, keeps them within your aura and may create a quartz crystal healing effect.

As Smokey quartz are naturally irradiated by the earth, they may be helpful to aid cancer patients undergoing radiation treatment.

Smokey quartz or Tourmilated Quartz necklaces or pendants are powerful aids for psychic protection, and for shielding you from negativity, and for spiritual grounding are excellent assets.

Golden Yellow Citrine CrystalGolden Yellow Citrine Crystal

If jewelry is too expensive for you, a small tumblestone of any of the quartz crystals can be used by keeping it in your pocket during the day.

As long as they are within your aura, their energy will benefit you.Remember to regularly carry out one of the cleansing processes on your crystals.

Cleaning quartz crystals is much easier than cleansing other crystals, so make sure that you do it regularly to keep their vibration high. This includes cleansing your crystal jewelry.

How Will Quartz Crystal Healing Help You?

Quartz crystal healing may promote release of negativity and stimulate positive thoughts and feelings.

There is a wide assortment of quartz varieties that you may choose to try. The quartz property of amplification will send the energy of any variety you have chosen into the space where it is located.

It is even possible to buy quartz that has been carved into the shape of crystal skulls. For healing on a spiritual level, they are especially powerful.

Quartz crystal is also used to make crystal bowls, pendulums and crystal wands, used for healing. Natural Lemurian Crystal wands are also wonderful tools for healing. Think about using quartz crystal if you haven't already.

It is readily available and easy to buy. You will be happily surprised how nice clusters of Amethyst Crystals or a piece of Rose Quartz crystal feels in your room.

More Photos Of Quartz Crystals

The page on Quartz Crystals has a list of quartz varieties for you to look at, as well as more pictures of quartz types and various colored stones.

Candle QuartzWhite Celestial Cluster aka Candle Quartz
Chlorite Phantom QuartzChlorite Phantom Quartz
Harlequin QuartzFire Quartz aka Harlequin Quartz
Aqua AuraAqua Aura
Dream QuartzDream Quartz
Tabular Faden QuartzTabular Faden Quartz
Morella Smokey QuartzMorella Smokey Quartz
Golden Healer ClusterGolden Healer Cluster

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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